your martin

your martin

  1. FZ1988bar
    so, what do you like about Martins the most?
  2. MyMartinTenor
    Well... its sure not the ergonomics (Yanis win here), the bragging rights (cough cough, Selmer), the smooth-jazz-gets-girls thing (Yamaha), or the fancy finishes (Mauriat / TK Melody / etc). So, I guess it must be:

  3. FZ1988bar
    haha, about time some one posted here!!! thanks alot. Ive been waiting for my bari to come back from lance so I could post here legimatly!!!
  4. jvellano
    my dad bought me an Martin alto in 1959,,,when i ws 11...played it last night...also i have a old Martin tenor...1936,,i think..i have mk 6 tenor and alto,,,and a ref 54 old martin tenor produces the best sound of any of them..
  5. RomansFive1
    I have a 1957 Martin Indiana tenor purchased by my Dad for me to play in Jr. High band. Man, was I ever proud of my new horn. My fellow band members were suitably impressed. I progressed in my musical abilities and played in several local rock'n roll bands. In the early '60's, the Martin was put in the closet for a number of years until my sons played for a short time in their school band. They were more into sports, though, and soon the old horn went back into the closet, with a few more dents and dings than when it came out. Last year a praise band was organized at my church and my interest in playing the saxophone was rekindled after 40+ years. The old Martin was completely overhauled, except for the finish, which is mostly worn away. But the sound is still there. It is taking a while to get the chops back, but I am enjoying every minute.
  6. Little Sax
    Little Sax
    I picked this one up from abadcliche. It is a very nice addition to my stable of sopranos.
  7. snosax
    I just purchased a Martin Committee and it definitely needs a rebuild. However, just playing the notes I could get out of it, I love the SOUND!!! I had a Mark v1 that was stolen many years ago, although until then, I was strictly a Selmer guy, now I am much more open minded to try other horns. I can't wait til I get the rebuild so I can enjoy the full beauty of this horn. More updates after a rebuild!!! [Impnt]
  8. Helen
    +1 on the sound. I have a Handcraft that just is second to none in the sound it is capable of producing. My Mark VI can't hold a candle to it. My Zephyr is very close, but doesn't quite have the same depth of sound.

    Of all my tenors, I do love the tone of my Martin the most. Combined with a Dukoff D7* or an S7 piece, it covers everything from lush subtones in jazz, to screaming rock, and everything in between, in the blink of an eye.
  9. snosax
    I have to add that I got my The Martin Tenor back from the rebuild 2 days ago. I can't put it down, it SOUNDS tooooooooooo goooooooooood to put back in the case. I have my motivation to get back to my old playing abilities and beyond. WOW is my favorite part of my Martin Tenor!!!
  10. christiansax
    I first had a The Martin Alto sax and used it for two years. I love the sound and tone is uncom,porable to any modern sax. I used to even AB it with Selmer SA80 and The Martin just blew it contest.

    Eventually after 2+ years of playing it, i got GAS and traded it with Conn NW Series I. I loved the sound, its more modern in my taste and its more focused but it doesn't have that depth that i was looking for from a Martin Sax. In short, sold it, bought myself an Indiana Tenor and loved it a lot. Its not as huge of a sound compared to Committees roars like a Lion...

    Then bought my Committee I Alto sax from Erik, I fell in-love with it from the first note i played. Told myself I will never part with Martin saxes again...

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