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    Good day Mike. I didn't realise that I am not allowed to post as a dealer, sorry about that. I assume I can post my personal items though, right? Is there a place where dealers can post their stuff? I am having a great promotion with the whole P.Mauriats at 35% off deal and I would like to give as many people as possible a chance to take advantage of an oppertunity like that.

    Thanks for your help mike.
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    Im one of the unfortunate ones to have a saxophone with Lance since sept 2009. I sent him my Buescher big B tenor for the complete mods for $500 which i thought was more than reasonable
    and now I regret sending it to him as i am unsure whether i will get it within the next 5 years the way he is going. I think Lance has bitten off more than he can chew and is swamped and if he has to manufacture each part
    for each individual sax then Im afraid when I think of all the horns he has of customers that it will be 5 years. He always promises to send photos tomorrow and they never come. I did receive one about a year ago. But what really annoys the hell
    out of me is that he emails me and tells me of some finish he is working on with one of his own horns when he should be working on ours. Anyway he seems a nice enough guy but I sure hope he gets stuck in and gets some flying
    out the door soon before someone really spits the dummy.
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    Hi Mike,

    I'm having a ball being back on SOTW. There is so much catching up to do.

    I'm writing about a link problem that has me baffled. When I add a link to my posts such as this one:

    either by using the link button or by just cutting and pasting into the text of the post, it does not go to my page.
    Instead it is diverted to an ad for Homestead at this address:

    When I put the first link into my browser bar, it comes up fine. When I add that link to a post in the Woodwind Forum, it comes up fine. It is only when I try to put a link to that page (and other's) at ....... in a post on SOTW that it is diverted to the ad page. Can you help me with what it will take to fix this? Thanks.

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    Hey,can you fix my title in horns for sale COJNN to Conn,thanks.
  5. Also ... category for RS Berkeley? Their Virtuoso Series is endorsed by some major talents. Just one vote for adding MACSAX and RS Berkeley.

    Kind regards,
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    Hey,I have a problem with my album pics they are gone!!Any idea how to fix?
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    Couldn't find an answer so thought perhaps you might know. Do the RevD GM1 Soprano SML's have roleld tone holes?

    Thanks Jay
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    Hi Can you move this pst to market place, I`m selling my Mark VII, 2500.00
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    Hey, I am taking it slow , I am somewhat of a novice. I am at the point on the Conn where I am checking tone hole levelness and timing as well as ensuring cups are centered over tone hole as well(could see some bad fit on this front on old pads).I was just fit checking the bell c# is that one of the rods you refer to as having not enough support?Seems like the upper post could have been further down the body?Curious where are adjustment points you mentioned I would use Ultra suede?I thought that the key height adjustments would be accomplished by adjusting feet height?Do you fix your horn's?Also what pads would you use to get a dark mellow Conn sound?

    Some fun stuff to share with you,I met Helen from Bassic sax. We live close and I made a trip to her place and got a chance to play 10 of her horns.Most memorable the Buescher Bass what an animal!!Honorable mention goes to her Mk 6 Baritone-Screamer.

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    Hey picked up a beauty 1981 Conn Shooting Star Tenor,closet horn Like new!I am re-building myself.Putting Blue steel springs,Flat or Domed metal resos (what would you repad with?)Any thought of value of this after re-build?It is all gold lac case is pristine as well,ser n151xxx serial charts say this was made in USA.Nogales?I will post a picture in an album for you. Thanks, oversaxedman.
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I also play the Bagpipes: GHB, Uilleann, Borders and others.
Music, History, Art, Reenacting, Militaria, Reading.
My Instruments:
Conn 10M(4), Conn 30M, Conn 6M(3), The Martin Committee Alto Tenor and Bari, Selmer MKVI 54,XXX, Buescher 400 and TH&C, King Super 20s and Zephyrs, the list goes on.....
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