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  • Evaluating a Used Saxophone For Purchase (video)

    Hey guys,

    I made this video a week or so ago. I wish I'd thought to visit this section first, as I am sure there are things in the stickies at the top that I could have integrated into it. But anyhow, here it is, hopefully with the visual stuff added this is helpful to use yourself or to link to a friend/student who starts asking questions about buying a horn. Also it was one of my first ever edited videos (typically I just do one long unscripted take, this was from a script and I tried my hand at simple editing) and I screwed up the very first cut, by forgetting to take off the first few seconds! But I've got crap internet and I'm too lazy to re-upload it. So enjoy a few moments of awkwardness before the video starts.

    I also copied the script here in case you'd like to read it as well, but I ad-libbed a few things in the video that aren't in the script so watch the video if you can.
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    1. Harri Rautiainen's Avatar
      Harri Rautiainen -
      Excellent stuff, thank you Matt!
      I appreciate you writing it in an article format.
    1. thepoet's Avatar
      thepoet -
      Excellent video thanks. Useful and informative and in my case very relevant as I am going through the the process of hopefully purchasing another horn.

    1. MitchSugginah's Avatar
      MitchSugginah -
      Thanks for this..very informative!
    1. danielstark's Avatar
      danielstark -
      Thanks!! Great video
    1. duodenalsalmons's Avatar
      duodenalsalmons -
      This is a really useful video - thanks Matt.
    1. Silvio Martin's Avatar
      Silvio Martin -
      Matt: excelent information. Congrats.
    1. Belshoresdan's Avatar
      Belshoresdan -
      Yes.....I agree with all the above
      And thank you very much
      Don't want to get carried away
      but your pace
      and even your voice is very pleasant
    1. AdamGoodlake's Avatar
      AdamGoodlake -
      thanks! really helped out

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