Nickel plated flute turning black - how to clean

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    Default Nickel plated flute turning black - how to clean


    I have an nickel plated flute that is turning black where my lip and fingers touch the flute.

    I read through several of the how to polish nickel threads which seems to break out into arguments of: to polish or not to polish.

    I am wondering why is the nickel tarnishing? Acid in my saliva/skin oil?

    Has anyone else experienced this too?

    So far I've just been wiping down the tarnished areas with a cloth but that isn't doing a very good job.

    I thought nickel is supposed to be more resistant to tarnish (than silver) and at worst turn to a pale grey.

    Thanks for any info.
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    Really not a fix for that. You may use some metal polish in a tube but it will turn black again.

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    A couple of thoughts. These may or may not help....but worth a try.

    First, the micofiber polishing cloth that came with my DiMedici alto flute is the best thing I've found for cleaning silver or nickel plated instruments. If you can find a similar cloth and use it on your flute after you play it might help.

    Second, I've also had good results with having a packet of Gleam -- one of Dr. Omar Henderson's (The Doctor) products -- in my flute cases. It's significantly better as a non-tarnish product than the chemical paper strips. If you do a Google search on Omar Henderson products you'll find his site. It's something like doctorsprod.

    Good luck!

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