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    Default Which mouthpiece for SX90II

    I have just bought my JK SX90II soprano in black nickel - it should arrive today. I am wondering what mouthpieces people have found to work well on this horn. I am looking for a rich, thick sound with a little edge - not overly bright, though.

    My previous soprano was a Selmer SA80II. After years of playing, I felt it did not have the richness and warmth I was seeking. Up until now I was using a metal Link 8* with a 4S Jazz Select Filed reed - this came closest to the sound I was looking for on the Selmer.

    But when I played the BN SX90II a while ago I knew it was time for a change.

    Any help regarding mpc selection would be appreciated. I have an old Yani metal 9 that I haven't used in quite some time, so I will try that as well.

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    I'm having success with a plastic Runyon Quantum Spoiler #12 (spoiler in). I have the same soprano, with the neck inserts removed.

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