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    Default Soprano Planet 868

    I have had my new Buescher 868 blank based SopranoPlanet mpce for a couple of weeks now.

    I am playing it on a JK SX90 II which is a large bore horn. Full rich (dark??) timbre with real projection and power. For me it is really the complete mpce giving me the maximum in a rich timbre which is tghe sound I strive for. When I push it hard (ff and fff) I get a really nice edge that never quite gets bright to my ears.

    Still in the search for a good reed to match it with. .070 opening and long lay, it works best so far with a good solid 2.5. Hemke's, VanD's Rico's all needed way too much modding to get a good sound from.

    Alexander DC's found one out of 10 that really worked out of the box the rest still need work. a few more anaemic ones need tip clip and all need side shaving plus little bit of work at base of vamp and they are OK. Not great. Waiting for some Maca's and Rigottis out of which hopefully I will find one that will work without too much reed work.

    After 4 of Joe's mpces my search for mpce heaven is over. This will definitely be my last pce for many years to come. Sorry Joe it just couldn't last forever

    Once school breaks I will try shaving down some Alexander Superial 3's to see how they work out. Palm keys are a bit fussy on this horm. Get it right and the speak loud and clear but a little off in the reed and I have to concentrate too much on sound production to really enjoy the playing to the fullest.
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