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  • Fill in the blank (jul-aug 12)

    Beware, the avenging await!!

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    1. CooolJazzz's Avatar
      CooolJazzz -
      "Read My Lips: No More Chinese Saxes!"
    1. TenTenTooter's Avatar
      TenTenTooter -
      "Remember, kids. Size matters not!"
    1. madeingermanny's Avatar
      madeingermanny -
      "I believe that is a westward wind.."
    1. LisaSimpson1's Avatar
      LisaSimpson1 -
      "Have no fear. We shall not lose to plastic!"
    1. buffetR13's Avatar
      buffetR13 -
      Every Chip we get will make are players love Us more......
    1. jools's Avatar
      jools -
      And if I hear Careless Whisper one more time........
    1. Joe Giardullo's Avatar
      Joe Giardullo -
      "Listen, you can't be upset if you're a # 2. We all can't be #5", now, can we?"
    1. thejazzsponge's Avatar
      thejazzsponge -
      Ha! Im the only one out of all of you that plays!!

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