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  • Creative Ways to Store and Display Woodwind Instruments

    Sadly, you can’t play your sax 24/7. Still, the next best thing to jamming out is showing off your instruments, and you can do it in some pretty neat ways.

    Here at Modernize, we love the idea of using our favorite objects to ornament our homes. After all, what better way to make your space a love letter to your hobby or profession? And there are better ways to store and display your prize clarinet than just leaning it against a wall. Here are some of the most creative methods we’ve seen for storing instruments and incorporating them into a home’s decor.

    As a Shadow Box
    A frame can do a lot to add gravity and interest to your flute display. We love the idea of framing your favorite woodwind in a shadow box. This method is especially great for pieces that are more for show than playing.

    Case Display
    Don’t like the idea of hanging your instruments to gather dust? Steal this suitcase mounting idea that lets you show off your collection without exposing your clarinets to the elements. It would look great with some vintage cases!

    Native American Display Rack
    For a more authentic look, we prefer one of these Native American display racks. It’s a perfect way to store multiple instruments, and its rugged wood will inspire you to play from deep within.

    As an Art Installation
    Visual art meets auditory bliss in a cool, abstract display. Arranging your instruments into a conceptual sculpture really captures the freedom and nonconformity of your playing.

    Asymmetrical Stand

    When all else fails, a great stand is an ideal way to let your saxophones steal the spotlight. Organizing them by height adds an interesting pop to any corner of your home.

    Hopefully these ideas will let your instruments shine and bring you all kinds of fresh inspiration! Play on!
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