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    Storytelling: What story could this sax read to the little ones?
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    1. kcp's Avatar
      kcp -
      No caption suggestions for this one? Anyone?
    1. Kahtra's Avatar
      Kahtra -
      *in reference to the drinking reindeer cartoon*

      'And that, my children, is why Santa couldn't make it to wn on time this year'
    1. Gandalfe's Avatar
      Gandalfe -
      "And then the maestro said, "New reeds for everyone!"
    1. madeingermanny's Avatar
      madeingermanny -
      T'was the night before saxmas...
    1. stradivarius151's Avatar
      stradivarius151 -
      And his G# never stuck again, for ever and ever. The end!
    1. jerumulliganrules's Avatar
      jerumulliganrules -
      Sorry, that is too far-fetched even for fairy tales......
    1. Miz Raven's Avatar
      Miz Raven -
      Back in my day we didnt have computers to tune us after a recording we had to actually play in tune!
    1. PinkyKeys's Avatar
      PinkyKeys -
      .......and if we had been around at that time Amadeus would have used us extensively because WE ARE SAXOPHONES !!!
      THE END......
    1. thejazzsponge's Avatar
      thejazzsponge -
      The little soprano that could....

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