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01-02-2007, 05:49 AM
Hi. I am in high school, and I play mainly Tenor sax, but sometimes experiment with alto and soprano. My first instrument was the clarinet in 6th grade, but ive always wanted to play the sax, so i played it in the jazz band. and pretty much taught myself. I own a noname soprano, Conn 20M Alto, and my pride/joy Conn 16M Tenor. I know they are not super fancy or anything, but they dont do me wrong and I can call them mine. I like vintage horns. The tenor is the pre mexiconn 16m's.
I would like to purchase a halfway decent jazz mouthpiece,so if anyone has one for the tenor and is about 50-65$ i would like to see it. I know my budget is meager (hey i'm in HS and have a Girlfriend haha).
Thanks Vince

Harri Rautiainen
01-02-2007, 12:51 PM
Congratulations Vince, for being the first one to join in 2007.

Other newcomers to Sax on the Web, please introduce yourself by replying to this thread.
Share some of your sax playing and background.
Do not hesitate; we are a fairly civilized bunch of horn players.

And welcome on board,
- Harri

01-02-2007, 03:41 PM
Iíve been a member for a couple of months now, so I guess its time I introduce myself. The past 20 years Iíve been playing barisax as an amateur, but I started playing tenor in funk- and rock-bands in the 80ís and then trying out alto and soprano before I got myself a cheap baritone (Buescher 400) and was lost. Iíve had a break from playing for some years while the kids where small, but now Iím started again playing in a big band and a concert band.

In need for a new baritone sax I have used SOTW in search for information on different brands and models, vintage or new, a student or a pro horn. The forum and its members have been a great help and I got a brand new Yanagisawa B991 baritone sax just before all the Christmas concerts started (ďItís not fair you got the biggest package and opens it before ChristmasĒ my daughter said).

Iím located on some remote islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and being the only bari-player around itís a great help to know the SOTW-forum is ďopenĒ.

01-02-2007, 07:35 PM

I have just joined SOTW after getting my beautiful Yamaha Alto sax last May for my 43rd birthday and starting lessons in September. I have never played any instrument before in my life , nor did i have any musical knowledge but have always loved the sound of the sax and spent many hours lusting over the incredible talents of these "magical people" who could play this wonderful instrument! Until i suddenly realised that i could spend all my life lusting and wishing - or i could do something about it!! I am now in my absolute element - i absolutely love my gorgeous sax and am very proud of myself that i am learning to play and managed to learn "Silent Night", "Hark the Herald Angels sing", "Jingle Bells" and "Once in Royal Davids City" before Christmas - and they were recognisable :)
I am still in absolute awe at all you talented folk out there in SOTW land but keep dipping my toe in the water hoping that one day i will have half a clue what some of you are talking about :)
I still have lots of "geese" and "mice" honking and squeaking their way into my playing, but I am sure that if i keep on practising, they may gradually fade away- hopefully!
So hello everyone - this is me loving the best thing i have ever done :D and i hope to be able to join in soon with discussions :)

01-02-2007, 10:11 PM
Hey everyone I'm Tiffany and I just joined. I've been playing for 6 years. I mainly play alto-I have a Yani A901 w/ a Runyon 6 mouthpiece. I also played tenor in jazz band last year and had a solo on soprano during our marching season this year. I'm a junior in high school. I think that's it...let me know if you want to talk!

01-04-2007, 10:43 AM
Hi guys,

When I say Iím new, I mean totally new, never played a proper note in my life new!!

I have always harboured dreams of learning to play the Saxophone. It has been a dream that I have never done anything about, however this all changed Christmas day when my other half, very kindly brought me one.

It is an Alto Saxophone, in what I believe to be B sharp? Might be wrong there, but it's definitely a B something!! See what I mean about new!!

I have so far stared in amazement at this beautiful instrument and Iím now getting desperate to start learning all about it.

I understand this is going to take a very long time, but Iím a very determined person that is willing to put the time into learning.

I'm hoping to find a teacher in or around the Bishops Waltham area in Hampshire. I can travel etc, so now Iím off to post in the relevant forums.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.



01-04-2007, 06:36 PM

I used to play alto a long time ago in high school and gave it up when I got into engineering school (hence the nickname). I got a new sax for Christmas (a Keilwerth) and am getting back into it.

I used to play along with (vinyl) records of Take Five, Richie Cole's Alto Annie's Theme and Stitt Plays Bird. While my tone and EMB aren't quite there yet, I'm surprised that I still have the fingerings memorized (like riding a bike).

While I do well playing by ear (and imitating others), I would like to learn more about improvisation. I will probably need to get a new mouthpiece, as I "loaned" my two metal mouthpieces (a Selmer and Otto Link) to a friend's daughter when I first stopped playing. I guess I'll never see those again!


01-04-2007, 06:42 PM
First, my deepest thanks to the sponsors and contributors of SOTW - what a great resource. I am, as well, a newbie. I've been playing a '49 Buescher TH&C for all of a month - everyday, sometimes several times a day - since I got it. My 16-year-old son is an accomplished altoist and needed to upgrade to a pro-level sax. Long story how that led to his new P Marrott 67R - and my Top Hat. I do love the old Buescher and am happy to have saved it from neglect. My son had auditioned this instrument and rejected it, mostly because it smelled like week-old road kill and was disgustingly hobbled together with tape and paper clips. It's fine now.

I'm old dog (56) for new tricks, but I've loved jazz for decades and always wanted to play a sax. I've got some musical background: French horn and piano in high school; Hammond B2 in R&R bands in the 70's; plinker on the home piano since. I'm also a mechanical engineer and find the mechanics of saxophones almost as fascinating as playing. My favorite music to play are jazz ballads: they don't move too fast and make me concentrate on tone and pitch. Of course, lots of scales, arpeggios, and II/V/I exercises too. I aspire to learn on the alto, and then get a tenor - maybe a Buescher Arie 1. I start lessons at a jazz school next week - and Man, I'm stoked. Thanks again.

01-04-2007, 08:23 PM
Hey everyone, I'm new here, and play pretty much the standard four saxes for school, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bari. In marching band, I play bari, Jazz band I play Sop, Alto, and Tenor (and bari sometimes), and Symphonic Band I play Bari Sax and Contralto Clarinet. Also, I am a senior in high school.

01-04-2007, 10:24 PM
Welcome new readers. I love this part of the forum where we get to read a little bit about you. It is one of the few parts of the forum where I get every post. Feel free to ping any of the staff if you have questions or concerns.

Having read the instructions for this site, feel free to report a thread if you feel it grossly violates our rules and guidelines. We want this part of the Web to be informative, on-topic, and kid friendly.


01-04-2007, 11:43 PM
Hi guys,

When I say Iím new, I mean totally new, never played a proper note in my life new!!

I have always harboured dreams of learning to play the Saxophone. It has been a dream that I have never done anything about, however this all changed Christmas day when my other half, very kindly brought me one.

It is an Alto Saxophone, in what I believe to be B sharp? Might be wrong there, but it's definitely a B something!! See what I mean about new!!

I have so far stared in amazement at this beautiful instrument and Iím now getting desperate to start learning all about it.

I understand this is going to take a very long time, but Iím a very determined person that is willing to put the time into learning.

I'm hoping to find a teacher in or around the Bishops Waltham area in Hampshire. I can travel etc, so now Iím off to post in the relevant forums.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.


Welcome, and boy! do you have a lot to learn. :D

01-05-2007, 01:46 PM
Hello all,
I joined yesterday primarily to get some advice on my search for a new alto (see post under the Makes/Models forum for LA Sax)... but I suppose an introduction wouldn't hurt.

I have been playing sax for 16 years - all through middle and high school, then through college, and now professionally as a teacher/performer/composer/arranger (although few of those bring in the adequate income....)
I started on alto in 4th grade and was moved to bari in 6th grade and found a love for the tenor in 7th grade. I have played mostly tenor since then. Played a lot of classical bari in high school - took me to state band in 1999. Went heavy into perfecting my soprano sound in college. (yeah, it's still not perfect, but it's much improved!) Picked up the clarinet and flute in high school and added the bassoon in college. I now gig with a local funk band and my own group which is a funk/soul/jazz/folk fusion type band.
My set-up includes:
Soprano - Cannonball reverse nickle horn
Tenor - Yamaha Y-52
Clarinet - vintage Raymond
Flute - Pearle

I look forward to the advice I can offer and gain as part of this community. Thanks for any future help!!!

01-05-2007, 08:34 PM
I play Tenor Sax in the Chicago Swing/Blues group The Flat Cats.
Check out our samples at or
I enjoy checking out this forum. Thanks!

01-05-2007, 10:56 PM
I was a member of SOTW back in the old days - so many years ago I don't even remember when. I was Texas Red then. I left to go on the road - so to speak.

01-07-2007, 05:55 AM
Hi, my name is Casey and I am a Senior at a boarding school located in Western Mass. I started playing the clarinet in 4th grade and made the switch to alto in 5th. From the beginning I have loved the fact that music is a never ending topic, one that can continually be explored in various directions. In middle school I played in both the concert and jazz band's along with taking private music lessons. After years and years of practice and being frustrated that I wan't progressing, I have finally had a break through year. I recorded a demo for my college applications and was accepted to the Southern New England Honors Band along with the UMass at Amherst Honors band. I play a 1934 Martin Magna which I picked up this summer. I really look forward to learning more about the horn in general from people who have a greater source of knowledge.

01-07-2007, 05:40 PM
Hey all you Sax on the Web subscribers,
I'm Mercedes, I attend an arts high school where I play all the saxes. Alto is considered my primary, and is what I play lead in jazz band; I play bari for the wind ensemble. I double on tenor and soprano, and fill in the section whenever it is needed. I am a jazzer, although I do play classical music. I'm looking forward to hearing excellent player's perspectives and tips on this forum.:)

01-08-2007, 07:18 PM
AZTenor1. I suggest you go for a Runyon Custom. I have had very good experience with one for my Kohlert tenor, which is a big bore sax. I saw them at for below 60 USD. (Don't consider the spoiler. That can come later)

01-08-2007, 09:52 PM

I have played piano/keyboards on and off for about 10 years. While I love the piano/keyboard, I've always had the desire to play sax. Unfortunately I let people convince me that I shouldn't do it and should focus on other things. Yesterday I ended that line of thinking and purchased a sax and a beginners book. I undertsand this is going to take time, energy and patience but I know I will learn how to play the sax. I was and have always been inspired by the sultry, sexy sax sounds in a song. Whenever I hear it, I usually stop what I'm doing and just listen for the love of it. I imagine I will have questions as I start, and I appreciate any assistance/comments anyone has to offer. I'm in my 30's and my immediate goal with the sax is to be a competent player within one year. What does that mean? To me it means I'll be able to play with confidence and feel good about what I'm playing, while understanding I still have alot to learn. Its hard to put this goal into words but I know the internal feeling I'm seeking. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to participating on these forums.

01-08-2007, 10:58 PM

My name is Caitie and I'm currently a senior in high school. I have played alto since grade 6 and picked up the tenor and soprano in grade 9. Right now, I own an Amati Kraslice soprano and a Selmer Bundy III alto (and I'm DESPERATELY looking to upgrade). I plan to pursue a career teaching music at the high school/middle school level and hope to begin university next year. Right now, I play in our school's Symphonic Band, Sr. Stage Band
Other and also conduct the Jr. Jazz Band. Other than the saxophone, I have also been playing bassoon for a little over a year and have some piano experience. Can't wait to start talking to all of you!

01-09-2007, 02:11 AM
Hello...i started tenor sax about three years ago after wanting to play jazz (i didnt think much of the clarinet as a jazz instrument), added alto an extremely short time later in a solo/ensemble group, and added soprano for soloing after i found it in the bowels of our bandroom...

i play a YTS63 (M I) (with otto link NY mp) which i love
a school yamaha student alto
and an OLD King 1 piece soprano

...i LOVE doubling in shows (for me its a thrill) and have begun to play more prominently...

...i havent been playing long but i'm no pushover :P...


Terrapin Flyer
01-09-2007, 06:45 AM
Today I joined this site, then went and rented my first sax. At 46 I'm checking off those "things I must do before I die" list. Hanging gliding, kayaking across the Santa Barbara channel, riding a Harley cross country, etc. etc. are behind me.

It's time for me to learn sax. As a didgeridu player (another check on the above list) I have an emboucher of sorts, and I can circular breathe. Tonight I learned a handfull of notes and accidently played Mary Had a Little Lamb by mistake (I swear it just came out -- I stopped as soon as I caught myself).

I promise to search first, not to post tired questions, and as soon as I can actually contribute something, to do so. Thanks Y'all for making this place possible. It's a little overwhelming but obviously a valuable resource.

