After a 15 year hiatus from the horn i came back again in 2010, worked my butt off to get my chops back and am back in demand for gigging with some area, and out of area, bands. In that 15 years i expanded my horizons and worked in construction management (Nuclear waste handling and also design/build medical facilities) ... becasme a decent golfer and started a real estate business ...

Now I am back, both feet deep in the musical waters with my horn playing and want to teach again. Just a handful of students ... so, what are the most recognized school age methods ..are we still recognizing the Reubank series? Has someone developed a "Ferling etude" book for junior high students?

I will be looking back into my old techniques and etude books, but I was wondering if anything new has developed over the past decade which instructors are saying is "the" method to use. Of course I would also accompany this method with whatever the school is using, and help with their band charts. But i would like something for them to prepare for "Mr. H"..
thanks in advance for any input here