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  1. I have been left a Paramount saxophone and am confused as to the heritage of the brand. The instrument appears to be old. the case has an "Alex Burns Ltd of Picadilly" plate on it, and the instrument itself has the word"paramount" stamped under another stamp of a metronome, and also carries the number 1951. My own research shows two contradictory answers, 1, that it is a cheap USA brand obtainable from a store called Costco, 2, that Paramount was a top level instrument protected by its makers as intended for a select few selective musicians. Can anyone shed any light on the instrument please?
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    Sorry, My Nephew Thought this Practical Joke would be Practical and Funny, Of which it is Neither. I've taken steps to insure it doesn't happen again. Again Sorry for the inconvenience. John B.
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    I had my first for sale posting deleted due to not enough information. I have subsequently redone that post to include all the information spelled out in the forum requirements. In addition I was able to post some pics of the instrument as well, but I haven't seen this new post coming through. Is there something else I need to do to get this posted?
    Thanks, Pippo
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    Merry Christmas Mike

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful day.

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    Thanks for adding me as a friend.
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    Hi Mike

    I wonder if you can help. I would like to post a few pics of my sop for sale and when I go to images and click on it I get a request for a URL What am I doing wrong.

    Thanks Jay
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    Hey Mike

    I understand how dealing with a problem can get a person down so I thought I would send you a big thanks for all you do. I think you do a terrific job and I am very grateful that you have the motivation and the dedication to do it. Keeps the site a real joy to participate in.

    Best Jay
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    Hey Mike,

    I was hoping for your opinion on the Zephyr I have listed in horns FS.What do you think it is worth ? I want to get on with concentrating on playing and paying some Dentist bills ! Any suggestions on books for me get on with phrasing,if you listen to my videos I feel I really suck on my improv.

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    Hey Mike,

    Thanx so very much for the user title, now if I could just live up to it.... I've enjoyed SOTW for a number of years I just don't post a lot. It's always been very informative and good for a laugh or two. Thanks again for the acknowledgement it definitely means a lot to me.

    Take care,
    Charles McNeal....
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    An interesting side-note to the MartinMods thread: A couple of years ago I discovered Lance's new website, Because I've been using as my web-site name for around 8 or 9 years, I contacted Lance and suggested that he might want to change his websites name to avoid confusion. I pointed out all the groovy names still out there ready to be used such as SaxUniverse, SaxWorld, SaxObsession, etc...
    He wasn't interested in anything I had to offer and continues to use SaxophoneOasis as his web-site name.
    He has a rather hard head!
    His mods look nice, but as a businessman he is an abject failure.
    Tek care,
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