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I didn't mean to give the impression Dave had steered me toward the Antigua over his other offerings. In fact, he steered me toward a new Yanagisawa TW01 (previously 901?) and I fully expect I would be much more impressed with the Yani than the Antigua...at a significantly higher price. I think it's safest to call the Antigua an intermediate class tenor, but in my experience it's a bit of an over-achiever. Saxcop mentioned the fact that the Cannonball Big Bell Global tenors have a larger bore than other Taiwanese tenors, and I think my experience with the Antigua bears that out: it seems to use air more efficiently than the Cannonballs I've had. And that's something I appreciate.
Ricks instrument in Cumberland RI stocks : cannonballs, Antiguas (powerbell and Pro One), Eastman 52nd st, buffet 400, a couple Keilwerths, ... Good place to compare. And at one of their 'shows' which draws players from all around, a few years ago the Power Bell was the big seller! I played three and one was really great. It must have had an exceptionally good set up from the factory or something. But almost anyone would have taken it on a gig. I think the attraction is that an intermediate level player can get a nice big clear tenor sound out of it maybe more easily than out of another model. Who knows. Just a guess. The salesman had been surprised because Cannonballs had always been their big seller.