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    Please join me in welcoming hakukani as Sax on the Web Forum’s new moderator. He has been with the SOTW Forum since October 2007, and I am sure you all have read and enjoyed many of his thousands expert posts on this forum.

    Hakukani has Bachelor of Music and BME degrees. After spending 20 years in sound reinforcement/recording he sparked a second career in education. He enjoys playing with the ‘Olliephonic Horns’ band.

    The whole SOTW Admin Team is pleased to have hakukani’s expertise in use for all of us. He can be reached through his profile or by emailing to his admin email address.

    I’d like to use this opportunity to thank the rest of the Forum Admin Team for their valuable effort expended during the last year and to wish all of you happy and grooving New Year 2011,
    ~Harri Rautiainen
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    1. saxmanglen's Avatar
      saxmanglen -
      Congrats, Johnnie!
    1. adrian's Avatar
      adrian -
      Hey Hak...congratulations man. I am sure you will be a friend and great help to us all...regards...a
    1. harmonizerNJ's Avatar
      harmonizerNJ -
      Congrats Hak!
    1. Jonathan C.'s Avatar
      Jonathan C. -
      Congrates. and Good luck
    1. kwgrinnell's Avatar
      kwgrinnell -
      Oh boy, another gig for you.
    1. hakukani's Avatar
      hakukani -
      Gig? Most of my gigs pay $$$
    1. bkobog's Avatar
      bkobog -
      congrats Hak!
    1. SAXISMYAXE's Avatar
      It makes no sense to have two identical threads running concurrent with one another, so I'm going to close this one.

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