I was looking on the web and found a mark VI alto saxophone near my hometown. I can't tell so much about it yet, but I'll probably test play it in a day or so (so if it's possible - I'd be very thankful for a fast reply) but I wanted to have some advice on how much it is worth before I get there.

What I know about the sax is this:
It is in the 80xxx-90xxx serial number range.
It has a Mark VI neck - though not the original.
It will need some new pads, will not cost more than $500.
It does not have the high F# key.
It has no low A key.
Lacquer is "Two toned" - lacquer with silver/nickel(?) keys. But of the lacquer has been completely removed.
One of the keys has been soldered.

I know it's hard to tell - but I just need a hum.