Last week, I came across a good deal on eBay on a gold-plated alto demo horn given to Conn-Selmer Rep while in China. I did some background research on the seller and found he was indeed a well-known woodwind tester and sax player. So I put in a low bid and won the sax. And wow, it is very nice. Build quality is very good with heavy keywork, blue springs, good looking pad, ribbed construction, adjustment screws everywhere and just about anything else you could ever want on a sax. Best I can tell, the design based on a Yanigasawa A901. I'll post some photos later.

Anyway, here my first recording using this beautiful horn. I'm not a regular alto player so I'm still working on my sound concept for this horn. But I think it came out pretty good.

Here's my version of "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me".


Setup is a Morgan Protone mpc, gold-plated standard lig, Vandoren Classic #2.5 reed. Enjoy!