Cleaning out the drawer.

A1: Vintage Beechler "Arbex" alto 4*: Rare find and nice players. Plays like a .070 tip for me. Warm and brilliant sounding; excellent vintage tone and versatile. $75

A2: FL "Pure Brass" alto ligature. Fits standard HR alto mouthpieces. My favorite ligatures of all time. Really opens up the low register response and altissimo as well. $50

A3: Rovner MKIII alto ligature. Arguably the best Rovner ligature style; keeps the tone from being too blatty and buzzy, but still provides better response than a standard 2 screw lig. Nice one! $25

A4: Vandoren MO antique gold ligature & cap: Brand new in the box, never used. $25

A5: Vandoren MO antique gold ligature & cap: Used less than 3 times. Cap shows use, ligature practically new. $20

A6: Bonade Inverted silver ligature: Fits streamline alto pieces and Bb clarinet hard rubber pieces. $15

A7: FL "Ultimate" alto ligature: Fits standard HR alto pieces. Great ligature in great shape. I find these to really open up the palm keys. $45

A8: JodyJazz ESP spoiler: Just the gold plated spoiler. I think Jody charges like $70 to replace these???? Insane. For alto. $15

T1: Vintage Berg Larsen "screw-down" ligature: This is a rare vintage ligature that only came with some of the "duck bill" Bergs from the 50's. It has a knurled nob and reed plate similar to the Francois Louis ligatures. Awesome ligature! $50

T2: Vintage? Otto Link ligatures: I've got two of these. No idea how old One has a thicker screw knob than the other, and has a "V" marked on top. One looks older than the other. No idea on the age of these but they function perfectly. $50 gets the pair.

T3: FL "Pure Brass" tenor ligature: I've used this style for years on tenor; my personal favorite ligatures. This one is well used but functions fine. $40

T4: Vintage? Selmer metal gold caps. I believe these are from vintage horns as I acquired them from an older player about 10 years ago, but I don't really have any idea on their age. I've got 2 of them. Both are used and show it but function fine. $20 for the pair.

B1: Unopened box of Rico Jazz Select Filed 2H baritone reeds. Still in plastic wrap. $20

You can buy the entire lot for $300. All items will ship from Dallas, TX. Shipping will be $5-$10 domestic 48 only. Paypal is fine, you pay fees. PM me with any questions.

- Saxaholic