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    Alan Greenspan was a saxophone player and played in Jack Teagarden's orchestra ......too bad that next to him a good friend of his, Stan Getz who, despite Alan's virtues and efforts, outplayed Greenspan, so eventually he decided to take to business rather than music.

    The world lost a saxophone player and gained a guy who..........did what he did (we can't talk politics here !)

    Anway, the bank crisis was Stan Gets's fault! Had he not being in the same orchestra maybe Greenspan would have played the saxophone rather than the financial markets.
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    1. David Clabaugh's Avatar
      David Clabaugh -
      My Grandfather also took up accounting after missing his big chance, he played for the Carlos Molinas Orchestra, at the Latin Quarter which had four spots, New york, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They would tour between all four, and while they were in LA, they were asked to be the backing band for Carmen Miranda's films. Unfortunately a war had just started and my grandfather was drafted, losing his spot. Upon returning to Milwaukee, he found he was ineligible for service and promptly became an accountant, cutting a few 78's in Chicago and teaching privately on the side. Moral of the story, Politica and Sax don't mix for the most part.
    1. DylanT's Avatar
      DylanT -
      Kenny G majored in Accounting. Also, a friend of mine, and great guitar player, currently majors in Accounting.
    1. The Daddymac's Avatar
      The Daddymac -
      Slightly off track, but Josh Redman was accepted to Yale law before deciding to focus on music. His bio on Wikipedia makes for interesting reading.

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