Best Fishes


01-09-2007, 06:42 PM
Hi everyone, have browsed the site for a while, and now have plucked up the courage to join. A late comer to the sax, I took it up in my early 40's and up to that point had only ever played the recorder when I was 6! I decided on the spur of the moment and joined an adult learners group, so with 40 hours introduction was off on my own. I have met regularly with other students over the last few years to play once a week and now I am in the "empty nest period" have decided that I would like really start taking this seriously! I am looking around locally (south east England) for more outlets to expand, although I have no formal musical knowledge just know the absolute basics! Ideally I would like to meet other genres of musicians to experience playing with other instruments. I have a second hand boosey hawkes alto (ex school instrument) and a new, last year tenor, yamaha. I am looking forward to learning lots of new things, including getting myself an avatar and all this hi tech stuff. (When I was at school we did log mathmatical sums using log tables!) Cheers Saxindoll (which is a pun around satin doll and nothing to do with being a dolly) :)

01-10-2007, 01:25 AM
I've been here a month, and never noticed this thread. How unobservant of me.

My name is Ryan and I have been playing sax for 14 years. I am a structural engineer who loves performing music. As a musician, I am most accomplished as a barbershop performer, and bassoonist, but I have found my true passion to be playing sax in any group where I am not the featured performer. In a sax quartet I prefer tenor; big band, 2nd alto or tenor & bari; lead voice (not vocals) for rock, soul, funk bands. I have a very ecclectic preference of repertoire as you can tell from the latter statement.

I play all Yani at the moment:
-T991 with bronze neck, Dukoff D7 and Selmer S80 C*
-A900u-Black lacquer, Meyer 5 customized by John Reilly, Rousseau 8, Selmer S80
-S992, stock Yani piece (I am new to this guy, and will inquire as to what mpc people recommend to start off with, though I think I'll just go hunting on my own)

I had a Selmer Series II tenor, but it was stolen three months ago. If any one finds one in a shady location, manufactured in 1989. The neck has noticeable bending damage (down). Speckled lacquer wear on the bell. It was in a black Protec case. A bunch mpcs were stolen, too. Tenor: Dukoff D7 with nicks on top from an ill-fitting rovner, Berg HR 110/?, Selmer S80 C* w/ rovner lig. Bari: Yani metal, Selmer S80C* w/ rovner lig. Alto: Berg metal 90or95/0.

I enjoy reading the threads. I am thankful for those who provide their honest, straightforward and respectful opinions. Thanks to those who have helped me already. Though I have played sax for many years, I am not a high caliber saxophonist...yet. I have a renewed fervor for becoming a respectable horn player. Look forward to talking with y'all.

01-10-2007, 07:12 PM
New guy here.

I have absolutely zero musical experience. My ten year old son and I will begin our first lessons with our instructor in a few weeks. I'm getting very excited and can't wait. I've been reading as much information as I can about playing which brought me to this website.


01-11-2007, 01:48 AM
Hey Kids, playing the sax for me has been awesome! From High School to performing in church, swing, jazz, polka, military, concert to rythm and blues bands.
I've traveled around the world with my tenor sax (20M) which has a perfect sound with my Berg and Larsen #105 mouthpiece. I've often traveled to different cities looking for bands to practice or perform with..
I then ventured into Bari playing and the sound was astonishing! Boy did I belt it out!
I then joined a Coffee Shop Band playing with some older guys out of the fake/real book. I was noticing I needed a challenge so I joined up with a Jazz Band with the Conservatory of Music.. Hey,, this keeps me on my toes!! I also did some busking and it was fun!! tax free too!!
I'm not a pro but i figure after all these years of playing I can pass on what I know..I will keep checking in to see if I can help those in need of guidance..

Later.. saxman :treble: 8-)

01-12-2007, 01:54 AM
I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I am new here but don't pick on me too much :)

I'm 17 and have been playing the clarinet for about 8 years primarily but love playing the tenor sax. I've been in the jazz band at school for many years and am currently in a small jazz combo with some of my friends who like to jam. Also I'm in a jazz improv class. Fun stuff. The combo is entering battle of the bands this year! Hopefully that works out. I have some mouthpiece issues currently, the sax equipment realm is pretty new to me though I'm trying to learn more.

I can't figure out how to post my questions onto the mouthpiece site. 8-) I'm so confused! If someone could tell me how to post, it would be greatly appreciated.

01-12-2007, 02:10 AM
I can't figure out how to post my questions onto the mouthpiece site. 8-) I'm so confused! If someone could tell me how to post, it would be greatly appreciated.
thanksIf you get into a forum that you want to post to you should see this button:

Just select that button, title your post, and ask your question. Hopefully you've seen this video ( before you post your first time.


01-12-2007, 03:35 PM
I did not introduce myself here so i'll do it now.

I'm 30 years old and i'm french (living in the south-West of France) My english is not very good so excuse me for mistakes.
I used to play sax a few years ago but i stoped beacause i mooved so i could not play with my band anymore.
I deceded to go on palying sax last summer, so i bought a Selmer SA80 II Alto and and enjoy it every day ! I'm now looking for a vintage tťnor, french or US made.
My favorite musique is jazz, latin musique and musique from westerw Europe. These days my favorite sax player is Paquito d'Rivira but it often change. I 'd like to integrate a jazz band soon.

Freakout Jackson
01-12-2007, 06:33 PM
Hey everyone,
First of all glad to find such a great forum for sax players. I'm a veteran of a few other forums but this is my first foray into the cybersax world. :shock:
I'm 40 yrs old and started playing the sax (alto) in 4th grade. (an old bundy of course) I started HS with a brand new Selmer MK VII! :)
I went to private schools and over the years ended up in regional "all-star" bands and such through high school. I was very fortunate and our HS bands traveled to Taiwan & Belgium and other not-so-far-away places. By late HS and into college I had focused my interest on Jazz. At that time my favorites were Brecker & Sanborn while my teacher had me churning through the Omnibook.
After college, following the influence of Sanborn, I discovered guys like Hank Crawford & King Curtis and was in general rediscovering R&R & R&B. After college I played in R&R & R&B bands for about 6 or 7 years till my horn had become almost unplayable and was now equipped with a bundy neck because of a horrible careless incedent. (it never once in all those years made it into a shop) It was also really scratched up and such but thankfully undented. So.....I took it into a shop for silverplating (I know, I know), a new neck and a full overhaul. Well, through a marriage/baby/divorce/remarriage I never had the funds to pay for it.
The guy at the shop has been super-cool about it (Brad @ northwest winds in seattle, wa) as I stopped in once a year or so to check in on it.
Well, here we are 10 years later with the funds! I'm getting my horn back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
So here I am! :D

01-13-2007, 01:16 AM undented. So.....I took it into a shop for silverplating (I know, I know), a new neck and a full overhaul. Well, through a marriage/baby/divorce/remarriage I never had the funds to pay for it.
The guy at the shop has been super-cool about it (Brad @ northwest winds in seattle, wa) as I stopped in once a year or so to check in on it.
Well, here we are 10 years later with the funds! I'm getting my horn back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
So here I am! :D
I just love success stories. :cheers:

01-13-2007, 10:44 PM


Another new member here. Iīm from Brazil , forgive me because I don't speak English very well, I started on sax alto 5 years ago , I play one alto sax, I go to Orlando on 22 Jan 2007 and I want buy one Antigua 590 soprano sax, one tenor sax and miscellaneous, I need someone to help me to tell me some place to find it in Orlando with good price.
So, I'm pleased to be here and hope to find some to help me.

Thank you,

01-15-2007, 12:08 AM
Yet another NEW member here on SOTW 8-)

Name is Philip. I am logging in from New Jersey, USA. I have an Alto Sax and played it in the 4th thru 8th grades. My father bought me a USED Sax when I was in the 4th grade, and was told by a music studio that it was in good condition and played well. I still have that same Sax and it's a True-Tone Low Pitch horn.

I'd really like to know if there is a process/treatment that can be performed to my "Ancient" looking Sax that will make it look new again, for less money than purchasing a NEW one ???

Well, that's it for now, but I did want to introduce myself....See you around the boards :)


01-16-2007, 04:35 AM

I'm Brian, currently positioned in South Boston and I'm playing a student Selmer (TS-500) with an Otto Link Super Tone Master 7* and some Rico "yellow box" 2.5 reeds. I've been messing with the horn now -- off and on -- for about 5 years and I'm beginning to work ii-V7-I patterns, trying to come up with my own solos, trying to transcribe some of my favorites, etc., playing with Aebersold backups...

My influences on Tenor are: Jr. Walker, Dexter Gordon, Lester Young, Sonny Rollins, Gato Barbieri, Michael Brecker (R.I.P), and Tom Scott.

I love this forum and have already gleaned HUGE amounts of helpful tips.

Talk to you soon!


01-16-2007, 03:45 PM
I've been checking out SOTW for a few weeks. Never written one of these things before. I'm learning to play an Alto. I learnt the organ when I was 10yrs old for a couple of years, I was recently given a Yamaha FX-20, I have a lot of fun on it. Learnt some classical piano last year. I'm using Music to rehabilitate from a long term illness (CFS). I joined a local concert band for beginners along with my sister who has been playing trumpet with them for about six months before I joined. We are all middle aged (is that what I'm really am? 46 yrs.) Lots of fun! Can't wait till it starts up again after Xams break.

I've been wanting to play sax since my teenage years. My grandfather played beautiful sax, clarinet and trumpet; I can still hear him...he died 20 years ago.
I found a good teacher and tomorrow we start the grade book. I decided that I wanted to learn the technical aspects of music and I thought doing Grades would satisfy my inner sense of accomplishment. I didn't do any grade work with early music lessons and always felt like other musicians knew secrets that I didn't.

I have been listening to popular sax players trying to find the sound and soul of a player that feels good to me, I have ordered a Freddy Gardner CD after listening to a sound clip. He was my grandfather's favourite. Will let you know what I think of Freddy music...the sound clip brought tears to my eyes...
Good to know I can talk to other Sax players. I especially would like to connect with other women players. I'm in Australia near Port Macquarie. We could also do with more musicians for the band if there are any locals reading this.

01-16-2007, 04:44 PM

I've been skulking around this website for a few days and decided to sign up.
When it comes to playing the saxophone, I am a complete hack. I played clarinet, and alto sax when I was in high school, 30 years ago. I got pretty good on the alto when my music teacher decided to switch me to bassoon. Hated it. Effectively killed my enthusiasm towards playing band and orchestra instruments. How I longed to switch back to the sax! I eventually clawed my way to a passing grade in music in my final year and never really picked up another instrument again. (Except for a gazoo I played for some cute giggly karaoke hostesses in Taipei who thought I was a real card!)

Anyways, while I was growing up, my Dad used to play various instrumtnts- strictly as a hobby. When I was a child, Dad used to blow his tenor sax and let me push some of the keys. After a while he got tired of this and bought me a tenor sax from one of his patients to let me play with. I still have it, stored in a garbage bag in the corner. After Dad passed away, I kept all his instruments, some of which I have given to my nieces and nephews as they take up music in their schools. My Dad had bought instruments for all of my sisters and brother, (four) so we had quite the collection. Six clarinets, two alto saxes, two tenor saxes, a trumpet, dozens of recorders, a Baldwin Grand piano and organ, a zither, an accordian and a fake Stradivarius violin.

The violin was passed to my nephew who was taking violin in school. He was soon upgraded to a better instrument, but not a more cherished one.

I have passed a few of the clarinets (mainly Bundy's and Selmers) to my brother and sisters, whom Dad had bought the instruments for in the first place, so they could either play them or have their kids take them.

The saxes are the instruments which I think everyone here are interested in. One of the altos is a Selmer Mk VI, I can't remember the second one - Brand X. He had the Brand X originally and went out a bought the Selmer after giving me his old one for school. I gave the Brand X alto to my nephew last Christmas when my brother asked for one of the saxes.

The tenors were a Conn tenor and a old Evette and Schaeffer (that's the one be bought me to play with). I gave the Conn to my niece in Calgary as she is remarkably musically gifted and has a desire to play jazz on a tenor. My mother, who lives with me, is happy that Dad's instruments are making music in the hands of his grandchildren. I'm keeping the Selmer sax and trumpet for my son.

The old E&S, according to SAXPICS.COM and the serial number, was made in 1908. It is a low pitch version and I think it is pretty good shape considering. It is tarnished, I never polished the silver, but otherise, no keys are missing. I can really crank out a few loud honks out of it, but since I never learnt tenor, I don't know how to play it.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell, hope I didn't bore anyone.

01-16-2007, 05:32 PM
Hi everyone.

I've been playing sax for about 51 years now (You'd think I'd be better). In college I studied with Dr. Laurence Wyman, Dr. James Stoltie and worked with Dr. Rascher. I played in the Army Band for almost 3 years and then taught instrumental music in grades 5-12 for 28 years in public school. That's right, I'm a retired High School band director.

