anything over 150.00 id have to try before hand. im like most sound crazy compulsive mouthpiece freaks. id pay just about anything to get the perfect piece . My main problem with the dealers on the forum with the "monster" "power house" "suberb" hyped up pieces is that once you pay 250.00 or 300.00 for the offset bergs or the 1500.00 for the hand faced guardala or 3000.00 for the "holy grail" meyer is that if you dont love it then they dont accept returns. most of the dealers on this forum will not accept returns anyways ... mouthpieces are a funny thing and ive learned a long time ago that price usually has no correlation to what someone will love playing . when im hunting for a mouthpiece i usually just take a drive to junkdudes where i can try everything first . if i absolutely love the piece then money usually doesnt enter into the equation. I have tested pieces by most of the refacers on this forum and while they usually play good I dont hang onto them or actually use them on gigs because the pieces that ive loved were usually stock pieces . albeit old ones... I think some people just believe that refaced pieces are better and thats that . I guess im not one of them ....yet