there has been a lot of prep for a 2-day session I am leading in June in Brooklyn.

There's been some personnel variation but I think the following people will show up:
Lou Grassi, Steve Bernstein, Rob Wallace, Dean Bowman, Randy Sandke, Jon-Erik Kelso, Ray Suhy, Chris Meeder, Ras Moshe, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (btw, I'm looking for a volunteer to get him to the session); Lewis Porter, Ursula Oppens, Dean Bowman, Curtis Hasselbring, Noah Preminger, Kevin Ray.

the music is ready; "My Little Voudon Babe" (a look at Zora Neale Hurston). "The Last Words of Arizona Dranes." The old minstrel thing call "Jump Jim Crow" ? (written for Matt Shipp as piano variations). We also have a thing called "Original Sin," a meditation on American racism. A sideways look at Gershwin's Preludes. And: "Experiments in Post Modern Music;" "Wake Up Time Up North" (a feature for Jon-Erik Kelso; our answer song to When It's Sleepy Time Down South); a musical version of Rudolph Fischer's "The Caucasians Storm Harlem." A tune which shall remain nameless but which is our variation on a hit by Ernest Hogan. A look at Joe Jordan. Endless variations on "a thought about Bud Powell." "Monk and the Faith Healer;" which recalls Monk's early life playing for a revivalist church; a backwards musical description of Tony Jackson; several Naked Dances, a la Jelly Roll. "I Had Rhythm," thinking of Jaki Byard, and our bebop tune: "Hiding from a Riff." And I'm afraid to mention this one, but a thing about Lennie Tristano with the working title, "Descent Into the Mail Room."

Also, a series of Blind Boones, and a thing called Crazy Dog, from a poem written by a friend of Edgard Varese.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

feel free to support us through Indie Gogo: http://www.indiegogo...USICIANS-IN-NYC