Now I get to play more again. Mostly alto and soprano in quartets and a full concert band and bari in big bands. I have 2 vintage Conn curved sopranos, a 1966 Mark VI alto (I'm the only owner), a Bundy II alto (for parades and rainy days), a Yamaha 62 tenor, a 1940's King Zephyr bari and a 1920's Beuscher bass (currently being rebuilt and plated, probably for sale soon).

I'm currently looking for a decent low A bari. Tired of using my foot or pvc pipe.

Saxquest comes from my 2 of my favorite things: Saxophone (of course) and my horse "Quest".

Happy New Year everyone,

01-17-2007, 03:46 AM
Saxquest is also the name of a famouse sax shop. i know Mark from Saxquest checks out this site. So, be safe and make a discalimer or folks will think you are that store.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

01-17-2007, 08:32 AM

I'm Joseph, just joined the site today, trying to gather as much info as possible.
My wife bought me a Sax (Alto) for a wedding present many years ago, finally decided it's time to learn how to play.
If any one knows a good sax teacher in Melbourne, Australia, please let me know.


Harri Rautiainen
01-17-2007, 08:50 AM
Saxquest is also the name of a famouse sax shop. i know Mark from Saxquest checks out this site. So, be safe and make a discalimer or folks will think you are that store.

Welcome to the neighborhood!srcsax,
I was thinking the same when I saw Tom's user name. However, Mark Overton is already on the Forum using his business name
I do not see any need for disclaimers. Tom had a good explanation for his user name :)

If Mark has an issue with this, he should take it up with Tom. The forum administration can change user names when requested and justified.

Talking of user names, please do not write multi-part names without spaces. For instance "HomerSimpsonWannabeSaxGuy" is a very bad example because it will mix-up the thread layout ( It is a too long single word for the left column. So why not "Lisa Simpson Wannabe"?
(Lisa, do you get the hint?) ;)

01-17-2007, 02:17 PM
Hi I'm Vince and my son who plays the oboe also plays the sax in jazz band. I want to buy him a sax because he has to borrow one and it is sometime hard for him and he is so egger to play. I am sick and cant work much so money is tight but his future is in music and I would like him to be the first to go to college and music is his ticket. So I'm trying to learn about saxophones and I'm trying to get one on eBay but even $400 is going to be tough. It seems there is a lot of Leblanc Vito sax' on there but Iíve been told to watch out. So if any one can help with what to look for in a good economical sax please let me know. Much Thanks.

01-18-2007, 08:03 AM
I am a professional musician & private music teacher.
I am fortunate enough to average more than 200 shows, gigs, services, concerts a year. I have played from Japan, to Hawaii, to Florida, Washington D.C., to Montreal, Canada.
My students have been very successful at many levels...

Since I am a saxophile, sax-nut, et. al. I look forward to participating in the sotw forums.

01-18-2007, 08:31 AM
Hello...i started tenor sax about three years ago after wanting to play jazz (i didnt think much of the clarinet as a jazz instrument), added alto an extremely short time later in a solo/ensemble group, and added soprano for soloing after i found it in the bowels of our bandroom...

i play a YTS63 (M I) (with otto link NY mp) which i love
a school yamaha student alto
and an OLD King 1 piece soprano

...i LOVE doubling in shows (for me its a thrill) and have begun to play more prominently...

...i havent been playing long but i'm no pushover :P...

The clarinet is a marvelous jazz instrument. The clarinet is a marvelous instrument!
I am not a huge trad. jazz fan, but the clarinet is the original soloing woodwind in this thing called jazz.
I think that most sax players are not fond of the clarinet b/c they cannot play it...maybe I should admit that I am originally a clarinet player, and I can play the instrument.
I remember listening to Eddie Harris talking to Keith Oxman (2 excellent saxophone players), and they both agreed that they would not be able to play the saxophone as well (as they did) if they had not started on the clarinet.
Almost every single sax player that I know personally, that can play well, started on the clarinet....
Bird, Trane, (and I think) Brecker started on clarinet as well....
I have heard too many sax players dump on the clarinet, and the truth is that they are dumping on the clarinet because they cannot play it.
I am equally tired of clarinet players who think that because they can play the clarinet, therefore they can play the sax.
(I am originally a clarinet player, but I play sax and flute on most of my gigs....):cat:

01-18-2007, 08:43 PM

itīs my first posting here and I hope, it`ll work!!
Iīm playing alto&tenor since 6 years now.
In the past Iīve been reading from time to time in this forum and I liked it very much; and Iīve learnt quite a lot from you all about saxophones I think.

01-18-2007, 10:24 PM
I am in the process of picking up the tenor sax again. I played in school, but gave it up in high school because at that time we were required to drop one of our 6 periods to save the school money. Anyway It is now more years than I care to admit later and am picking up the saxophone again. As soon as Dave and company at Kessler and Son's get back from NAMM I will be purchasing my first sax. A Kessler Custom Deluxe in Black Nickel finish. I have been trying to do my homework and this looks like a horn that will grow with me as I learn. As I cannot afford private lessons at this time, I plan on taking some courses at my local community college. Only 20$ for a 1 unit course plus misc. fees.

Mike Weber
Sacramento, CA

Princess Alto Sax
01-19-2007, 04:21 AM
:treble: Hello SOTW!!! It's been many moons since I played my sax, but have dusted it off and loved playing it the passed two days! Thanks to a new saxy minded friend! At one time, I majored in music and played professionally around my local area. An avid music lover of most genres, I have never lost sight of music.

Looking forward to getting to know some cool people here and being a sponge to soak up the combined knowledge of like minded people! :hippy2:

01-19-2007, 06:24 AM
I am 42 years old and am just getting back into playing the sax. I played when I was in school, but was forced to drop 1 class as the school was cutting back on expenses, so all students had to drop 1 elective class. Anyway, I have been wanting to pick up the tenor sax again and am now doing it. I am going to be picking up a new Kessler Custom Deluxe tenor sax in Black Nickel finish when Dave & Co. get back from NAMM. This sax should grow with me for years to come. I can't afford private lessons for now so I will be signing up for a music class at my local community college. Not one on one instruction, but it is in my price range at the moment. I will be doing as much self study as my job and family permit.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all better as I am sure I will have questions.

01-19-2007, 10:36 AM
(oh I had written my whole story and it just disappeard :x )

Hello everyone,I am Ann from Norway. I have reached the age 40.
I learned myself to play tenorsaxophone back in 1981,when I was really tired of playing 1/solo cornet in our schoolband.
Ever since I have been playing saxes in other bands,orchestras and big band.
I have been on all saxes except the soprano.My favorite is the tenor :D
Now I was surfing the net to find something on Keilwerth saxes,and then I stumbeled into this spot - and I think I will stay for a while if you donīt mind.

Here is a lot for me to read and learn,looking forward to it.
And yes,I have bought me an JK...and itīs a Toneking from 1971, but it will need a little fixing here and there.
Have a nice day!

Harri Rautiainen
01-19-2007, 11:19 AM
(oh I had written my whole story and it just disappeard :x )
Have a nice day!Hello Ann and welcome on board.
Nice to have more members from Scandinavia.

Your post did not disappear, it just went to the moderation queue. Due to increasing number of spamming attempts newcomers' posts will be screened against certain keywords. You came out with flying colors.

This policy was announced (message #2, spam watch):

01-19-2007, 11:42 AM
I was so thrilled by the excitement to have written on the board I cold not wait :oops: will be more patient next time,promise.

01-19-2007, 08:07 PM
Your post did not disappear, it just went to the moderation queue. Due to increasing number of spamming attempts newcomers' posts will be screened against certain keywords.

Sorry about my double posting. I thought I had done something wrong when I came back last night and it still had not appeared. My second post came through right away though.

I will keep this in mind for future posts.

Harri Rautiainen
01-19-2007, 08:18 PM
Sorry about my double posting. I thought I had done something wrong when I came back last night and it still had not appeared. My second post came through right away though.

I will keep this in mind for future posts.No problemo,
I have to see, if the spam filter can adjusted. It is supposed to recognize certain words widely used by the spammers.

01-19-2007, 11:19 PM
Sorry bout the "test", I just didn't know if I could post. I tried earlier today and it apparently disappeared into cyber "never- never" land.

Anywho, "FNG" here. Been mbr since 05 but life got in the way.

Born and raised in Weymouth Mass, now live in Hull mass.

Have a Buescher Aristocraty (sn 290210) my father bought new in 39 or 40, played local bars and honky tonks "Big Band" music till he went into WWII.

I picked it up in the 3rd grade and played it till I got outa HS, MANY moons ago. Was fairly competent with it, had an instructor named Carl Swift(RIP) outa Quincy Mass(RED NICHOLS and his 5 pennies, played with the ROLLING STONES), man could wail big band-blues.

And I'm gonna pick her up again, BIGGEST mistake I EVER made was putting it down.

So I'll be here reading and asking and I'll apologize beforehand if I ask MUCHO stupid questions, been a LONG TIME and I sadly realize I've forgotten just about everything I knew once about as good as the back of my hand-JRC

01-20-2007, 12:32 AM
I found this site looking for a discussion on Michael Brecker's untimely passing. I haven't had a chance to delve into it as much as I would like but it looks great so far.

I'm 45 years old. I started playing clarinet in 5th grade and played classical (youth symphony, etc) until the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school. That was when the band teacher handed me a school-owned tenor sax and a fingering chart and said "my tenor player is graduating and I need you in the jazz band next year, so go learn how to play this." I'd never even heard jazz music, let alone played it.

Anyway, I eventually figured out how to play a few pentatonic and blues scales and was able to fake my way through the big band tenor solo spots. In college I played a lot - both jazz and classical - and got a lot better. I was a business major but hung around the music department. Eventually had a quintet that gigged a little around SF. But then law school came around, and that was that for a long time.

About 3 years ago my wife signed me up to play in the church music ministry, so I dusted off the soprano, bought a new mouthpiece, and started playing again. It's a blast - I'm playing soprano, alto, tenor, clarinet and Irish whistle. It's not the most challenging music but I throw in a few blues licks now and then and we do what we can in terms of arrangements. I also hooked up with an oldies R&R band and play parties with them from time to time.

I listen to a lot of jazz - it's my favorite music. And I'm particularly fond of tenor players. I tend to gravitate toward small group hard-bop and later stuff, though I will listen to Bird/Monk/Dizzy of course and even some Lester from time to time. I love the new stuff that's coming out - the way the new players can mix up styles, play changes/modal/free/groove at the drop of a hat, odd time signatures, etc. It's invigorating to listen to.

I live in Placerville, which is about 35 miles east of Sacramento. I practice law in a large law firm (and don't have time to practice my horn much at all). Have a wife and 2 kids, with lots of animals on our 5 acres.

And that's about it. I look forward to spending more time here.


01-20-2007, 12:56 PM
Hey Kevin,

Thats what I want ta do, get back into it at the serious "hobby" type level. Our financial guru is actually ina wedding/event/ party type of band and he says I'm welcome as soon as I'm ready(which could be a while!!!).

I ain't into jazz so much, blues and big band gets my blood flowing. I like all music, just BB and the blues is what I hope to play again some day.

When I was in HS we had what the music director called a "dance band" and I was the sax player. I gotta say we were OK for a bunch of HS kids, we even got auctioned off once on the "channel 2 auction" (WGBH) and we ended up playing for our state rep at a pool party at his house. We played some paying events as well, school got the money for the band program.

Both my band director and my teacher said I was a "natural", and I now realize what a HUGE mistake it was to stop playing. 30 or so years later we'll just have to see just how much a "natural" I was, I can't even remember the fingering!!!!-JRC

01-20-2007, 06:02 PM

I am 46 years old and just picked up a tenor sax..absolutely no music experience.Starting from scratch!!Today I have my first lesson.Any advise will greatly be appreciated

01-21-2007, 01:04 AM
since nearly 3 month I am Guest Researcher in the US - normally I live in Germany.
After one of my roommates started to learn an instrument (guitare), I though by myself "I got the time so why shouldn't I learn one too?". So I listened through all the music on my iPod and Charlie Parker finally convinced me that I should get myself a saxophone.
I like sports, so I wonder if swimming is good to 'improving' breathing (diaphragm)?

01-21-2007, 05:43 AM
Hello everyone -

Awesome site. I just happened to stumble across it this week as I was looking for info on a horn I happened to pick up. Now I'm hooked (on both the horn and the site).

I'm 54 and have been playing music of some sort or other since about 1965. Started on trumpet in grade school, played until my senior year of high school until I split my lip wide open and needed a break to let it heal. Ended up picking up a flute to kill the time and fell in love with it. Found a tenor and a soprano around the same time and taught myself to play - lots of fun but also lots of bad habits.

After college it was the Navy and marriage, kids, etc so music kind of took a back burner but never went away entirely. Have played mostly flute over the last 30 years but also played some trumpet and flugelhorn off and on (don't currently own either). Didn't get back on the sax until about 3 years ago when I found a Couf Superba II Soprano at the local shop and decided I had to have it (I had a Superba I back in the early 70's). And the latest acquisition that caused me to find this site is a Buescher Aristocrat Alto (sn 356xxx) that I got a couple of weeks ago. What a sound - it makes me sad to think of all the years I've let slip by when I could have been working on perfecting my playing with a horn like this. Anyway - it's never too late so here I am and I'm totally motivated again.

