Has anyone successfully worked thru the Hal Leonard book of Coleman Hawkins solos as transcribed by Timo Shanko? I spent a fair amt of time on the "Body & Soul" transcription (as well as some others) last year using the wonderful free program "Best Practice" to loop & slow down Bean's recordings. Tonight, i decided to get back to the book (after spending a bunch of time with Aebersold's Bird transcriptions, Bill Sears's Ralph Moore transcriptions, etc.). After reading thru the first 30 pages, i am totally frustrated with Shanko's way of notating Bean's phrasing. The rhythms he notates (for example 16th rest, 16th, 32nd triplet, 16th; 16th, 8th, 16th) may be the correct way a computer might perceive Bean's phrasing, but i sure as heck can't seem to make them swing. any suggestions?