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  • What Are You Doing New Year's Eve- King Curtis

    Best wishes for a Happy, Gig-filled, New Year!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve- King Curtis started by Neil Sharpe View original post
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    1. rleitch's Avatar
      rleitch -
      Thanks Neil! You too man!
    1. sonnymobleytrane's Avatar
      sonnymobleytrane -
      Guys linking to stuff like this is a big part of what makes SOTW worthwhile.
      Thank you.
    1. SaxPunter's Avatar
      SaxPunter -
      I've said it before... SOTW needs a "like" function.

      The Awesomeness....
    1. Harri Rautiainen's Avatar
      Harri Rautiainen -
      Quote Originally Posted by SaxPunter View Post
      I've said it before... SOTW needs a "like" function.

      The Awesomeness....
      In lieu of a "like button", I promoted this as an article to the SOTW portal site.
    1. Neil Sharpe's Avatar
      Neil Sharpe -
      Many thanks!
    1. Grahamburglar's Avatar
      Grahamburglar -
      That was awesome. Thanks for sharing!
    1. Jim Scimonetti's Avatar
      Jim Scimonetti -
      This made my day. I've never heard Mr. Curtis play this one. It's is just beautiful as is with all of his music. RIP

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