As I said earlier, this site is totally awesome. I am really impressed with the willingness of others to share their hard earned wisdom and I look forward to learning from, and hopefully someday being able to contribute to, this community. Thanks for providing the opportunities.

p.s. I hope it is ok to use the forum this way but if anyone is interested in flute oriented original music in the Brazilian Jazz vein, feel free to check out the website of the band I am currently in (hoping to get good enough to add some sax to this sound in the near future).


01-21-2007, 05:41 PM

01-21-2007, 05:45 PM
Hey there, my name is Jill and I'm a dedicated Sax player. Alto and Tenor. Um..yeah. :] So hope to talk to a few people and get to know them.

01-22-2007, 03:04 AM

My name is Chris, im not really new here but i haven't posted in a few years. I played the alto saxophone for 3 years, but personally im not really into the alto, so i stopped playing for about a year and a half now. I know i really shouldnt have but with school and sports it just sort've happened. I want to start playing again but i dont want to play the alto i am looking to play the tenor because i am in love with the tenor. so hopefully soon i can get one and start up again.

01-22-2007, 03:51 PM
Thor Stevens here,
I joined SOTW today 1/22/07 because thirty years ago today I got my first sax. Been playing ever since. I do a single act in the Tampa area. Work mainly for retirees doing Big Band and easy listening stuff but funk, Motown, and R&B is what I dig on. Influences...Tom Scott, Sanborn, Gato, Bird, Kenny Burrell, Richie Cole.

Great forum...look forward to meeting all

Stay saxy

01-23-2007, 02:16 AM
I just noticed this thread. I'm 50 yrs. old, been playing since I was 10.

Played oboe in high school band--reeds drove me crazy, but I got plenty of solos. Played sax only for jazz.

Got 'serious' my senior year in high school, bought a Mark VI, and started studying with John Sampen, who was in his second year at Wichita State University (did I mention I'm from Kansas originally?)

Got my degree in Saxophone and Music ed. Didn't want to teach public school at the time. Tried to get into IU to study with Rousseau for my master's.(Not a great GPA, Oh, well). Got married to classical musician, she got into IU so I went along and studied recording/reinforcement just about the time the digital revolution happened. Interned at Banff Centre for the Fine Arts in Canada and ran their Computer Media Lab (fancy name for midi studio).

Got divorced, returned to Wichita, joined the stagehands union. Worked on a bunch of shows, from industrials, to big rock shows, to musicals as a union grip/lighting tech and soundman for 15 or so years.

Got married again, moved to Hawaii. Joined the Hawaii County Band. Started teaching computers in elementary school, taught music for a couple years, started playing jazz/r&b/rock.

Presently I'm Student Services Coordinator at a small HS on the Big Island. (SSC is fancy term for ton-o-paperwork--hey, somebody's gotta do it.)

I currently play with the Olliephonic horns the 'big island's little big band' and Rock Bottom, a classic rock 'ensemble'. BTW, at 50, I'm the youngest guy in the band!



01-24-2007, 03:37 AM
Hello everyone,

Let's see. I'm 28 years old. Started playing when I was 9. Played Alto for 3 years then switched to tenor. Kinda had a falling out with my horn after high school (where I played in the jazz band for four years), but now have decided to pick it back up again. Currently have a Bundy II, which will be long gone after I get my ďnew-to-meĒ B&S CJS tenor from SOTW member Mayho. Just hope I can still play ;)

Iím originally from the Lansing, MI area and now living in Westfield, IN (North suburb of Indianapolis).

Looks like a great forum here, with a lot of information that I hope will make me a better player.


01-24-2007, 02:54 PM
Hi all,

Name's John Isley and I have been a pro player in New York for the past 20+ years. Just got off the road with the 1st national tour of the Billy Joel/Twyla Tharpe Broadway show, Movin' Out. Closed after 3 years and 1,100 shows. My last suitcase is still somewhere in the great void of airport baggage, slowly winding its way home to me... :? I think it needed a break, too.

I play all the saxophones, piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, EWI (the new 4000s with a full live rig), keyboards, ethnic flutes, and various percussion. I have an extensive background in computer music and studio recording as a tracking and mix engineer and have done writing for film, television and recording projects as an arranger and composer. I am also a founding member of New York Horns and NYH has done a bunch of playing and recording/writing for artists in NY.

My biggest love is playing in a slammin horn section, i.e., Tower of Power, James Brown, EWF, etc.

When possible, I also sincerely enjoy teaching, as it is the best way to pass on the great gifts of knowledge I have been given, as well as a wonderful tool for learning what I don't know, or need to revisit.

Thanks for the time, and for such a great place to hang in the "community." I have perused these pages for a while, have learned much, and I look forward to being a contributing member.


01-24-2007, 04:53 PM
Hi all!

I just turned 42 this month. I started playing tenor sax at the ripe old age of 38! I've always had music in my blood. I play the drums as a hobby, but I wanted to learn another instrument. I was always interested in the Sax, so I finally told myself that I'm not getting any younger and this is as good a time as any to pick up the horn. I ended up buying a '73 Selmer Bundy from the local music store and have been taking private lessons for the past 3 years... I'm LOVING it! I am so excited to be able to read music (specifically Jazz and Blues). My teacher is my age, so we have a lot in common... but he's been playing for 30 years (very humbling). I can't tell you how inspirational it is when he plays a good swinging jazz tune for me, because I know I'll get there eventually. I had my first recital a couple of months back. I played "In a Mellow Tone" by Duke Ellington, and the applause I received afterwards makes all of the day-to-day practicing worthwhile.

Thanks for listening!


01-24-2007, 07:07 PM
I am a 28 year old player in NYC. I've been playing for a little over 20 of those. I focused on alto for my first 15 and have been a primary tenor after that. Until last month, I was a selmer snob but spent some time looking for a backup horn and fell in love with a well priced Cannonball Big Bell tenor. It's no mark vi, but then again, alot of mark vi's aren't either.

My main group is Kokolo, a new york based 8-piece for which I'm the music director ( I do session work here and there and occassionally end up with a student or two. Meanwhile, I'm working on my own solo project (aren't we all?).


01-24-2007, 08:13 PM
Hello to all SOTWers,

I've been researching tenor saxes on the web for the last month to educate myself in respect to tenor saxes. So many opinions, so little time.

Checked out several other sax forums but always found myself gravitating back to SOTW, so decided to register and join in in the fun.

Learned and played alto (hand me down from older brother) from 5th grade through high school for full band, jazz band, and wood wind quartets. Post-high school, chose a career path that didn't allow serious involvement with continuing development on the sax but continued playing on and off since graduating from college in '84. Had lots of fun just playing for fun.

Recently decided to pick the sax back up a bit more seriously, wanted a tenor since the first time I heard Boots Randolph play Yakety Sax. The opportunity presented it self so I've been researching tenor makes, models, mouthpieces, ligatures, and reeds. This forum has been an awesome resource and I'd like to commend the old timers (this is a relative statement for sure!) for their patience with the newbies inspite of them incessantly asking the same question.

Doug Tidquist

01-25-2007, 01:49 AM
Brian here.

Joined a few days ago, but didn't make my introductions. Sorry... I am an oaf.

Age 27, played saxophone for last 15 years. Studied in college five years, one year of flute study. Mainly Alto and Flute player, though the agony (licorice) stick makes an appearance from time to time in my hands. Played Tenor in college in jazz ensemble, but never managed to save up enough to buy one - though I've had my eyes on the Reference 54 for a couple of years now.

Play in a local blues band. Toured Europe this summer, including a stop at Montreaux Jazz Festival-- truly a higlight of my career.


Bari Man
01-25-2007, 04:04 PM
My name is lukas johnson. I started out in sixth grade like many of us, on clarinet. the second trimester of my 8th grade year, my band director asked me to play tenor for a couple of songs. The last trimester, she asked me to play bari. The adjustment was fairly smooth for me, despite the bari being bigger than I was at the time. In freshman year, the high school band director asked me to play the school's YBS-52 exclusively. It had been abused for much of its ten year lifespan, but playing it was another story. It was a great horn. I auditioned for jazz band as a freshman and got in. That year we weren't overly good. The next year, the band was doing great, and we ended up getting second place at the Clark College jazz festival, only one point behind the leading band. The cool part was that we were playing up a division. so I kept playing bari in jazz and wind ensemble, did a couple of quartets for S & E, got a couple of outstanding musician awards at jazz festivals, and last senior year, the jazz band placed in every jazz festival we went to, and got first at Mt. Hood jazz fest. also, I finally did a solo for Solo and Ensemble. I ended up going to state and recieving 3 "I" ratings (superior) from the judges. I didn't quite place, but it was an amazing experience anyways. So I'll quit rambling about th good old days now, but that's who I am and where I came from. Incidentally, I just bought a YBS-52 of my own from another member, and I am anxiously awating its arrival.


01-26-2007, 07:22 PM
Greetings, I am not a sax player, but my son is. I am also dating a sax player/music teacher and we are looking for a sax for my son. He is renting now.

I am looking for an affordable student sax right now.

I hope, with friend's help and your help, I can find the right sax for my son. Can this forum help me? Thanks.

01-28-2007, 06:44 PM
Hi everybody,

I have actually been reading this and other forums for a while but I was hesitant to post due to the fear that you guys would figure out my dirty little secret. You see I quit playing sax about 9 years ago after earning a BA in music and then doing a year of graduate work at UNT in Denton. Well I quit school, got a non-music related career, got a family and eventually ran out of reasons to practice. Needless to say, every day that goes by I kick myself for all that I missed out on and all of that lost time. Reading your posts and listening to clips of everyone playing, having FUN has helped me decide to get back into the game. I was never great but I was pretty darn good. We'll see how it goes. :D
So here starts the long road back.

01-28-2007, 07:32 PM
Hi Everyone,
I just joined today, having somehow gotten here from the ibrecker site. The last month has been tough, having lost two on my biggest lifelong influences, James Brown and Michael Brecker.

Enough about that for now. I'm a pro player in SoCal, having found my niche doing studio work, playing casuals, jazz, blues, and R&B clubs, teaching, and just about anything else music related that you can imagine. Just turned 56 last month, and the music I play and the satisfaction I sometimes get from it keeps me younger than my years. I started on clarinet of course, got a tenor sax when I was thirteen and haven't looked back. I'm also an accomplished singer, having been on many records and some movie soundtracks as a vocalist as well as an instrumentalist.

That's all for now(tax time approaches!) Take care everyone!

The Salmon Thief
01-29-2007, 12:23 AM
Good day -- I've been reading stuff on this site for awhile, actually, while looking into a new alto sax. Decided I should join, so I did.

I'm a somewhat experienced rock and concert band sax player, currently I own a tenor and alto sax.

Hope to enjoy being here :D

01-30-2007, 02:48 PM
I mostly play guitar but also dabble with sax. Have an alto and a tenor. I'm 51 y/o. Like Blues, Rock, and a little Jazz.

01-31-2007, 09:32 AM
Hi, I'm a proffessional tenor player from Holland. I teach at the Codarts institute in Rotterdam and the Artez institute in Zwolle. I grew up with jazz because my father is a sax player too ( So i grew up listening to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Gerorge Coleman, Lennie Tristano and many others...
If you want to listen to me visit my website at

BTW I collect MPC's;)

01-31-2007, 09:45 AM
hi, I have just started playing sax (alto + soprano) for 5 months. I played guitar for almost the rest of my life, and now I am turning into woodwinds.

I have an alto sax (Conn-Selmer) and a soprano sax (Jupiter).

For me,learning to play saxophone is very easy,but to master it is kinda challeging!

Little Sax
01-31-2007, 07:24 PM

I've been reading/lurking for a while and thought I should finally become "legal". I do a much better job of collecting saxophones (and mouthpieces) than I do playing them, but I enjoy playing them just the same. I'm primarily a sop guy, but I'll play anything I can get my hands on.


01-31-2007, 07:28 PM
Hi all,

I played Tenor and Soprano Sax in junior high and high school (for 6 years) and haven't played in ten years. Now I'm renting to own a Vito Tenor Sax and trying to get back into playing. I found this site while looking for scales and such. Great site, I'm sure I will be visiting often.

02-01-2007, 07:14 PM
Hey i've been playing for 5 years, and current own 2 alto's a tenor and a c melody :) loving the site and was refferred by a chap (called george) from the worlds best sax shop ;)


02-02-2007, 03:57 AM

I'm not that new to the website, but I realize I never posted an introduction and so I'm going to do that.

