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    Ok, this will all sound crazy but it isn't a joke. Yes, I am in high school and it may seem strange that someone in high school could possibly have layouts and design for an amazing sax. But I have been studying around on some of my saxes for a while and I have been taking notes and I believe that I have combined all of the right components to build an amazing sax. I am using ideas that have made some of the top manufacturers so big and I am combining these components together so that they can all work with each other. I am not looking just to start selling saxes, in fact, I don't even want to spend anything extra into putting engravings and stuff all over it to make it pretty. I want this sax to actually start selling before I start plating it and go all out. But there is one problem....I CANT MANUFACTURE IT! Is there any way I could get a company to help me build this and get it out and selling? I am trying to avoid companies like LA Sax, Cannonball, Selmer USA, etc. But I dont necessarily have to go all the way to Yanagisawa, Julius Keilwerth, Selmer Paris, etc. (Though that would be awesome!!). But maybe is there a way to have like P. Mauriat give me hand or something? Barone? Someone I can trust to help. I am very very very confident about this design! Is there anyone that could help me build it? If so, how would I get a hold of them? Please help! Thanks!
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    1. robko626's Avatar
      robko626 -
      I recently learned that even having a small prototype created (e.g. a sax neck) is not cheap...let alone something as complicated as a saxophone. Also, there is a HUGE investment required to start making things like this new.

      Have you ever created a business plan? This is where you'd need to start: do some research, learn about what types of people would be interested in your sax, how you would differentiate it in the marketplace, start up costs (like plant and equipment), how you could market it and to whom, what would be an appropriate price, expected revenue what the expected return on investment would be...etc. That's just the beginning. But be patient because it may take more than just a couple of years to realize your dream.

      In the meantime, you could see if someone could help you make it a prototype out of plastic or something that's cheap (one guy made one from bamboo).
    1. mutha potamus's Avatar
      mutha potamus -
      "I am using ideas that have made some of the top manufacturers so big and I am combining these components together so that they can all work with each other."

      Just a bit of a warning here. Patent owners tend to be prickly about possible infringements on their property, so tread carefully.

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