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Thanks, no matter how well I know a tune the memorizing thing eludes me at times. I can play Tequila from memory all the time at home but someone called it at a gig and I was lost. Sheets are a bit of a crutch for me that I'd love to get rid of.
Hi Nigel. If you think playing something from memory is difficult whilst in the comfy confines of your practice area...try sitting out on your front verandah...or your back porch if you have lot's of neighbors.
This is something that still drives me mental. I can do this at home, so why is it so difficult here? It's learning to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Something I'm personally striving for and yes, I have noticed a marked improvement...slowly.
eldavo: I like the way you're thinking buddy but yes, I have a pack of miniature laminated (back to back) charts expressly made for such a purpose, but damn!!! my eyes are now 50 years old
cheers, Mark.