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    I'm looking for a tenor sax metal mouthpiece. Preferably an Otto link. In my post, i was looking to buy one for $86
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    can you tell me more about the Pan-Am Alto?
  3. On the subject of "Vintage"(always a fav)picked up an ancient 1949 DeFord-assuming seller ships-sorta bitchey, sluggish gal she is-N always had some love for the Olds N apparently a good Armstrong Heritage was a keeper as well for durability even if tone production suffers a bit...always liked "durable"-road warrior love. Also a Gem 3SHB on its way N sighting in on a Wilkins, a mid-range Yamaha and Trevor. Will take down a Brannon later-unless I build a better one first (stranger things have happened)-and wanted to drag a few seasoned vets into the fray for your contributions as we proceed-if you want. Never been greedy, like to spread the peanut butter round to the team and I teach kids to share the pie as well. Its not about the money(or we'd all be stock brokers). Its about art, fun, learning, doing and as we ALL KNOW; seeing a romantic couple in the audience fall in love under the spell of the sweetest music we can play.
  4. Hi Bruce - looks like you ought to have your own FORUM TOPIC HEADER - busy guy indeed.
    As a former trumpet/classical/jazz/rock piano cat (40+ years of top level and moderate performance grade shows) am picking up the flute - always been a top favorite of mine - and buying as many - literally - of every make and vintage I can get my hands on. With a background in engineering, am going to first learn to fix them sweetly, analyzing every rod and spring (already spent 100 hours on the history, various makers and inherent physics and mfg problems), then with a contact I have - Vice Chairman of the American Welding Society - and a flute virtuoso I know - right down the street - gonna fix this darn flat/sharp open pipe register problem once and for all. Have seen a million folks starting with Cooper tried - and got "close"...but... Well, we're a-gonna kill that bear (pray long and hard for us). Have seen some of the specs out of UK - they're close-er, but...(cont)
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    I just had a long and enlightening conversation with John Winslow! Such a nice, nice man. We talked about everything, family history, health, and of course a ligature for my Goldbeck! He has agreed to make a custom one for me. I'm so excited, what can I say, it was an honor to talk to him. He also gave me a website address for the doctor who invented the TENS unit, who also has a radio show every thursday. I just recently had a Spinal Cord Stim Implant so he and I have lots to talk about. Winslow is such a nice man, I had no honor, that's all I can say
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    Bruce, I have a EL DeFord flute that was gifted to me in about 1997. It has the diamond ELD logo, says "E.L. DeFord, Elkhart" under the logo, and about 3/4 of an inch under that it says "For Bruno." I have not been able to find anything about this instrument online. Have you heard of/seen one of these before?
  7. That serial number is from 1905 but I don't remember the factory 34 being on that early. I would need photos to give any more info. Does it have C. D. H. or L. on it? Measure the length assembled and if you can get some photos of he markings and body, I can give you an exact idea. Send to
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    I have been attempting to get information for a Conn Flute that I have.
    It is a two piece, which you have commented to be of more value on a
    few Conn flute posts. Mine was re-padded and repaired after who know
    how many years of sitting, by a HS band director and flautist. She said
    she had to wait for a "repair class" because she had never seen a
    two-piece and some parts needed fabrication. Under the serial number
    which is 104xx is a shield. Above the shield is CURLABEL and under
    is FACTORY 34. Any help is more than I found at the Conn web-site
    as I found no e-mail link and the serial number list makes no sense
    since flutes are not cup-mouth piece instruments. Under that list
    the MFG date would be 1923, apperantly...? Thanks Bruce.

    PS I do have JPG pics with the old yardstick perspective. Tnx again.
  9. I would stay away from the new horns from China (ebay) and look for a regular sax seller with a Vito, Yamaha or Bundy. For tenor, the only thing I have is a Martin Handcraft Imperial from the 1930s but it is a bit over your price range at $1,200. Look at the ads in the Marketplace here at SOTW as there are many reliable sellers like JayePDX and others.
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    Hi Bruce, You seem to have the experience and knowledge I seek in purchasing an inexpensive tenor saxophone for my middle school child. Do you have a link to a place where you sell, or any links to ebay listings? I posted; below is most of my post:

    "My son has been playing alto saxophone for 3 years now and the band instructor would like him to shift to tenor saxophone. I am not yet willing to invest a great deal in the instrument, BUT would prefer to spend roughly same to buy rather than rent. I require the experience of someone knowledgeable about "student quality" equipment. I prefer purchase through a reseller who has either tested or refurbed already, and willing to sell at reasonable cost. Ebay is bringing me the option of $300 new item (band instructor discouraged purchase of total junk) OR trying to guess what requires least investment of effort after laying out $300 - $700 for some hardware. Will accept any guidance, input, or suggested links for purchase. Thank you!"
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