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    Matty Bannond

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music


    I write short stories as a hobby, and one has just been published in an online journal. The... Go to last post

    Matty Bannond 03-17-2018 08:24 AM
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    Re: What makes a mpc reed friendly versus finicky with reeds?

    Its really a very profound question, because a sax mouthpiece has so many variables that the combinations of features is for all practical purposes, infinite. In my view, similar to 'atonal's',...

    1saxman Today, 03:47 PM Go to last post
    Dave Dolson

    Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification

    Pete: I no longer have that Dorado 600 soprano nor do I have photos of it. I recall buying it new in the early 1970's (or maybe even the late 1960's - long time ago, many sopranos under the bridge...

    Dave Dolson Today, 03:46 PM Go to last post

    Re: Some really high Mark VI selling prices

    Now my re-lacquered neater MarkVI tenor doesnt look so bad at my $4200 asking price, does it?

    whaler Today, 03:42 PM Go to last post

    Re: The Horn Connection (RANT)

    I love Manny! He has overhauled two of my horns and his work is amazing. Manny always takes time for me. He takes care of all my tweaks for me while I wait. He is very good and efficient. Great...

    Mezzzz Today, 03:37 PM Go to last post

    Best videos for sax reed adjusting?

    I use a reed geek, but that souldn't matter, scraping wood is scraping wood. Thanks.

    lutemann Today, 03:24 PM Go to last post