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    Ricardo Moraes

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music

    Man... what a great story you tell there. And what a style. This is the first article on... Go to last post

    Ricardo Moraes Today 05:22 AM
    Matty Bannond

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music

    Hi! My page got lots of views that came from this site, which is very kind indeed. It really is... Go to last post

    Matty Bannond 04-20-2017 06:57 PM
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    Re: Diminished: W-H for Dim, H-W for 7; rationale?

    So, when we are using Altered scale we are limiting ourselves even further on the "pretty" sounds?
    With G7Alt we have: G-Ab-A#-B-Db-D#-F-G and the only pretty notes left to us are G (bad choice), B...

    WinnSie Today, 10:20 PM Go to last post
    Dr G

    Re: Selmer Mark VI tenor 62xxx

    That is a new twist to me, and I thought that I had heard them all. This materials scientist would challenge those "purists" for data, and compare the alleged temperatures observed with the...

    Dr G Today, 10:16 PM Go to last post
    Sacks Of Phones

    Re: Looking for a Jazz Reed

    The OP was not specific in any way about the sound they wish to achieve or what they are sounding like now. It was a very open ended question. They got their answer on what a "jazz" reed is. A...

    Sacks Of Phones Today, 10:13 PM Go to last post

    Re: Zinner Jazz Alto Mouthpiece (Model 77)

    That's the blank I used to use years ago. Chamber is rather smaller than a Meyer. They were playable as they came from Zinner at the time, I assume they still are. Oh, the 2 prices are with and...

    mfry Today, 10:03 PM Go to last post

    Re: Automatic Switching to Combined English/French

    And if you put your cursor on a members name we are 'actuellement connect' or déconnect'

    Grumpie Today, 09:57 PM Go to last post
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