Please check out this thread - thanks.

Here is the deal. I commute a lot and Walt Johnson cases are a bit heavy to log on airplanes. I have two of them made for Selmer style horns and owned for several years, back from when they were properly made in Corona (not that some of the San Diego cases aren't good as well).

I have taken great care of them. When they have picked up a minor scratch, they have received a coating of clear lacquer. No rips or tears to the padding inside. One case would look like new (perhaps a bit more shiny) on a picture of the exterior with exception of slight contraction of the padding inside so it is not 100% flush all around. This happens to all Walt Johnson cases fairly quickly. The other case has in addition had some minor and shallow damage to the surface. I am talking minor. This has been repaired with epoxy followed by clear lacquer. It is on the edges and measures 1/4 x 1/2 inch per lesion of which there are about 3-4. Obviously, none of this impacts the safeguarding that the cases provide for a saxophone.

Case in excellent condition (mentioned first) is $225 including shipping in CONUS.

Case in good condition (the one with minor epoxy repairs) is $175 including shipping in CONUS.

The cases are sold with the entire amount going to the Rawchestra. Please donate on Pete Thomas' site and provide me with evidence of donation and I will ship out the case.

Please note:

(a) I have not involved Pete Thomas in this or even asked for his permission. If you are not happy with your purchase, please work it out with me. (I would not go through the hassle and pay free shipping and donate cases, if I thought it would give me problems with unhappy buyers).

(b) the prices are not negotiable.

(c) the offer is valid for only 7 days.

(d) no pics (no decent camera here).