I have a gig tonight with Jami's band but I picked up the alto today (inspired by Everette!) and played along with the first movement of the Bernhard Heiden sonota. Its been literally 25 years since I've looked at it seriously and I have so many projects today, Learn a couple of Brecker Licks on tenor, warm up Sop for gig, etc. But I found myself playing along with an Ipod version and what a blast. I haven't done clasical alto for so long. I couldn't put it down. Love it!! I need to back off since I have to play for 3 hours tonight. But I had forgotten what an expressive voice the sax can be. Time to rest. I'll record one of these days but I'm using weird equipment. An older Yamaha 62 (great horn) and a Rico Graph 5 so I can compete with the rhythm section on medium loud tunes. Anyway, I had to share. What a blast. I do have a meyer 5 ordered from a guy here on SOTW. I had a friend from Berklee who played a beautiful alto both jazz and classical on a Mk 6 and Meyer 5. Cool. K