Back in the tenor fold

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    Default Back in the tenor fold

    Started playing alto and tenor in 2010 after a 40 year separation from musicianship. Recent health issues prevented me from playing for about 6 months. I thought this would be a permanent condition and I sold my tenor. Started playing again on my alto and was amazed at how much "air" I had lost during the layoff. After regaining my chops I decided to try another tenor. After a brief play test, which went surprisingly well, I purchased a Yamaha TYS 200ADII. Played a 90 minute gig yesterday and was again amazed at how well it went. The separation from playing was torture. The return is nirvana. It's good to be back in the tenor fold.
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    Default Re: Back in the tenor fold

    Tenor - It's all that matters.

    That, and good health.

    Glad to hear that you're feeling better!
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