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    Thumbs up Jupiter JAS 565GL

    Ok, here's the story:

    A friend of mine came up to me the other day, and asked me about my summer, playing my sax, what I did in the war, etc... Eventually we're talking about music (he's a musician: guitar, choir, cello, and I don't know what else), and he says he wants me to teach him to play the alto sax. I thought he was joking, but he insisted and I think to myself, "Cool, I'm spreading the sax.." I say to him that I'll see what kinds of saxes are in the market here, and if they're anygood.

    So I go to the one place I know of that has a new alto sax. I didn't know the brand name or anything, I was just hoping for it to be good. It turns out that he has ONE Jupiter JAS 565GL, and he was reluctant to let me try it, since here, music stores aren't used to selling saxes and such. Eventually, he opens the box and gives me a reed and lets me go ahead. It took a while to get things together because of all the corks jammed everywhere, but a couple of minutes later I was good to go.

    I started to play runs up and down to get my chops to warmup. The tone was SWEET and I was EASILY playing subtones down to low Bb! AND altissimo up to D4. This was the first time I had played alto in about 4 years and it was so great! I tested the tonality by comparing overtones with regular tones and they were almost perfect with the exception of two notes (C#2 and D2, which were sharp, but just a bit). The ergos were great and there were no sticky pads. The stock mouthpiece, which looked maybe like a Yamaha 4c with Jupiter stamped on it, played beautifully. I used a size 2 reed vandoren v16, which also played great with the horn-mp setup. And the best thing was the price, $800 dollars. And that's CHEAP for a horn here.

    Ok I just wanted to shared this with someone. Do horns get any better?

    This appears to be pretty popular here, so here's a link to it:

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    Jupiter's mpcs are made by ESM Germany.

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