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    B Flat

    Re: RPC High-baffle vs rollover baritone mpcs

    I had a rollover that I used on my B6 and it suited it quite well.
    But in the end I preferred my Strathon Adjustatone on that horn.
    I always thought that horn sounded better with a pice that had a...

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    B Flat

    Re: Drake Mouthpieces

    Is that the ring ligature?
    Could always use it on your napkins.
    Drake pieces are excellent IMO at least those that Ive had or tried.
    I still have one of his earlier metal Jazz pieces and a more...

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    Re: Yet another Link STM ID

    So, is this considered a "wide tip" or not? I'd still like to know where the tip is measured when using the Them Wanne chart.

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    Re: Build quality Super D Florida Retro Revival

    I agree with all of this. I own a Sakshama Shorty and a RR NY double ring. The RR is much prettier than the Sakshama, but they both play really well. In my experience players don't get hung up on...

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    Re: Japanese saxophones and CONN.....did CONN give Japan their blue-print's....?



    The same alto sax

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