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    Re: What is your least favorite instrument

    It’s a pipe, when you’re a hot player they smoke some. Especially on the high notes😳

    PigSquealer Today, 05:05 AM Go to last post

    Re: Exercise

    Regular exercise helps a lot, especially when you're over 50; not just for saxophone breath support but also general health. As to which exercise is best, the general consensus seems to be...

    JohnnyL Today, 04:58 AM Go to last post

    Re: Which Synthetic Reeds? And how hard is the equivalent?

    A synthetic equal to a Rico 5...that’s like a plastic tongue depressor, right? Seriously though: you won’t find anything in the Bari, Hartmann, Fibracell, or fiberreed brands that stiff. People seem...

    swperry1 Today, 04:57 AM Go to last post
    Dr G

    Re: What's this pop song that starts with a sax solo?

    I couldn’t get the clip to work either, but my WAG (wild-assed-guess) is “Who Could It Be Now?”

    What do I win?

    Dr G Today, 04:55 AM Go to last post
    Johnny B Goode

    Re: SOTW new member introductions ~ Jan 2017-

    I tried posting earlier but it never showed up so I am going to try again. Hello, my name is Johnny. I live in Northern California. I currently play in my local community big band and sometimes...

    Johnny B Goode Today, 04:52 AM Go to last post