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    Default FS: Collection of horns

    Hey guys ... we recently purchased a collection of saxes from someone and won't have time to go through them for a while, so I've got the go ahead to put them up here for sale if anyone is interested before I get them up on the website. I'll list some and the price we want to get, but don't hesitate to shoot me an offer if you are interested in one! Trades are always an option depending.

    1) Gold Plated Conn Soprano 179,xxx - near 100% plating. Newer pads, plays nicely. $1795

    2) Gold Plated King Soprano 84,xxx - near 100% plating. Newer pads, plays nicely. This one surprised me! I didn't realize how good they are! $1795

    3) King Super 20 Full Pearls Tenor 318,xxx - original lacquer, but definitely a players horn! Silver neck with matching serial will need an overhaul. $4000.00

    4) King Super 20 Full Pearls Alto 323,xxx - original lacquer, also a players horn! the neck was relacquered and the silver polished, but has the matching serial. Not sure why they did than on neck and not the rest of the horn. $3800.00

    5) Selmer Mark VI 100,xxx - relacquered players horn. This one is a candidate for a setup or overhaul. $6000

    6) Selmer Mark VI 99,xxx - original lacquer players horn. This one needs an overhaul. $8500.

    7) Selmer SBA 38,xxx - relacquer with 100% still there. needs a setup. $6500

    8) Holton professional Bari - needs overhaul - $750

    9) Conn 12M 349,xxx - near 100% original silver plate ... not RTH - needs overhaul - $3500

    10) Yamaha 52 Alto - Great horn, plays great, looks great. $1495

    Shipping is included in the prices. We take cash, card, paypal etc..

    Seriously feel free to make an offer on any of these as it will be a minute before I can get them up.


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    Default Re: FS: Collection of horns

    Working on getting these up. Gonna lower the prices on these.

    1) $1595

    2) $1595

    3) $3395

    4) $3000

    5) $6000

    6) $8500

    7) $6200

    8) $750

    9) $3000

    10) $1295

    Shipping included in the CONUS. Will work out international shipping.

    I'm going to start getting these up on the website earlier than I had intended, but these SOTW prices will still be available if you contact me and let me know you saw them on here.

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