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    Guide Book for the Saxophone Teacher

    This Guide Book for the Saxophone Teacher will provide you with a different approach to teaching music, one that includes the creativity of the student. It is not a method book, but rather a personal description of the decades of experience teaching not only children and youths, but also numerous Master Classes in many parts of the world. The Guide Book (for students aged seven to twenty one) is divided into suggestions for the Beginner, the Intermediate and the Advanced Level and includes examples of age-appropriate exercises and repertoire lists including original saxophone literature, a large section on solving problems, pedagogical suggestions on all the basics and much more.

    About the Author

    Carina Rascher is a known name in the saxophone world. Her musical activities include five decades of concertizing around the world; as Soloist, with her father Sigurd M. Rascher and with The Rascher Saxophone Quartet. Her teaching experiences include twenty four years at a community music school, numerous Master Classes in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA, as well as teaching advanced private students and professionals.

    The Guide Book is now available on Amazon.

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    Re: Is Liu Shizhao's "Pearls" a Saxworks Sanborn clone?

    In the Paul Butterfield Band era of his career(late 60's), yes - - a Level-Aire .

    Tryptykon Today, 03:28 PM Go to last post

    Re: Mouthpiece that struggles in the upper register

    No. On the other hand, if that toolmaker was also a professional saxophone player and knew what measurements where played like what, then ... still no. He would still have to make final adjustments...

    mfry Today, 03:26 PM Go to last post

    Re: FT/FS: Muramatsu R180

    All so true. Thank you for the kind input.

    osloutah Today, 03:25 PM Go to last post
    Jerry K.

    Re: FS- Selmer mark vii Tenor sax- early model!

    No dispespect but I suspect it would take a little longer to create an aestheticly pleasing repair.

    Jerry K. Today, 03:24 PM Go to last post

    Re: Buescher 156 tenor arrival, and question re key heights

    I'm getting used to the ergos now, and they aren't bad at all. I'm not certain, however, if I might prefer the Series One Crat. I love the spread tone of tenor saxophone when I hear it (Lovano,...

    Leon Today, 03:20 PM Go to last post