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    Matty Bannond-98135

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music

    Improvising on the saxophone has transformed my life forever. It has awakened me to a completely new level of spirituality – hard words for me to type, as a rationalist. Improvisation is a religious revelation. It is meditation, red mist and the soul. Playing music without a plan showed me the full dignity of the human consciousness and the hot power of the mind. It made me question everything that had gone before, and opened up unlimited possibilities for everything that lay ahead. It very nearly never happened. I want to share my story, and my elation, about how it did. Somebody showed me how.

    When I was about 11, my parents made me start taking lessons once a week for 30 minutes, together with another kid. Our teacher, a clarinet player, would take us through the required pieces for the next grade exam. They were classical: The melodies felt stiff. I thought the saxophone was the stupidest thing on the planet, and I gave up around four years later. I don’t think I played the instrument at home even once.

    Matty Bannond 02-26-2017 10:55 PM Go to last post
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    NEW MPC ANNOUNCEMENT: 10MFAN™ pure hard rubber bar stock/ hand finished tenor mouthpieces

    Thread Starter: 10mfan


    Last Post By: 10mfan 02-27-2017, 03:25 PM Go to last post

    What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Thread Starter: Berko

    Post Ur Setup \ My Setup: Tenor Keiwerth EX90 III Mpc : Super Tone master 6 * Lig : Orginal and FL Brass Plated

    Last Post By: aamajzoub Today, 07:03 AM Go to last post

    Whats your Alto Setup?

    Thread Starter: ajcomputers

    After seeing how popular this thread was in the Tenor section. Why don't we give it a shot here? My alto setup is as follows: Selmer Mark VI Alto Early Babbit Otto Link 6* mouthpiece Francois Louis "Ultimate" ligature and smart cap Runyon Palm Key Risers Vandoren or Rigotti Reeds Oleg...

    Last Post By: Atomcore Yesterday, 08:25 PM Go to last post

    Holton Saxophone; Serial number registry

    Thread Starter: soybean

    It's been pointed out by a few people here, including Bruce Bailey, that Holton sax serial number lists on the internet are not correct. It sure would be nice to have an accurate list. To help this problem, I'm starting this registry. Everyone please list the number on your horn and specifically...

    Last Post By: Secondhandsaxes Today, 06:00 AM Go to last post
    Bill Bryant

    Yanagisawa owners club

    Thread Starter: Bill Bryant

    Welcome to the Yanagisawa owners club. Which Yanagisawa do you own, what mpc and reeds do you use with it, and what kind of playing do you enjoy? T991 tenor Yanagisawa 6 HR mpc or JJ HR* 6* Rico Select Jazz 2M filed demonstrating things in beginner and intermediate band classes, playing along...

    Last Post By: JohnnyK88 02-27-2017, 10:01 AM Go to last post
  • Antigua Production

    Do you ever wondering how the saxophone is made? Most people probably will know it is made of brass, but probably not really know how a piece of brass can become a beautiful shape of music instruments that produces such wonderful sounds. This contains sophisticated procedures and precise measurement of each steps including designing the instrument, choosing the material, cutting of the material, shaping by hitting the material, annealing, welding, spraying, painting, polishing, constructing, and many other steps, which resulting with more than fifteen steps to accomplish one instrument.

    Antigua is proud to announce self as a full-line manufacturer who has its own factories to produce saxophone from the beginning to the end. All the steps are fully inspected and accomplished under severe control of the quality. Check out our production video at
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    1. csax's Avatar
      csax -
      I clicked on the 'production video' link, and it said "This video is private"...
    1. Harri Rautiainen's Avatar
      Harri Rautiainen -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmelodysax View Post
      I clicked on the 'production video' link, and it said "This video is private"...
      this has been reported to Antigua Winds.
      Thanks for your note,

      Edit: The video is working now.
    1. alljoe's Avatar
      alljoe -
      link worked fine for me today.

      i wish they showed making the necks.

      i saw one trumpet getting posished.
    1. milandro's Avatar
      milandro -
      very nice indeed!
    1. LateBlowmer's Avatar
      LateBlowmer -
      Amazing that the Keilwerths started out in the "carriage house"
    1. LateBlowmer's Avatar
      LateBlowmer -
      Didn't mean to double post here something was hanging, can't seem to delete it now.
    1. milandro's Avatar
      milandro -
      Judging by the size of the facility this plant must be in China ( as far as I know aside from Jupiter nobody has such big factories on Taiwan), do we know anything about the location of the plant and the name of the factory?

      I wonder.
    1. SlipperyJim's Avatar
      SlipperyJim -
      Elsewhere on the website we are told that they have production facilities in China and Taiwan. Company founded in 1991 by Fred Hoey in Texas, US.

      Interesting video! Everything done by hand on ancient machines. Wonder if Yamaha hand shape their bells with wooden mallets?

      In the author's opinion of Antigua student horns is low. On the Kessler & Sons website they sell a load and they're not cheap; the 4290 Soprano is described as "the best Taiwanese saxophone we've ever seen." (Which is a double-edged comment.)

      One is described as a computer copy of a Yanigisawa, which might explain the CAD images in the video. I thought that Yanis were copies of Selmers!
    1. Taffer's Avatar
      Taffer -
      SlipperyJim - If you look at the link you posted it looks like it was created in 1995 and revised in 1999. Do some searches on this forum and you'll probably find that the older Antigua Winds instruments did not have high praise as the linked site said, but the more recent models seem to have a pretty decent review on the SOTW forums from what I've seen.

      Nice video! Looking through the video everything seems to be made with care, but I did have to chuckle at the 5:20 mark. The man was dipping a fine tipped brush or something into some type of liquid, but instead of a plastic container of some sort, it was a coffee cup. I'm not complaining, but it caught me off guard and made me chuckle. Hey, if it works!

      And the engraving at the end...WOW! I had always assumed that was done by computer. I can't imagine how much practice it would take get that much symmetry while twisting your hand back and forth and not slipping on the curve of the bell and leaving a big scratch across a finished horn.
    1. fabio michaelys's Avatar
      fabio michaelys -
      muito bom.
    1. Bloo Dog's Avatar
      Bloo Dog -
      I don't see a video associated with this article, just three still images.

      I was wondering: does Antigua have its own foundry for casting the keys or a). are the keys forged in-house b). are they cast by a second party?
    1. mike soundcity's Avatar
      mike soundcity -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bloo Dog View Post
      I don't see a video associated with this article, just three still images.

      I was wondering: does Antigua have its own foundry for casting the keys or a). are the keys forged in-house b). are they cast by a second party?
    1. milandro's Avatar
      milandro -
      Large Chinese production facilities such as this one, operate in a different way that Taiwanese ones (where a number of smaller companies specialise in making parts that are shared within a number of makers, Taiwanese makers , with the exception of Jupiter are never this large operations! ) and tend to be making every part used with the exception of some minor parts ( springs, pads, rods), they normally would produce the keys themselves. I am not aware of any Chinese facility of this size being owned by any western company . So it is possible that they produce different brands under the same roof albeit with different specifications. A plant this large is able to turn several thousands saxophones in a year.
    1. Harri Rautiainen's Avatar
      Harri Rautiainen -
      Link updated.
    1. PeteFrante's Avatar
      PeteFrante -
      Good horn?
    1. Jamessinkule's Avatar
      Jamessinkule -
      It is an alloy of varying amounts of copper and tin.
    1. midway's Avatar
      midway -
      I find one sax from China is good,

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