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    Confiding or complaining?

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    1. jerumulliganrules's Avatar
      jerumulliganrules -
      "Good question -- I can't explain why I sometimes have to play your parts but you never get to play any of my good ones..."
    1. rjent's Avatar
      rjent -
      You sound like you do, because of the way you were made .... it's not your fault... really!
    1. spellbound's Avatar
      spellbound -
      Don't ever let anyone call you Tub-a lard again
    1. fsaxwas9's Avatar
      fsaxwas9 -
      ...I can't help the fact that nearly everyone thinks the saxophone is more sexy than a tuba.
    1. LateBlowmer's Avatar
      LateBlowmer -
      Heavy Man, Real Heavy.
    1. bjjazzy's Avatar
      bjjazzy -
      the saxophone is sexy especially in some of my posters with the sax set up with roses around it laying accrossed a piece of sheet music as a back drop; or when they have a scankily dressed or naked lady posed playing one. It always looks sexier then seen being played by a man and it's curvy shape makes it kind of look somewhat humsn-like. My tenor is the same size of my own body/self for crying out loud. Other instruments are just sreight like a stick or just round.
    1. bjjazzy's Avatar
      bjjazzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by fsaxwas9 View Post
      ...I can't help the fact that nearly everyone thinks the saxophone is more sexy than a tuba.
      it's shaped like a human and has a sexy sound and is always played in the background of sex scenes in movies. It'sespecially beautiful set up with roses in pictures or in pics with naked or skankily dressed females...not so exciting seen being played by a guy. Mine tenor is as big as my self for crying out loud. All other instruments are just bulky, streight up and down like a stick or just round. a sax is shiney loaded with detail in all the keys and gadgets on it, golden, and shapley. No other instrument is really used in anything as sexy.
    1. DennyMo's Avatar
      DennyMo -
      "If there more of you in the band, I wouldn't get stuck with your parts."

      "My human complains more about my weight than yours does."
    1. littlewailer's Avatar
      littlewailer -
      "Maybee ifs you'ze was more twisted you could sue zee phone companies too"
    1. KeithL's Avatar
      KeithL -
      The body is beat up a little, air injection is clogged, it needs a valve job and the exhaust note has gone a little flat but I can get you a deal on a silver plated model with low mileage...
    1. CooolJazzz's Avatar
      CooolJazzz -
      "Don't you hate it when other people try to guess what we're saying?"
    1. Allen Halstead's Avatar
      Allen Halstead -
      There is a reason they call me a Bear-a-tone ...and another reason they call you Tubby
    1. rubikscube37's Avatar
      rubikscube37 -
      We really only need you on 1 and 3.
    1. JOEMBOX's Avatar
      JOEMBOX -
      "Hey, man, your look-in a little down and backed-up.... Do what I did, tell him to switch to multigrains and that bell(e) should go down in no time".
    1. jools's Avatar
      jools -
      Your eyelids are droopy, your arms are hanging lifeless, and you look totally bewildered. You've been playing outside again haven't you?
    1. thejazzsponge's Avatar
      thejazzsponge -
      Hey man, at least you dont have to buy reeds . . .

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