Hey, first of all, i will introduce myself. I am Emm, I play a yamaha Bari (rented from school), along with piano. I am a junior in highschool, last year i took 4 hours of music a day, this year, only 2. Im not the best, but im not the worst.

anyways I am contemplating auditioning for WIBC in oregon this year (on bari of course) and the audition piece is called Allegro in F Minor by G.F. Handel.
Is there a site online that i can both Hear this piece (preferably by saxophone/flute/Clar) and preferably slowly.
and is there a place i can go that talks about this piece, the history and all that jazz?
I am unfamiliar with this piece and this composer, but i would really like to challenge myself with getting into WIBC, but don't want to rest to many high hopes (i probably won't get in) but i would like to try anyways.

Thanks for the help in advance

Oh, and of course, i do NOT need to print the music. just need to hear it. thanks