I'm 22, started playing when I was 14. I'm pretty serious about it, I've been fortunate to have amazing colleagues and teachers/professors who tolerate my not-so-amazingness. Anyway, this place seems pretty cool. Nice to meet all of you.

02-02-2007, 06:43 AM
I'm 52. I played alto in Jr high and High School, a little in college. Flute later on. Tenor sax off and on the past 10 years, mostly for Christmas parties. I have a good day job, but I'm trying to get more serious with my music, not professionally. More as a zen thing than anything else. Seems like I still cannot perfect a C major scale, though, but I keep working on it. I'm looking for a rhythm section to play jazz with. Sax is fun, even if its just blowing long tones.

02-02-2007, 04:27 PM
:treble: Hi, after many years dreaming and listening to Sax music, I am nearly ready to buy my own Sax. I hired a T James Tenor last year, and spent the three month hire period trying not to play too loud, thus not upsetting my neighbours. My plan this time is to practice when they are out, or tell them to turn the volume up on their TV.:twisted: Hopefully I will be buying a P.Mauriat PMST-202 Custom Class Tenor Sax. Its a little over my budget but hopefully I will be keeping it for many years.:D

02-02-2007, 07:40 PM
Hi My Name is Arno

Started playing in 55, Rock en Roll in 9thgrad-House Band at crystal lake-Gene Pitney's starting place..---Backed up Marry Wells, The Essex, Joey Powers---Then played in a blues rock band then a wedding band--Joined the army and played in Kentuckey/Tennesee and Korea----Got out of the army and had to get a Real Job. I put the horn in the closet for 27 years. On a request to play from my pastor-I pulled the horn out of the closet and started woodshedding.

After many hours of long tones it started coming back. I colabrated with a Piano Player Sarah and we formed a group, Just Jazz. I play in Church, Recovery Events, Homeless Shelters. and any where i can----Mostly Ballads.

In the Army I played Sax, Flute, Db Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, and Bassoon. Tenor is my Bag.

I have one of the last 1960 MKVI.

Harri Thanks for the Site- and thanks everyone for soooo many answers.

02-05-2007, 04:47 AM
Hullo. I'm Kryptic.

I'm a high school student that functions as the school's main doubler (flute, picc, alto sax, bassoon... and hopefully I get to play with the ewi ^^) that somehow ended up here while googling doubling articles.

I've played sax since I was a freshman, and I'm a senior now, so four years? I currently play a Jupiter Custom 2000 Alto(Like the Artist but only the neck is silver). I play in "Varsity" Jazz Band, Musical Pit, Pep and Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Orchestra.

02-05-2007, 10:29 AM
I'm 33 from Bathurst NSW, Australia.
Bought a tenor about a month ago and have been having a blast since!
Been lurking for a while now and figured it was time to post something, and also give some thanks to all of those who make this forum not only entertaining but also informative.
So Thanks!!!!!!

02-06-2007, 05:10 AM
Ok, this is a cool forum. I started music in 4th grade playing the violin, broke a string, put it down and never picked it back up. I guess I didn't know they were replacable. I begged and begged my folks to let me play saxophone. I played in all the bands in junior high and high school and enjoyed them all (except marching band - I had drummers in my squad :cry: ). Anyway, I haven't played much since then, but I did have some time with the best tenor ever! It's a Selmer Balanced that was made in '29 (if I remember correctly). Anyway, it went away with the ex and I really want one, but they go for about $5,000 to $13,000 and I can't do that right now. So, I'm looking for an alternative. I came across a brand new Buffet 400 Series today (pro model according to the shop) and I don't know anything about their saxes. I know they make great clarinets. I'm going to search the forums to see if there's much said about them, but I'll ask it here anyway. Does anyone know much about Buffet saxes? Thanks.

Noj the Terrible
02-06-2007, 06:31 AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Jon and I am 44 years old. I first started playing saxophone as a freshman in highschool. I had played trumpet in elementary and Jr. High school but that wasn't working for me when I reached high school and I decided I wanted to to play sax. The band director handed me an old Conn tenor sax , a fingering chart and an elementary sax book and sent me to a practice room and I was off. Played through highschool and for a few years in college getting an Associates degree in music and then I stopped playing. Other goals and dreams took the place of the saxophone in my life. During my college years I was able to buy a MK VII tenor that I never let go of and only occasionally played. About 2 years ago my brother (a Middle school band director) Discovered Conn "Chu Berry" Saxophones and told me about them. This is when I discovered ebay. I bought a Chu Berry alto and was back to playing saxophone. Now the Chu sits while I mostly play my MK VII and a Conn 10M that i also purchased off of ebay. I just wish that I had the passion for playing that I have now back when I was in college. I never dreamed about playing the sax before but it figures prominently in my life now. The only reason I am not playing now is I have a cold.

I have no elusions of playing professionally but I would love to play like Stan Getz (I am not even close) but I have fun trying. I really enjoy playing and can't imagine not playing.

I am just amazed with the amount of information and help here and I am looking forward to taking advantage of it and offering any help I can.

I wish everyone the best and keep playing.

02-06-2007, 05:55 PM
Hello there

My name is Elin & I've just bought my first sax. I've always loved sax & wanted to play it, but I kinda never got around to it. Now I'm 38 and I finally decided that "it's now or never". Also ; I got divorced, so now I can play at 5 in the morning without torturing anyone else besides my dog :) I haven't quite figured out if he loves the sound or hates it, but he starts to howl as soon as I start to blow. I'm still at the "blowing level", you see... and I suspect I'll be staying at that level for a while before I start to get the hang of it. I got the sax yesterday, so I guess I don't have to tell you that I sound terrrrrrrrible. My ears are begging for mercy. And so is my brain every time I look at the fingering chart... My sax is a Jupiter STS-787. The few times I've actually managed to get a fairly decent tone out of it, the sound is beautiful. I'm having a little trouble handling it so far... seems HUGE. But I guess I'll get used to the size in not too long. I knew tenors are big before I bought it, so I can't complain. I'm really looking forward to learning how to play, although I know it's gonna take a looot of hard work. Good thing I'm a stubborn b*stard. My "goal" for now is to be able to play one of my favorite band Morphine's songs within 3 months (I'm also a very optimistic person.) Well, we'll see how it goes..........


02-07-2007, 04:29 AM
Hello, my name is Andrew. I live in Boston but spent most of my life and playing career in Seattle. I used to play full time but now I have a day job, however, I still play frequently and practice regularly. My fave's are "the usuals" (Hawkins, Young, Bird, Hodges, Trane, Byas, Griffin, Rollins, Webster, Shorter, and on and on and on including Ayler and Ornette and the free players). Of the younger set, I really enjoy Donny Mccaslin, Chris Speed, Chris Potter, James Carter, Ken Vandermark, Steve Coleman, Ravi Coltrane, man, there are so many. I love the old an the new, light and hard, simple and complex. But, above all, passionate. Real, feeling for the music. The special ones are those who use techique to transcend the barriers between the head and the heart.

If you're in the Boston area and you're playing or you wanna come hear what I do, just send me a message.

I'm currently playing on a Mark VI ('67) that is owned by my brother but is on permanent loan as he is is loving his new '51 SBA. Here are my other ladies.

Conn 30M Tenor
Conn 26m Alto
EM Winston Soprano (hey it was a cheap one to practice in my car due to noise restrictions in an apartment).
Noblet Clarinet
Armstrong Flute
And a modest amount of effects/pedals. Love the Samson AMT Airline mic too.

I have a bunch of mouthpieces but for some reason I like those Otto Link Milleniums on tenor. People probably think I'm foolish. I like the Selmer Soloist (G) on Alto. Soprano is just a functional Bari. I'm going to be getting a Baritone soon as well. I Can hardly wait.

Simon Weiner
02-07-2007, 06:45 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Simon Weiner. Some of you might reconize the last name, YES i am of Weiner Music. I am a amatur sax player since 6th grade. I have been in this business and dealing with sax and Woodwind players for about 6 years steady. Basically im just here to meet and talk to some people and have some fun. If anyone does know me or have spoken to me before, please drop me a note and say hello. I am also here to hear what you guys have to say about the company and listen to your feedback if you have any. So hello again and I hope to talk to some of you sax people.

02-07-2007, 07:23 PM
Hello Simon.
Were you also Sax Seller NY?

02-07-2007, 07:37 PM
Hello Simon.
Were you also Sax Seller NY?

An excellent question, considering that Sax Seller NY shilled for Weiner Music every chance he got. Weiner is a good company, but still...

Simon Weiner
02-07-2007, 07:38 PM
Hello Simon.
Were you also Sax Seller NY?

No I wasn't. I joined today because I recieved a call that there was someone on here posting comments about the company. So I joined to read them. I have no idea who this person is and have sent him a message trying to find out. I am sorry for the confusion.

02-07-2007, 07:45 PM
I joined today because I recieved a call that there was someone on here posting comments about the company. So I joined to read them.
So much for joining to meet folks and have fun (and you don't have to join to read posts)...

Forgive the inquisition, but dealers send in shills all the time to plug their goods, and some even have the audacity to use anonymous screen names to plug their own businesses. The moderators should be able to clear you though... as it's not too hard to figure out when the same person sends posts using different screen names.

Simon Weiner
02-07-2007, 07:49 PM
I understand the questioning, and have no issue with it. I stand by my reputation and will look foward to discussing anything with any member on here. Never have we sent in anyone to "PLUG" our business on any site.

02-07-2007, 07:59 PM
Frankly, I don't care if you do plug your business, although it would be nice if you'd buy an ad to support the forum. (I'd put a link in my signature if I were you) Just don't try to be sneaky about it.

Of course, I'm only speaking for myself. Others may be less happy...but we have some people here that plug their products/store: Dave Kessler, Phil Barone, Gary Sugal (at one time), various refacers, etc.

Simon Weiner
02-07-2007, 08:04 PM
Frankly, I don't care if you do plug your business, although it would be nice if you'd buy an ad to support the forum. (I'd put a link in my signature if I were you) Just don't try to be sneaky about it.

Of course, I'm only speaking for myself. Others may be less happy...but we have some people here that plug their products/store: Dave Kessler, Phil Barone, Gary Sugal (at one time), various refacers, etc.

Thanks for the heads up/advice. Like I said im new here and still have to figure out whats going on. I would be very happy to discuss advertising/donating to the site. Would I contact Harri about that?

02-07-2007, 10:35 PM
Thanks for the heads up/advice. Like I said im new here and still have to figure out whats going on. I would be very happy to discuss advertising/donating to the site. Would I contact Harri about that?Hi Simon (we've already corresponded today through PM). Yes you can PM Harri anytime you want regarding possible sponsorship of the SOTW, although it certainly isn't required.

Gang, we have a bot that Harri wired to find people using more than one alias on the SOTW forums. Trust us we are all over that and we are looking into the matter. Feel free to ping any of the SOTW staff if you have concerns, but trust me, we are working those kind of issues. I would ask you not to accost any new users though as you probably don't have as much information as Harri has.

Again, welcome to SOTW Simon. I trust you have a thick skin as sometimes that will be required. 8-)

Simon Weiner
02-07-2007, 10:53 PM
Again, welcome to SOTW Simon. I trust you have a thick skin as sometimes that will be required. 8-)

No hard feelings. Like I said before, I understand the issue. As for thick skin, I'm a New Yorker and in business. A thick skin is required daily. When you live in NY you grow on just as easily has your hair.

Gandalfe - Fixed quote html.

02-07-2007, 11:33 PM
I had put the sax down for about 12 years, but started playing again about 5 years ago. I play in my Church, as well as a couple of other groups. The groups play at revivals and do outdoor concerts. I also am a part of a group that plays at annual National Day Of Prayer rallies, which usually have about 5000-7000 students. I own soprano, alto, tenor, & bari and try to play them all...OFTEN... One of the groups I have played with plays more of a South Louisiana Swamp Pop style, another grooves and plays funky. I also play traditional and contemporary styles in various Church settings. My saxes are always with me and I'm always ready to play. If I'm the lone horn and need a section, I hook up my Boss HR-2 Harmonist. It's not as good as a real section, but it works during live gigs.

02-08-2007, 12:11 AM
Hello. I'm 38, play sax exclusively in a Church setting and Church related concerts and events. I own and play Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Bari.

John B. Pousson

02-08-2007, 12:24 AM
WOW! Some of those people can really type..... Anyway, I am a 16 year old Sophomore in High School, and I taught myself to play the alto sax a little over a year ago and I have been told that I am better than some in my new section, and she gets pretty mad when they tell her that too because she has been playing for foour years now. I am only here because I was looking for help one day, and I still dont think I got a reply. Anyway, maybe I can make a few friends and learn a little too.

~ Charli Oliver

02-08-2007, 12:30 AM
Dang! Some of those people can type. I am a 16 year old Sophomore in High School and I taught myself to play the alto sax a little over a year ago. Teachers and friends have told me Im better than a few of the people who have been playing for about 5 years now and so some dont like me anymore. Anyway, I joined this thing so maybe I can learn a little and make a few friends. So, say hi or something if I sound the least bit interesting, cuz I could really use the help...

