Superb 1954 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone

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    Default Superb 1954 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone

    I have listed this horn on Ebay. Seller name is daddyoj1. Dave Kesseler of Kessler music appraised it at $8000.00. Just to let you know I am new to this site and a friend recommended this as a better alternative to Ebay. I may be interested in partial trades etc. Let me know what you think:

    I am listing a truly beautiful 1954 Selmer MK VI Alto Saxophone Serial #56650. This Original Lacquer horn is a true MK VI and is from the first year of production based on the serial numbers found here:
    I have owned this horn since 1980. Prior to that it was found in an abandoned house and seemed to have little use before I had obtained it. I had the instrument overhauled and played it quite a bit for a period of about two to three years. I played the horn sporadically after that since my main instrument was the Tenor Saxophone. Since 2007 it has been played very little since I am no longer active musically.
    Some of the outstanding features of this beautiful instrument are:
    • The neck is the original matching numbered (#56650) neck that is free of dents, bends and shows no indication of having any kind of repair.
    • The necks original lacquer is about 85% and the original bright blue emblem is still intact.
    • Original lacquer on the body is about 85% and has aged to a lovely dark patina. The photos accurately reflect the color and percentage of original lacquer remaining.
    • The elaborate engraving is still extremely sharp, and goes down to the lower portion of the bow.
    • The engraving is remarkable example of the engravers art. Additional photos, which exceeded the allowable file size for EBay photos, can be provided upon request.
    • The saxophone shows no indication of ever being dipped, and has not been dipped while it has been in my possession.
    • The body is absolutely straight and shows no indication of any kind of dent repair.
    • The bell is absolutely straight and shows no indication of repair. There is no indication that the bell has been pushed into the body and this has not occurred while I have owned the horn.
    • There is no slop in the key mechanism, there is no indication that the rods have ever been repaired to take up any such slop, and the rods have never been repaired to take up any such slop while the horn has been in my possession.
    • All of the rods are absolutely straight.
    • The original stack adjustment screws for the upper and lower stack are still intact. These screws are an unusual feature for a Mark VI and were subsequently removed on later models. They are also frequently removed by technicians.
    • There is no indication that any posts or keys have been re-soldered and such repairs have not been performed while the instrument has been in my possession.
    • All of the posts are absolutely straight.
    • For a horn of this vintage it has very little playing time on it and therefore is not “blown out” and has the type of controlled resistance that is typical of a fine MK VI which creates a centered, resonant sound that is considered the standard.
    • The action is very light.
    Some issues that the horn has for your consideration are:
    • The original resonators have been replaced with Selmer Nylon type tone boosters, one of which is missing
    • Although the horn seems to seal well the pads are in various states of repair, some are very dark due to my use of “pad dope”, however some are virtually unused as I had some of the pads replaced before I stopped playing the horn. The attention of a highly qualified technician might be considered to reseat/adjust and possibly replace some of the pads.
    • There is a barely noticeable dent on the bow, as shown in the photos.
    • The action, while excellent, is a bit noisy, which is not unusual for a MK VI, but a technician may recommend some newer corks and felts.
    This is an excellent MK VI, regardless of vintage, resonant and full, with a bright and centered sound. I have played many different Selmer saxophones and this one is special.
    The horn will be shipped in its original Chesterfield case, however this case should be considered for shipping only, as there are several issues with it, such as a broken zipper and duct tape. It is perfectly adequate for shipping. No mouthpiece or neck strap are included
    I can provide additional photos upon request, but may have to send them one at a time as some of the files approach 7,000KB in size.
    Conditions for sale are as follows:
    • The instrument is listed for international sale, however the seller reserves the right to reject sale to locations that may present issues with United States Customs or reliable delivery of the instrument.
    • Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Insurance is required.

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    Default Re: Superb 1954 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone

    I'm interested in this saxophone. Can u send me pictures?

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