All this talk about equipment is getting ridiculous. Players are getting buried in chambers, baffles, reeds and elusive gear. What about serious ears and study? Tell the new guys where it's at!

Have any of you had long term or short term experience studying with guys like Joe Viola, Buddy Collette, Bill Green, Joe Henderson, George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Dick Oattes, Bunky Green, Joe Lovano etc.

A lot of younger players (and older ones too) would likely benefit from hearing a story, teaching practice, or situation that you guys benefited from. Something that really impacted how you approach the horn or life.

Did they help break a bad habit on the horn for you and what made the light turn on?

Years later? Humour? Harsh words? Demonstrations of the seemingly impossible? What made the experience with these guys influential?

I know Tim Price puts a ton of stories and experiences on this forum that are truly helpful. Who else carries these experiences?!