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  • Dexter Gordon in Finland 1971

    As a young guy I was lucky to meet and photograph Dexter Gordon when he was playing a gig in Finland, Vaasa Youth Festival on 19 June 1971. Dexter is still one of my favorite sax players.

    More jazzy pictures from the festival in my blog:

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    1. swansong's Avatar
      swansong -
      very cool! looks like Dexter is using some sandpaper on his octave pip?
    1. caipigian's Avatar
      caipigian -
      great! he is my favorite! no doubt.. always a bit behind on sound... great groove...
    1. lipper's Avatar
      lipper -
      Quote Originally Posted by caipigian View Post
      great! he is my favorite! no doubt.. always a bit behind on sound... great groove...
    1. Charlinhos's Avatar
      Charlinhos -
      Dexter, we love you man.

    1. swissjazzfan's Avatar
      swissjazzfan -
      Oh man...I wished I've been there too in 1971.

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