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01-16-2004, 11:11 PM
What do i do?!

I got my sax out for the 2nd time today - the 1st time it was fine - and suddenly it refused to play low G and G with octave key.

I can see the problem, but don't know how to fix it.
It is the key that is meant to be in the 'closed' position for most notes, it's the key (or do you say 'tone hole'?) 2 above the F key (F key: by that I mean 2nd hand first finger key!!!)
This key is not closed properly, but when I play G and close it fully myself, it plays fine.

Note: no other 'notes' affected.
Also, the short rod that it is on doesn't seem to tighten when I try it (gently!) with a tiny screwdriver...I was v careful...was I too careful?!

Much many thanks all, any help for my 'baby' is really appreciated!


Dave dix
01-17-2004, 12:10 AM
That key is theG# key and you must have a modern horn.The L/H top pinky key should operate the key that is not closing correctly.
Ist check the spring hasnt snapped or come adrift from its locating peg.
2nd check the adjusting screw above it is just touching only when any of the lower keys are shut but this only holds it down when playing lowC#,C,Bor Bb
I suspect it is the spring,either disconnected or a bit weak.Easily done if you are careful and have a bit of knowledge
If your worried go to the nearest shop max price just a few dollars

01-17-2004, 01:05 AM
Dave, what can I say apart from THANKS!

I tried the things you said, thanks for explaining it was the G#mech.
After I'd done the 2 things, I suddenly spotted that one of the two tiny screws (on the 2 left hand pinky 'rollers') was a few millimetres out! It was almost rubbing on the key above it. (one of the other left hand pinky G# keys thingies...!!)

Anyway, although it's 12.45 am, I just test played it outside our bedroom, sitting on the floor! (husband asleep, oblivious, 3yr old daughter asleep next door, so had to do a really good 'piano') It Works Again, HURRAY, I am soooo pleased. Especially because I only know of one instrument repairer in the vicinity, :roll: , who is currently servicing my flute, but I don't even know if he does sax's. And if not, I'd have to travel to Cardiff (an hour away), and leave it with a shop for their repairer to have a look at in their own time....but I don't know anything about the music shops there..

Anyway, I can happily go to bed now...I just woke my husband up and told him quickly, though am not sure if he's as thrilled as I am :wink:

Dave dix
01-17-2004, 11:23 AM
Glad it worked out OK

Gordon (NZ)
01-25-2004, 04:28 PM
2nd check the adjusting screw above it is just touching only when any of the lower keys are shut but this only holds it down when playing lowC#,C,Bor Bb....

Just for the record, this adjusting screw issue is not relevant to the symptom, that of the Gs not working. A poorly adjusted screw would affect the low C#, B, Bb, not the Gs.

What WOULD affect the Gs is the G# lever (the part that your G# finger goes on) is not fully closing the G# KEY (the part with the pad on it), because the low C# lever or Low B key are not allowing the G# lever to fully lift. This is usually because the cork or felt in the linkage between the G# lever and key has compressed. Without changing the cork or felt, a normal correction would be to hold the G# lever down and bend the linkage arm of the G# lever slightly further down than it is at present.