Hey Guys! Happy Holidays and welcome to 2018 !!!

We got a new shipment of TM tenors in and there were a few extra Matte Finish Horns that we didn't expect so we are running a New Years Special for the ones we have built and ready to go. $3495 shipped in the CONUS for a brand new Matte Finish straight or rolled tone hole TM Custom with a 3 year mechanical warranty. We only have 3 ready and when they go, that's it!

We will also be at the 2018 Navy Saxophone Symposium with horns and accessories. If you decide to buy a horn or an accessory while we're there and you are a SOTW member, just let me know that you saw this add and we'll give you 10% off.

Thanks again and e-mail simon@tenormadness.com with any questions or inquiries.