Hermes Saxophones????

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    Default Hermes Saxophones????

    I went to a pawn shop recentely just to check out there Saxophone selection and they have this very nice horn with the name "Hermes" on the bell. The name is surrounded by a circle of leaves. Has anyone heard of this brand of horn? I'm gonna take my MOP down there tommorow and give it a wail. I hope they don't mind.

    Please reply

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    Default Hermes saxophones

    I finally found out who made these horns. After much detective work, I've learn that these horns "were" made by Prestini. The people at Prestini told me that their Prestini Horns were actually called "Hermes" before they got into some kind of trouble with some luggage company in France who produced a line by the same name. So they stopped using the name Hermes on the horns and now use "prestini".
    Now I have to find out if the horn I bought is a pro model or just a student model. I've never seen a student model so nice. I just have to get the G# key fixed or as the salesman said. Adjusted.
    any comments?

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    The first Prestini sax I saw was pretty standard, run of the mill, Asian student fare. The last Prestini I saw was MUCH better and, while not truly "PRO" it was at least a step up horn [IMHO] and the action was pretty good and surprisingly, the intonation was good.I guess whether it was a deal or not depends on what you paid.

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    Default it was kinda a trade

    I kinda traded the horn, for an old conn 20m that I had laying around the house. He wanted 200 bucks for the horn, but my conn "looked" real pretty and sounded ok, so I gave him my conn and 20bucks and he said sure. It was a deal to me because the conn was so cumbersome to play, I was glad to get rid of it. I could have sold it for more probably, but oh well, such is life.

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