~Charli Oliver 8-)

02-08-2007, 05:18 PM

I'm a jazz & pop sax player, playing in and around Philly. I've been playing saxophone professionally for 23 years (whoa!), mostly in club and private affair settings. Last year, I cut way back on playing. I felt like I was getting stuck in a muscal rut. I'm practicing and listening now and reminding myself of why I love playing.

The players I listen to all the time Stitt, Coltrane, Cannonball, Sanborn, and Brecker. I suppose you could say they are my main influences.

I play Keilwerth horns and Vandoren mothpieces - I've got an SX-90 soprano with a Vandoren S35, an SX-90R 75th anniversary alto with a Java A45, and an SX-90R silver-plate / gold lacquer tenor with a V16 T77. I play medium Vandoren Java reeds on all three horns.

Looking forward to learning lots of cool stuff from the pros on this board!

Vince Marinelli, Jr.

02-09-2007, 04:09 AM
Hello Everyone!
I've been playing off and on for over 30 years! I've always practiced even when I didn't play with any band. I got back into playing with a church orchestra a couple of years ago and still have my first love for my saxes.

I have mainly been playing Latin Jazz, Salsa, Merengue in short, all latin and caribbean rythms and gospel throughout my life.

I consider myself fortunate to have some good equipment which allows me to blow my horns and they do the rest. I have a Selmer Mk VI Alto, Yani T9937 Tenor and a Jupiter SPS547 Soprano. My MPc are Otto Link (Tenor & Soprano) and Meyer (Alto). These work for me exceptionally well.

I love the forum of SOTW! Thankyou for allowing me to join.

02-09-2007, 07:36 PM
I am a saxophonist in Milwaukee, WI. I have a degree in music, but have only seriously been playing jazz for about 4 years. I have done big band section work and pit orchestra work.

Currently I focus my energies on soloing and transcribing.

I am a teacher in the middle school (band and general music) and wear several organizational hats around the school as well. I am married to an awesome guitar player, who has helped me musically, and I have 3 children who are all musically gifted!

You can get to know me better at

Keep blowin'!!!!

Dave C
02-10-2007, 04:15 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been reading the threads here for the last few months and I've learnt a lot, so I thought it was time I joined!

I've been playing alto for the last ten years or so and I feel that I really ought to be a better player than I am! To explain, I think I reached that comfortable 'intermediate plateau' but for various reasons failed to push on from there. I'm now working hard to put that right! I can play OK when reading music but I am now trying to develop my playing by ear and I want to find my way in to improvisation.

I currently play lead alto in a local community band.

My first horn was a Yamaha YAS62. About two years ago I traded it for a Keilwerth SX90R. I'm also in the process of finding my first tenor which will probably be a Hanson.

Now for an experimental smiley:)



02-10-2007, 07:38 PM
I've been reading and absorbing a lot of the great info here on SoW for last couple of months.

I'm 43 years old and have just taken up the alto sax. I don't have any real experience as a musician, but I've loved jazz ever since I discovered the good stuff (Miles, Coltrane, Monk, et al) back in early 1980's when I was a college undergraduate.

Although I've loved listening to jazz for these many years, it's always bothered me that I never "understood" it. To me what the musicians were doing might as well have been magic. I've always wanted to get a better understanding, but I didn't know where to start and I always worried that it would be more work than I could handle.

Several years ago I took a few singing lessons from a jazz singer thinking, more than anything, that my voice would be an easy instrument to play and that this might be easiest way for me to start learning about jazz. The thought of learning a real instrument (i.e., not my voice) sounded much more difficult to me. Well, I soon found out that my voice was a pretty difficult instrument to play, and I was busy with other stuff and ended up petering out after a few voice lessons.

The help I got with singing a couple years ago did give me an inkling of what was going on in jazz, though. On a whim I bought a Yamaha YAS 23 off ebay last December and found a local college student to give me some lessons. I've been having fun reading posts on SoW, practicing, reading lots of theory books, trying to play along with some Aebersold cd's.

One reason I held off so long on starting up with the sax was I assumed it would take months or years of practicing boring scales and kiddie tunes before I got to point of playing anything fun. Turns out that I was dead wrong there, for a couple of reasons.

First, I've discovered that scales and kiddie tunes can be really fun to practice. Heck, just long tones are pleasing to play. I never really understood the world of scales and chords before, with a little reading on jazz theory they've opened up to me. It's an exciting new world, and I'm surprised to find that a large part of it feels very related to spacial relationships, intervals, formal structures. I would have eaten up this sort of thing as a high-schooler. I regret that I didn't get started back then, but better late than never.

The second reason I was wrong to hold off on starting is that the sax is not as hard to learn as I thought. I've only been practicing a couple of months and I'm already improvising in ways that feel to me like I'm "creating" music. I know what I'm doing is pretty dreadful considered objectively, but the fact is that it feels really great to me. I feel like a musician. I thought it would take a year or two before I felt that way.

That's about it. I would say most striking things about taking up sax for me are: (1) the new and amazing world of scales, chords, and jazz theory in general, which I can understand to a degree even if I can't play it, and (2) the fact that it hasn't been as difficult as I expected to get to the point where I can make music that sounds pretty to me, that I enjoy practicing. It'll be a while before I can play anything that sounds pretty to other people too, but sometime when I get close to that point I post a recording on one of the SoW "listen to me" recording threads.

Oh, I do still plan to try to develop my voice, since I really love singing the old standards. But another thing I'm surprised at is how expressive the sax feels. I had previously thought that if I took up a jazz instrument it would have to be piano, because the idea of playing only a single note at at time didn't sound like that much fun. I was wrong about that, as I was about many other things.



02-11-2007, 09:26 PM
Hey everyone!! I am 17 years old, and I love Jazz! Just started learning the saxophone a couple months ago, and I hope this will be a great place to meet other saxophone players and learn from them!

02-12-2007, 03:51 PM
Hey all,

I'm Scott from the UK, am 22, and been playing sax since I was 12, use to play keys before that, and still do. Have been a keen "blower" for many years as you can see, and have played with a few bands, like KYJO (Kent Youth Jazz Orchstra) Rik Waller's Band, and the Legendary Loose Change (

Know it isn't much, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, and its a start.

02-13-2007, 01:41 AM
My name is Brian and I'm a recovering "haven't touched my horn in ages" saxophonist. I played through college and then took up a career doing ... other things. 13 years later and I have started picking it up again. I am actually a compulsive do-it-yourself-er, so my beautiful Yanigisawa 880 Tenor is sitting in way too many pieces with a set of new pads sitting in a bag next to it and me searching the "Sax Repair and Maintenance" board. Seriously, how hard can a DIY relacquer job be. Ah... nevermind. I want to express my thanks to this community for already helping me build a hobby that my wife says I don't need, and money I don't have. (But I'm in love with my new Otto Link NY 7* and I got to play it all of about 5 times before I disassembled my sax.) Anyway, hi everone.


02-13-2007, 04:34 AM
Hello to all...

I actually joined in 2006, but have only been a lurker and finally figured I should post a message and say hello. My name is Greg, I'm 43 years old, and have yet to play sax. I have played guitar for 30 years and piano for 35. Aside from my "desk job", I teach guitar students at home a few nights a week, and am currently teaching my daughter piano as well. Just for enjoyment I recently took classes at night for a few years and got an AA in music....had a great time doing it!

I've had an interest in saxophone for quite a while now, and last year began web surfing and found this and some other very informative sites. Well, now that my son is playing alto sax as part of his 6th grade school program, I can't wait any longer. I'm even more fascinated with the instrument now that there's one in my home! For several months I've also been trying to get a good idea of what would make a sensible purchase. There seem to be several good options. Given the price and the high praise, I'm looking pretty seriously at getting one of Dave Kessler's Custom tenors..can't wait!

If any of you would like to steer me towards a teacher in my area, I'd appreciate any references. My music background is pretty solid, but I definitely want to make sure that I'm doing things right when I actually start playing the instrument. I've enjoyed being a lurker in here so far, and am looking forward to being more of a participant once I've started's a great community!


just realized it was 2005 when I joined....boy, the time just flies when you're being a flake!

Barefoot Matt
02-13-2007, 05:51 AM
Hello! I'm Matt, as you can see. I live in northern Canada. I mostly play the trombone these days, but I was a tenor saxophonist for a while before that, and I'm looking to get back into it. In fact, I'm in the market for a new tenor, which is why I ended up here in the first place - and what a wealth of information I found!

I'm a university graduate (not in music), and now that I'm back home I've rejoined my highschool senior jazz band. It's like a smallish big band, if you'll forgive the oxymoron... we play big band charts as well as traditional combo tunes. Just so you don't think it's too weird, the band has other adults in it too. Also, our band teacher won this year's MusiCan Teacher of the Year Award (like, best teacher in the country!); she's really great, and worth sticking around for.

I consider myself a "hobbyist" - an intermediate player, but not a student really, and not a pro either. For me, it's all just for fun; but that doesn't mean I don't want to keep getting better!

Oh... I play a borrowed Yamaha YTS-23 tenor sax until I get around to buying one of my own, a Jupiter JSL-432 tenor trombone, and a borrowed Yamaha trombone with F attachment (can't check the model number as it's currently out for repair). I also have a YAS-23 alto sax that I haven't played in years.

All my playing is jazz, but I also sing both jazz and choral music.

Prof Dr P
02-14-2007, 12:46 AM
My name is Patrick, I'm a law student in the UK and I have just bought my first saxophone. I am a complete novice, but have been playing the piano since the age of 7. I am hoping to get some good advice from you guys and soon to become a reasonably good saxophonist! The horn I bought is an Elkhart Series II Alto. I bought it on the web for a reasonable price i believe. I also ordered a book for complete beginners which hasn't arrived yet so I tried to make some sounds and was surprised how quickly I could actually produce a recognisable sound! I wondered what reeds I should buy as I have only have one at the moment. Any advice at all shall be welcomed!

02-14-2007, 05:44 AM
Welcome, Patrick. When you finish law school, will you be "Prof. Dr. P., JD"? :)

02-14-2007, 09:05 PM
Hello, I have just started playing the sax as I near (official) retirement age. I played the violin from age 8 to 18 (and the fingering has stayed with me ever since then - see my posting in Late Bloomers!). For the next 40 years I have sung in choirs, but hankered after trying the sax for some time.

At last I have plucked up the courage to have a go, renting an alto for three months, which I will shortly buy.

What a wonderful and frustrating instrument it is. I move from real pleasure to the depths of despair when I can hardly get out a note without a squeak. The problem is that when you are totally inexperienced you don't know whether to adjust the instrument/reed or whether it's just you having a bad day. I think it's usually the latter.

Thanks for a wonderful website - I have never seen anything to touch it.

02-14-2007, 10:07 PM
My name is Dan, I'm 42 and started playing saxophone in the 6th grade. You might say I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with the saxophone. I played through middle school and high school and into my first year of university, before taking a couple of years off to finish my degree.

In my senior year at the university and for a few years afterwards, I had the pleasure of being able to play with a community big band and with a couple of paying gigs (although I discovered very quickly that playing for money was too much like work, and I already had a day job!) I have respect for those who earn their money playing the horn, but it certainly has not been for me.

I'm married with two kids. My son has been studying the saxophone for a year and my daughter has just taken up the violin.

As far as equipment goes, I have two MexiConn altos and my son has an Accent alto we bought when he started. His director wants to switch him to tenor, so we'll probably be looking at a tenor before too long.

From the "What was I thinking?" department:

I owned a fine Mark VI tenor once that a kid kept wanting to buy from me to take with him to college--I finally sold it to him since I wasn't playing it enough and he would get better use out of it (not to mention it needed about $300 in work to get it back into adjustment!)

I haven't really been playing saxophone in public for quite a while--played guitar in church for a couple of years and now I'm trying to learn the violin along with my daughter. One day maybe I'll find another community band to get involved in...maybe ;)

02-15-2007, 03:06 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm based in Brighton, UK. I've been playing alto for about 17 years but this year decided to move on to tenor. Been meaning to do it for ages but there's so much competition here on the tenor! I mothballed my alto (Conn Ladyface 47) and splashed out on a MarkVI (from ebay). Its great and given me a chance to revisit my technique. to be honest Its good to get away from the alto. They can be a mean taskmaster!

Been looking at the posts here for a while and decided I'd like to contribute.


02-15-2007, 06:14 PM

I just joined the forum recently, since I'm getting back into playing after a 5 year hiatus. Have played since high school, mostly tenor/Jazz but am now considering to switch to alto. I studied classical for a while back in college, and the sound and style kind of stuck with me.

Great forum here, lots of very useful and interesting information.

