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You and your email address

Often times people do not use their "good" email address to register to forums, and perhaps rightfully so. In the case of SOTW, we do not sell nor borrow the email address information to anyone, it is confidential. Anyway, after registering they let that email address to lapse, inbox to fill, etc.

Yet, they would like to use Forum's email based services, e.g. notifications. Now the messages keep coming to Administrator's inbox, admin (at) Before we used to send a Private Message to remind the suer, but very few cared to do anything.

Now the SOTW policy is:
1. For the first time we just ignore it, because the problem could be temporary.
2. If we will get several bounced messages, that user's title will get flagged with red "email problem". The purpose is twofold:
  • Flag the user that there is a problem.
  • Let other users know that there is no point to email to that user (via SOTW Forum).

List of Acronyms

Here's a List of acronyms

Known Issues/Progress

-- If I enter a URL with more than 55 characters, the URL is truncated, but still seems to work!
Status: That's what's supposed to happen. First, while I did get a report that this was screwing up eBay URLs, I haven't been able to reproduce the problem. Second, this is a hard-coded piece of info in vBulletin and I really don't want to edit it unless I see problems.

Introducing the Staff


Bonjour! I'm Kim, I have been around SOTW for quite some time (I forgot really ) and I have joined the moderator/admin team in 2004. Although my 'specialty' area is SOTW's French Forum, you'll likely see me pop-up now and then at any place in the Main forum because I really wander all over the place.

I started playing saxophone (tenor) in 1989 and have worked as a street musician for nearly a decade. Now that I've 'retired' from the street musician scene, I now play in two saxophone quartets (baritone in one and tenor in the other)

It may sound surprising but in person, I'm the quiet type (I'm not shy though) I like to sit-back and observe from a distance - For as far as I can remember, I have always dreaded being the centre of attention but somehow, I often end-up right under the spot-light, wondering to myself how the heck I got there - People often turn to me for advice, they say that I'm pragmatic and that I'm a good listener but paradoxically, I'm often criticized for my somewhat detached and unseemly independent nature Despite this minor contradiction, all would agree that my best assets are patience and determination


Kim C. P.

SOTW Admin

SAXISMYAXE Hello, I'm Michael S.

Like Kim, I've been a member of SOTW for quite awhile, both on the Vbulletin and earlier incarnations. I've been a staff member for several years now.

I am a Commercial Illustrator and Portrait Painter by profession, as well as a part time Musician. I have over 30 years experience as both a Saxophonist (professionally and as a hobby) as well as many other woodwind and brass instruments.

Collecting and repairing/restoring instruments is an ancillary passion of mine, and as a result my collection is pushing me out of house and home, and becoming a museum in every sense of the word.

My personal interests and hobbies cover the spectrum, and many are outlined on my Myspace page:

Chris S

Chris Sundberg is active as a composer, conductor, arranger and saxophonist. After graduating high school he attended Laramie County Community College for two years, studying with noted American composer and conductor Dr. James Colonna and saxophone with Dr. Nathan Keedy and Dr. Andrew Dahlke. He is now pursuing degrees in finance, insurance and business management at the University of North Texas.

As a composer/arranger Chris has written for solo instruments, solo instruments with piano accompaniment, solo instruments with electronic accompaniment, chamber winds, bands, orchestras, and electroacoustic and intermedia projects. He has studied with, in regular lessons or masterclasses, some of the most prominent composers of our time, including: Jim Colonna, John Corigliano, John Adams, Christopher Rouse, Eric Whitacre, Steven Bryant, Cindy McTee, Joseph Klein, Jon Nelson, John Mallia, Peter Schickele (aka PDQ Bach), and Chapman Welch.

As a saxophonist, Chris has played semi-professionally since the age of 14. He was recently praised by noted American composer Norman Dello Joio, H. Robert Reynolds and by iconic jazz arranger Sammy Nestico for his performance on Laramie County Community College's 2004 debut CD release, Wind Dancer, on which Chris earned recognition as manager of both the LCCC Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensemble and as featured soloist. His performances of classical saxophone repertoire, including the Wyoming premiere of David Maslanka's Songbook for alto saxophone and marimba, have also received rave reviews. He also co-founded the Night Flight Big Band in the summer of 2004 with teacher, collaborator and long-time friend Jim Colonna.

Chris now splits his time between Northern Texas and Cheyenne Wyoming, where most of his family resides. He hopes to someday marry the most beautiful woman in the world and retire at the age of 35.

Bill Mecca
Bill Mecca is a Video Professional, Voiceover talent, Husband, Father, moderator and saxplayer.


DrakeSaxProf is the moderator of a number of the SOTW sub-forums including the Classical Sax forum.

In his day job he serves as Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Assistant Director of Jazz Studies at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. You can hear the good professor play and read more at


Frank Ballatore has been active on SOTW since late 2004. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to sax, and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. SOTW has been a tremendous resource during my learning stages. I've made a number of friends here.

I own and operate an IT consulting business during the day, (well, most days it actually carries into night). In my spare time, besides playing my horns, I enjoy woodworking and sports.

It's a pleasure and an honor to know everyone here and to have been chosen to be on the mod/admin team.

Harri Rautiainen

Harri Rautiainen is our Forum Founder and he';s also an Administrator.

What features are turned on/off?

Question: What features are turned on/off?
Answer: Most every feature for vBulletin is turned on, with some restrictions:

  • Avatars are turned on, but the max size is 90 pixels height by 125 width. That's about the size of our current Forum logo. Yes, you can turn off everyones' avatar or other graphics through the User CP.
  • Signatures can be up to 700 characters long and cannot contain images.
  • Profile Pictures are disabled. I don't see any need to have these turned on, anyway, as the Mods and Admins are the ones that generally view your profile.
  • The User Reputation System is OFF.
  • Titles are now ONLY assigned at the whim of the Mods and Admins. If you really, really need a title (and some people do), please e-mail or PM one of the Mods or Admins.
  • Posting HTML is turned OFF. You have to use BBCode.
  • Users cannot MOVE or DELETE their own threads, as was the case on our old phpBB forum. You can EDIT your threads everyplace except for the Marketplace "for sale" areas.
  • Note for [IMG]: the [IMG] tag will not be displayed if the path to the image contains dynamic characters such as ? and &. This can prevent malicious use of the [IMG] tag.
  • The Windows Color Picker is disabled.
  • You can't "ignore" Admins or Moderators through your User Control Panel.

Please note that if you are a banned user you cannot use the search engine.

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