Value of Ida Maria Grassi Alto Saxophone

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    Default Value of Ida Maria Grassi Alto Saxophone

    I have a really old Ida Maria Grassi alto sax. Its model number is 7159, which from what I've read online, is their mark 1 instrument. I bought it for about $650 a while back, and I've since stopped playing because it needs a few repairs that I've not gotten to making. With this said, I was wondering how much I could sell it for, since it'd be nice to get as close to $650 as possible, or over. Here are the pictures:
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    Default Re: Value of Ida Maria Grassi Alto Saxophone

    No “ really old” Grassi can be older than 1960 because the factory didn’t exist before.

    Yours is the most basic of all models ever made and it is an alto which are always more common and less sought after than tenors.

    I would say that it is not realistic to expect that your horn, being in need of repairs and being the simple model that it is, could fetch much more than a couple of hundreds, at most. In Europe, this would seriously struggle to sell, but in the US this might sell better.

    If the buyer at any point might be facing the real possibility of having the sax overhauled, buyer will have to weigh in the fact that the cost of the overhaul of this horn and its initial cost will exceed its market value even after the overhaul has been performed.

    Sadly this is not a unique situation with reducing values of certain models and increasing repair costs. The best candidate to buy this is someone whom will do the work oneself.

    Good Luck!
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