Current setup (57k Mk VI Tenor / Otto Link 7* metal, Meyer 5 rubber)
In the market for a Yani Alto (902 or 991)

Voices I like...
Sonny Rollins
Art Pepper
Joe Farrell
Archie Shepp

Paul Brodie
Detlef Bensmann

02-17-2007, 08:05 PM
My name is Stacy, I play Alto Sax, and i've played for 6 years. I love it! I'm in Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble at the high school, and i'm also in college because of running start so once high school is out i plan on continuing in college!

My sax is kinda lame i'll admit it's a selmer student sax ...but i do have a pretty cool C* mouthpeice :)

Anyways this forum looks pretty awesome!

Oh, and I'm a lefty... just thought i'd add that for no particular reason.

David O'Brien II
02-17-2007, 08:29 PM
For all you jazz history buffs, I'm the one to consult. I'm only 17 but can come with info that most of my teachers don't even know. You know, stories and such. If you don't believe me, just ask me.:)

02-18-2007, 12:37 AM
I've been poking around for a while and decided it's worth it to get in on the fun. My name is Eric, I'm a senior in high school and my primary instrument is bassoon. Naturally, you can't play bassoon in marching band (can you?) so 3 years ago I learned to play sax. I played tenor in marching band and fought to get into our (mediocre) jazz band on bari. I don't really like tenor, so I'm shifting to alto.

Right now I'm on a YAS-23 with a Cannonball 5 and V16 3s, a YTS-23 with a Yamaha 4C and V16 3s, and a YBS-52 with a Meyer 6M and a Bari plastic. All school owned. A new alto is coming in the mail shortly.

02-18-2007, 07:52 AM
I play alto and soprano. Currently studying towards a Diploma in Rock Jazz and Commercial music at Whitireia Polytechnic Wellington NZ.

My strentghs are reading and a big sound my weaknesses are improvisation anmd jazz.

I started playing 10 years ago as a hobby and now Im studying and in a band, my background is classical and I have a loooooong way to go, hoping this site can enlighten inspire and motivate me to become the best sax player I can be.

Influences are Grover washington, Candy Dulfer, Maceo parker.

I have checked out this site and its forums but never registered, thought it was about time I did.

02-18-2007, 01:16 PM
Welcome Mel.

It seems you like to play little high-pitched saxes...the tenor and bari players here will have to over look that fact, but welcome anyway! ;) :)

02-18-2007, 01:30 PM
Hey all, like mel have visited frequently thought about time I signed up proper style!
I play Alto. Have done for about 8 years but up till this last year its been my secondary instrument as play the clarinet too, so am really only just gettin to grips with what my sax can do! Any tips gratefully recieved. :)

02-18-2007, 01:41 PM
Hi, my name is Danielle. I have been playing alto sax for approximately eleven years. It is my passion, there are few other things that bring me as much joy as playing the sax.

I've done it all, concert band, jazz band, marching band, basically if I could play in it, I did. :D

I thought this would be a neat place to meet other saxophone players.

02-18-2007, 03:18 PM
Hi mel.

02-22-2007, 01:36 AM
Hey all,
I'm in middle school, and I'm totally obsessed with playing my clarinet and tenor. I have a Selmer tenor and a Vito clarinet, I play the clarinet better though, 'cos I just started playing the sax. I also am obsessed with llamas, though I dunno why. I can also (barely) play the guitar.


02-22-2007, 05:35 AM
Hi I'm new to SOTW,

I don't play, but try to be an advocate for my son, a high school freshman, who thankfully has infinitely more musical talent than I. He has played since the 4th grade with alto being his primary but was asked to play tenor in 8th grade honors band. He has also played some oboe on his own, but no instruction. He has a well used Buescher alto student horn for marching band and has Selmer Paris Series III alto he plays in Symphonic and Jazz band. He has been recently asked by the band director to pickup the soprano for a jazz ensemble, so one of my goals at SOTW is to learn enough to get the most bang for our buck on a used soprano horn...we can't afford another new Selmer but it seems like there are a lot of decent middle of the road sopranos, some newer and some vintage that would fit our needs well.

At some point I would also like to learn to do the normal routine maintenance (replace springs and pads) since I hate paying someone else $50-$200 to do something that I am capable of doing. But I'm not going to try it on the $4500 Selmer.


02-22-2007, 11:04 AM

I have never played any musical instrument or been remotely musical, but have always loved the sax. So I took the plunge on my 44th birthday and bought myself a Yamaha YAS-62.
I have been taking lessons since November and am loving it.
I've been browsing SOTW for a couple of months now and thought I would introduce myself.
I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in North-East England.

02-23-2007, 05:16 AM
Hey, my name's Quan. I've played the E flat alto saxophone since I was about 10. I'm now 17 and I still love it.

The Infamous Spike
02-23-2007, 02:56 PM
Hi, i just found this website by pure chance while looking for sax music. It seems to be a wonderful resource in that departmant. I am in high school and i play mostly bari. My parents just got me a new Yamaha Custom EX as an early graduation present and i plan on majoring in Music Education nex year at Georgia State University.

02-25-2007, 12:43 AM
Hello everyone,

I am Paul. I am studying classical saxophone at Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK. My teachers are Andy Tweed and Chris Gumbley, and the visiting tutor is Arno Bornkamp.

I have read a lot of useful things on this forum in the past, so decided to join. While of course my main performance interests lie with classical playing, I am a huge fan of jazz too, and only wish I could play it well!


02-25-2007, 12:53 AM
Hi i've been playin sax for several years but didn't actually realize i'd be goin into music till i went to CYMC this summer on Vancouver Island, Canada. I play em all and just started gettin into it really. In high school attending a camp with all the proffessionals you look up to can be very motivational and reassuring, there is a way to make it doing what you love.

02-25-2007, 07:50 AM
Thought I'd say hi. Oh, let's see, where to begin. I went to PLU for a couple years as a music major and asked myself "self, why am I paying 20 Gs a year when I could join the Army band and make over 30?" So I called the recruiter and joined the storied, rich musical traditions of our United States Military and was promplty sent to Bosnia (in the band). Good times. we were eventually pulled out and I was able to do quite a bit of touring throughout Europe, which wasn't that bad at all. I got out and went to school for Musical Instrument Repair at Renton Tech near Seattle where I now live, and I've been playing with various local blues & R&B acts. I've taken the past year or so off, and now I'm getting my chops back up and hopefully land a few gigs here and there. I play a '64 MkVI tenor, a '27 Chu alto (I just ordered ww & bw's last black nickel b&s stencil Chicago jazz alto- can't wait to try it out) a 1908 King bari (it's so cool, doesn't even have all the palm keys - only goes up to D#) and various other closet cons, buschers and kings I've aquired overhauled.

02-25-2007, 11:07 AM
newcomers to Sax on the Web, please introduce yourself by replying to this thread.
Share some of your sax playing and background.
Do not hesitate; we are a fairly civilized bunch of horn players.

And welcome on board,
- Harri

Hi - I'm new to this forum but not to saxophones and I'm good deal older than most of the other new members here (started playing at 17 and I'm still at it 42 years later). I'm very fortunate because, until recently, I made a living from playing - never wanted to do anything else. To do that, you need a very understanding wife. My wife's not so well these days and the saxophone now takes second place. Nevertheless, I keep busy by writing for magazines, writing music tech books and producing educational stuff (books and CDs) for saxophone. This has to be the liveliest saxophone forum on the web Ė canít think why didnít I join sooner!

02-25-2007, 03:08 PM

I'm new to this forum... I'm currently a 3rd bachelor student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Norbert Nozy. Hope to have a lot of interesting discussions here...


02-25-2007, 03:47 PM
i'm a student in England, doing A levels (like high school). I mainly play alto, but play bari, soprano and clarinet when its called for.
recently purchased a selmer reference 54 'kookaburra' alto. absolutely beautiful instrument.
if you wanna talk, or are near london and want to jam, im here!

02-26-2007, 07:33 AM
Hey everyone,

I've been playing alto and tenor sax for about 15 years although I've just recovered from a three year hiatus. I moved North (real North, i.e. Northwest Territories, Canada) and found the space to pick the instrument up again. I picked up an old alto Yamaha student model sax a few months back and kicked myself for giving up the instrument. Now, with the rust knocked out, I'm fronting for the Prometheus Project (two firemen in the band) and having the time of my life!

I'm looking to upgrade my horn, and looking for some advice. As I mentioned above, playing on an old Yamaha horn with a metal Otto Link #6 (I think... the number's rubbed off). Read an interesting review on cheap chinese horns by Stephen Howard and since money is an issue, I'd like to get some feedback on that.

Also, if anyone knows of a good Canadian online store (reeds, mpcs, etc.) please shoot them my way.

Thanks, and apologies for the long post.

02-26-2007, 08:12 AM
Hi to you all..I`m new on this forum, so here is my introducion..

I`m Sonja from Holland..( so my englisch is rubbisch) but that doesn`t hold me back to register here..:D

I play sax for about 16 years now..By this moment I play the soprano, alt, tenor and bari-sax in several bands in holland..

Most of the time It is in a bigband setting..and sometimes in an orchestra..

I`m working part time in a shoe shop and do some modeling for plus sizes in can watch my website if you`re interested..

Here you can see some of my work in different catagories.. to you all later!!:salute:

sopraan: Muller
alt : Selmer m VII
tenor : SML
bari : Yanagisawa

02-26-2007, 09:42 AM
Hi everyone, sorry if this comes up a couple of times i posted it but it didn't seem to work, anyway I'm Tony from Australia and I am about to turn 40. I have loved the sax for as long as I can remember but never seemed to find the right time to start to learn.
I have no music knowledge at all, can't read music and have never even held a saxophone, all I can say is that I love the sound of the sax, first got hooked when I heard the sax solo from the Eagles song Sad Cafe, and listen to John Contraine, love his, Every time we say goodbye and Kind of blue with Miles Davis .
I'm not even sure of the type of sax I should be looking at, alto or tenor, student or more expensive but I have decided that it is now or never, hopefully my next post will be to tell you that I have bought a sax and have started lessons.
Getting the right advice first up is one of my main concerns, I don't have the money to make expensive mistakes, that's why I have joined this site, there seems to be a lot of people willing to help out. So thank you for taking the time to read my post, I look forward to the weeks and months and years ahead with you all.

Harri Rautiainen
02-26-2007, 09:57 AM
Hi everyone, sorry if this comes up a couple of times i posted it but it didn't seem to work, .............................
no it did not come up several times. See explanation:

Welcome on board,

02-28-2007, 12:38 PM
Hi all,

after I have spent a couple of weeks just reading the forum, I think it's time to introduce myself: I'm italian, live in Rome and you can call me a latebloomer. I play alto, like jazz, adore John Coltrane.
Thank you for having established Sotw and for keeping it stimulating, dynamic, great!

03-01-2007, 01:34 AM
Hi SOTW forum members,

My name is Ron and I live in the small and quiet state of Maine. I am currently a freshman in high school. I started alto saxophone my fifth grade year in the school band, and I now play on my P. Mauriat 66R (tenor sax) that I got not even a week ago.

Like most, if not everyone, I really like jazz, but it wasn't until about a year ago that I started really getting into it, so I'm still kind of new. I love improvising, and I'm in our school jazz band and combo. My all time favorite jazz saxophonists are John Coltrane and Joshua Redman.

I think I've said enough. So hello!

03-01-2007, 02:25 AM
I am a high school senior. I am going into the University of Tennessee in fall. I play all the (main) saxes but prefer to stay on alto. However, I play soprano in my HS quartet. I play in my HS jazz band but am not as into it like the other players.

My favorite selections include Tableaux de Provence by Maurice and Concertina da Camera by Ibert.

Im not very good in the grammar department. Sorry.

Ill probably be hanging around the classical forums most of the time.

