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    Guzzis are even better. They stay together. I...

    Guzzis are even better. They stay together. I spent time working at a Ducati shop back in the day. Ducatis and Jaguars. Expensive grenades?

    datsaxman Today, 04:17 PM Go to last post

    Re: French Henri Selmer Paris 3rd Line

    I don’t buy it (nice pun!)....all the counterfeits that I have ever seen are sold for a fraction of the price of a real one.

    milandro Today, 04:16 PM Go to last post

    Re: Inderbinen Tenor 2006 magic horn

    Man, you guys are all reading way too deep into my post. Maybe my sense of humor doesn't carry over well here or something. What I said was akin to seeing someone with 5 Ferarris sitting in their...

    Tranechaser Today, 04:12 PM Go to last post
    Tim Price

    Re: Farwell Andy McGhee. . Saxophonist-educator- legendary jazz icon

    sideC....I'm sorry to hear this awful news. You lost a great friend there who...was one of the real ones. Keep him alive in your music.

    Hope to see you soon. We are blessed to have masters like...

    Tim Price Today, 04:12 PM Go to last post
    Dave Pollack

    Re: Playing JAZZ on a CARROT?!?

    I really tried to play as organic as possible...really felt the (carrot) juices flowing. I thought by playing the roots of the chords I'd be ok. I thought about the gold plating, but I couldn't...

    Dave Pollack Today, 04:11 PM Go to last post