I just read the excellent biography of Fats Navarro by Leif Bo Peterson and Theo Rehak. I was curious about Fats and Rena Navarro's only child, a daughter Linda born in 1949, about 15 months before Fats died at age 26 of TB and heroin addiction. A web search revealed that Linda just died in August of this year at the age of 65: http://funerals.coop/obituaries/lind...n-navarro.html

Reproduced in the book is an ominous telegram from Fats to his mother in Key West, Florida in March 1950 urgently asking for money for "surgery" for his baby ($25 if you can believe it). A Los Angeles Times article from 1991 fills in the details of what was going on: both of Linda's parents were addicted to heroin and she was born a "grasshopper" baby as they were then called, immediately exposed to heroin withdrawal symptoms and other major health issues. Her life story is a sad one but it sounds like she managed to contribute a lot despite all the adversity she faced, among other things helping to raise money for a headstone for the grave of her father that was unmarked for more than 50 years:



This bio of filmmaker Amilcar Navarro mentions a connection to Seattle, where Linda spent most of her time, so this may be her son (Fats and Rena Navarro's grandson):