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    I have been dealing with these issues since beginning of this year. Our band Broadway is now established with two first gigs behind us and three or four more coming in next few months.

    There is a site called in with all kind of articles on music careers and band management:

    How to Start a Band

    Quote Originally Posted by Heather McDonald
    You know what they say about the beginning - it's a very good place to start! The first step in getting your group's name up on the marquee is making sure you put together the right team of musicians. Sounds easy, right? Well, remember that if all goes well, your band mates are the people you're going to be spending hours in the rehearsal space and studio with, not to mention hours crammed into the back of van, often sans showers. Then there is that music industry favorite: creative differences. Save yourself the hassle and free up your time to concentrate on the music by starting your band off on the right foot.
    I would like to hear and collect your inputs and ideas of these topics.
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      Harri Rautiainen -
      Heather is looking into step further:

      moving from player/manager into band management as a career:

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