I checked out a Yamaha YFL-225SII on craigslist the other day. Sure enough, as advertised, it was brand new, unplayed, still sealed in plastic. The price was shamefully low.

I want to share some observations:

Made in Japan. Build quality is excellent. Plays extremely well out of the box. Seals up completely and is well-regulated.

The headjoint is different than those on older 225's I have played. The older ones were quite rectuangular - this one is more oval and looks and plays like the ones that come with newer 221's. Quite a good headjoint, IMO.

The keywork is quiet and feels nice under the fingers. With one exception. The G keys make a metalic "clink" when released. It seems the kicker has some hard material instead of felt like the other kickers. Cork or synthetic cork, maybe. And I wonder if it has hardened while sitting in storage? I will have to replace this with felt and then the whole flute will be nice and quiet.

You can get a lot of bang-for-your-buck with these student Yamahas! Does it play as well as my Yamaha 674? No. Is the tone as nice? Nope. But a great little flute nonetheless.

I put this flute into a Calzone flight case I picked up from a fellow SOTW member and it will be my "trunk flute."