03-02-2007, 01:29 AM
Hello All, I've been a long-time 'lurker' on this site and have learned quite a bit about 'my' instruments. But introductions are in order. I'm 75 chronological years old, but thanks to music I'm about 27! Mostly self-taught I traded my bike for a Boozey and Hawkes metal clarinet when I was 14, quickly learned to play 'ear' all the tunes I had stored in my head. Out of the army in 1953 I bought my first sax, a Pan American alto and started playing the service club dates (VFW, Legion, Amvets) with a 50/50 band, playing round and square dances. So learned to play in all the 'guitar' keys, C, D, E, and A. My new bride put a stop to my 'playing around' and I hung it up until about 10 years ago when I retired. I had picked up a King Voll-true II at an estate sale, and started playing in church, soon forming with the preacher a 'praise band' (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, and sax/clarinet). We play what I call the "top 40" praise choruses. I also play with piano and bass at some of the local senior housing, doing all the really OLD stuff. Our combined age is almost 240 years! So to sum it all up, I jam with Jamie Abersold and MM1 for practice. Never became a good reader (Attention deficite) - just recently discovered that was my problem :cry:
But I have all the 'tunes' in my head having been a long-time record collector. Favorite Tenor players: Eddie Miller, Bud Freeman, Hawkins and Pres, as well as the crop of new players in that idiom.
My horns: King Voll-True II tenor (1936), Martin Handcraft Alto (1937), Buescher Aristocrat alto, MexiConn tenor NXXXXX which I leave at church, Clarinets, Buffet B12 and a Silvertone which I have had for over 50 years. Sorry for the long post, but if you've made it this far, thanks for reading!
Best wishes to all and hope you get the same enjoyment that I get from getting good sounds (sometimes):?
Regards, Charliew8fim (formerly Geezersax)

03-02-2007, 01:48 PM
I love this forum-- what a high class bunch of contributors! I'll try to keep the standards high. I've been reading this forum for years, but never participated. I need to change that.
I've been playing the sax since I was 10- classical and jazz. Formative teachers include Rob Hughes (a spectacular player that generously took me on as a beginner), Les Fonza (teaching me that music reflects who we choose to be as human beings), John Vana (introducing me to the saxophone as a serious classical instrument), Tim Golden (laid a strong technique foundation), Dan Cathey (encouraged me to pursue music as a career), Patrick Meighan (can't begin to list how much he gave me as a developing musician), and Bill Kennedy (taught me how to slow down and start listening). I just completed my MM in Saxophone from Florida State University and am taking some time to practice, perform, teach, etc. before deciding upon doctoral studies.
I'm interested in all things saxophone, so you'll probably find me everywhere on this forum. Equipment:alto-Mark VI, Vandoren AL3 and Meyer 6; tenor- SA-80 II, Caravan and Otto Link 7, soprano-still trying to talk my wife into this one.

03-02-2007, 02:30 PM
I love this forum-- what a high class bunch of contributors! I'll try to keep the standards high.

Apparently you must read when I'm banned. I hope my return doesn't lower your opinion.

soprano-still trying to talk my wife into this one.

I have an early seventies SDA Soprano, and my wife's a size 1. Trust me, she doesn't fit.

03-02-2007, 04:58 PM
Hi I'm Charli

I'm from England.

Been mixing mediocre sax playing with too busy a life for too long - so I'm still learning. Joining SOTW is a step forward in getting serious.

03-02-2007, 05:33 PM
Hi SOTW forum members,

My name is Ron and I live in the small and quiet state of Maine. I am currently a freshman in high school. I started alto saxophone my fifth grade year in the school band, and I now play on my P. Mauriat 66R (tenor sax) that I got not even a week ago.
That sure is a perdy sax in your avatar. I would like playing sax too in high school if I had a horn that looked like that!

03-03-2007, 12:32 AM
That sure is a perdy sax in your avatar. I would like playing sax too in high school if I had a horn that looked like that!


03-03-2007, 10:11 AM
Yes folk's a few years ago I went south, and put down the Horn. Just didn't know how wrong I was. The doubles is not talkin' sweet , the Tenor ( Only Sax I own ) still wants to jump around like a School Girl. Stinkin' overtones.

Among other things, do you really need asond card for Band in a Box. Who makes a Bari with a low A key that wraps around from the right. Who makes a good Painstick mpc these days?

03-03-2007, 10:26 AM
No problems Man, You've kept Swingin' this long. Just keep the tune in your ears , and the Fire in your Heart.

03-03-2007, 04:15 PM
My name is Dave. I joined in January 2007. I am a high school chorus teacher and Ph.D. student in music education. However, I have recently rediscovered the fire to play more. I was a saxophone and voice major my first year in college. But I was getting fried doing both, so I chose where my scholarship was--voice. So, I guess things are coming back around full circle. :)

I was primarily a bari player in high school, but now I have no bari. So I play soprano, alto, and tenor. Some saxophonists I prefer include Soprano: Jay Beckenstein (before he switched from Yamaha to LA Sax :) ); Alto: Paul Desmond, Brad Leali; Tenor: Scott Hamilton, John Coltrane, Branford Marsalis, Jerry Weldon; Bari: Gerry Mulligan, Denis DiBlasio, Dave Schumacher.

03-03-2007, 11:28 PM
Hi,I have only been playing alto Sax for 2 years but Im pretty good.I play in the jazz and concert bands.I have an intermidiate selmer omega and I use vandoren jazz reads.(2 1/2)

Harri Rautiainen
03-03-2007, 11:47 PM
Hi to you all..I`m new on this forum, so here is my introducion..

I`m Sonja from Holland..( so my englisch is rubbisch) but that doesn`t hold me back to register here..:D

I play sax for about 16 years now..By this moment I play the soprano, alt, tenor and bari-sax in several bands in holland....
....................................With this note i would like to welcome you Sonja and all other recent members to the Sax on the Web community.

Interesting, Sonja, you have a Selmer alto, so do I (SA80II).
You have a SML tenor, so do I.
You play in several big band in the Netherlands, so do I (in Finland).

Nice pictures on your web site, congratulations,

03-04-2007, 01:13 AM
Interesting, Sonja, you have a Selmer alto, so do I (SA80II).
You have a SML tenor, so do I.
You play in several big band in the Netherlands, so do I (in Finland).

Now we know how Harri spends his weekends.... ;)

Welcome new people, and especially to the beginning players. You've started a fun journey... now go practice! :D

03-04-2007, 11:27 AM
Hi Folks

My name is Dave and I have been playing for 30years. I have a Trevor James Alto and use either a Yanagisawa 6 Metal m/p or a Selmer Goldentone 3. My Tenor is a Karl Meyer (ebay purchase) looks tatty but plays well (dont know what the mouthpiece is but its big) an I have a Stagg Sop but need to upgrade this as I cannot get the top notes and according to my repair man I never will on this.

I have been teach sax and Clarinet and recorder full time for 6 months now and enjoying every minute.

Thats about all for this post, hope to see you on the other threads

Best wishes


03-04-2007, 06:07 PM
My name is Paul (49) and I was a member of the old forum - love the new one.
I live in Cheshire, UK. Played sax for a good few years but have not played much recently as I got a fed up with lack of bands to play with in my part of the world. Depressing really as the only type of bands are the rock & roll type; not much happening jazz/fusion styles which are my true love (Very sad to hear about the loss of Michael Brecker - he and Bob Berg were my modern favourites both now playing their horns to the angels)
I play tenor/alto/soprano and I also had a nice ewi set-up which unfortunately I had stolen.
Nowadays I just do a lot of play-along improv. with records - I haven't done any reading of parts for a long time - lazy I guess.
Anyway guys I still love sax and hopefully will get to play more!
All the best - Paul

03-04-2007, 06:28 PM
Depressing really as the only type of bands are the rock & roll type; not much happening jazz/fusion styles which are my true loveSounds like you might fill a need by starting up your own combo!

03-04-2007, 10:08 PM
Hi Paul,

I live in Altrincham and am brand spanking new to sax playing (6 months) I have no prior musical knowledge but always adored the sound of the sax so at 43 I decided I could lust forever or do something about it! Have you tried The Music Place in Altrincham? they have lots of good jazz/fusion stuff going on and are a really great crowd of all ages. They run jazz workshops and get bands together who want to play the same sort of music. I have lessons there so am probably biased but I have found them very welcoming an dsupportive and if I didn't like the place/people then i wouldn't go!
take care

03-05-2007, 10:06 PM
Good evening all,

My name is Paul, and I am based in North Wales. I have played Clarinet for the last seven years, having previously played recorder from the age of 5, and guitar from 7. I have recently borrowed a Yamaha Tenor Saxophone - What an instrument! I will be making the necessary arrangements to buy my own soon. I have a Soprano Saxophone as well, but I have just put that up on ebay to help fund the tenor. It is a good instrument, but of limited use for me.

I love Jazz, but don't get so many opportunities to play it. However, I spent an interesting few hours this evening with the Chester Wind Band (on the Clarinet).

I look forward to participating in the community on SOTW! :D


03-06-2007, 01:11 AM
Hello all,

My name is Brett, and I am a High School Senior, recently auditioned for college on the Creston Sonata (and yes, I got in. They told me right after my audition, surprisingly!). I have played the saxophone since I was 10 or so, so I've been playing for a good 7 years on the Alto. My Alto is a Selmer Super Action 80 Series II, and I love the thing. Such a great horn. I use a C* (thinking of changing to something else though, want to try both a rousseau and a rascher, see what I like better) and a BG Super Revelations ligature (which I love very very much). I was brought up as a classical player, but then I was exposed to jazz, and while I like it, it will always take the back seat to Classical playing. For Jazz, I use a Meyers 6 mouthpiece, which is a pretty good mouthpiece, in my opinion.

Not much else I can say, so I hope to see you guys on the forums soon!

03-06-2007, 01:59 AM
Hi, I joined the forum while researching a bari purchase (I have an ancient Buescher but need a low A horn). After reading lots of posts and trying several friends' horns, I decided on a YBS61 from eBay. I'm eagerly awaiting receipt and play-testing. Other horns in my collection:

older Vito soprano
Noblet alto, Selmer S80 mp
YTS52 tenor, Selmer mp
late 1920's Buescher bari, Selmer mp
Buffet R13 Bb clar, Nilo Hovey signature mp
Buffet 1193-2 bass clar, Garret mp
Gemeinhart 2SP flute (I'm a beginner on flute)

03-06-2007, 04:29 PM
I just bought a vintage a few days ago, after playing a Taiwanees saxophone for half a year. I live in The Netherlands and always played the guitar. But the saxophone gives me more pleasure, as I feel I can express myself (or unstress myself) much better. I am not the best singer, so then I better give my breath to a saxophone. It sings for me!
I now own a Buescher True Tone from 1927/1928, wonderful sound. The first evening I played it outside the shop, I really became emotional. You could perhaps say that after playing a Taiwanees sax, everything should sweeten the heart. But this sax really sounds like I would like to express myself.
I am a Dutch woman, 37 years old. I have three sons (13, 11 and almost 9), playing keyboard and drums (and the youngest wants to start the guitar) and a husband with an electric guitar. Almost a full band in this house, just have to push the youngest towards a baseguitar...!
I will pop some questions on my sax on the forum straight away.


03-06-2007, 05:10 PM
Hi, Almost a full band in this house... Got to luv family bands:

And you want to start them young:!51AA828BCB20646!979.entry#comment

Welcome to SOTW Maike!

03-06-2007, 05:51 PM
PS Starter, your story mirrors mine...except I'm 55. I began about two years ago with a Conn alto student model, moved to a Jupiter tenor rental, and finally bought a Yanagisawa T901. Peaks, valleys, and plateaus, plenty of plateaus. Wanted to say hello!

03-07-2007, 09:23 PM
I'm 21 years old and I come from Holland. I play saxophone for about 11 years now. My altsaxophone is a Yanigisawa with Selmer C* mouthpiece and my tenor a SML with a Lebayle Metal Jazz 7* mouthpiece.

That's all!! :)

03-07-2007, 10:59 PM
Hi all. I felt it was time to post as a fairly new member of SOTW. I currently am playing my tenor for a local church that has enough talented individuals to form a big band. I have been dormant on my saxophone for about 25 years. I can only say what a thrill it is to be playing again. I am really sad that I missed out on 25 years of playing but that is water under the bridge and forward I will go. I currently own a Yani 992 tenor (WOW!) and play on various mouthpieces. Preferring a simple Meyer 6M for jazz and either a Selmer Soloist D or the stock Yani mouthpiece for anything else. I also own a vintage Conn 6M which I didn't even know I had. My parents bought this for me in the middle 1970's and earlier this year I went home asking where my old alto was. Man was I surprised to see it again and really for the first time realize what I had. I am looking to overhaul this horn and bring it out in the future. Thank goodness my mother didn't give it away or put it on a garage sale. Well here's to all at this forum and all who enjoy playing, maintaining or anything else to do with saxophones. Cheers.

03-09-2007, 12:55 AM
Hey there, I'm Zack. I've been playing alto for a good 5 or so years now, and I'm branching out to tenor and soprano and...well, pretty much any sax I can get my hands on. I'm a junior in high school. I'm playing a very servicable yas-23 right now, as well as a Selmer artist soprano and a completely awesome Selmer Series II tenor that the school owns. For my alto, I'm using a c* for classical and a ridiculously bright/loud/edgy Dukoff D chamber that was refaced by the local tech for jazz. For the tenor and soprano, I'm using a c* for everything because they're all I have. I've been looking around on this site for quite a while, and I can tell that the people here are great. I've gotten a huge amount of info on pretty much anything sax-related that I could think of. Plus, arguing (at least the unhealthy kind ;) ) and general unplesantness is kept to a bare minimum. I finally decided that I wanted to contribute my experiences to the forum, I am.

03-09-2007, 01:29 AM

I am a 43 year old late blooming sax player. Actually I played in middle school for about two months and hated every minute of it so that really doesn't count. I understand the mechanics of reading music but have never had any success actually playing an instrument from music. I understand the notes and I understand the concept of note values but putting the notes, the value and then manipulating the instrument together just never seemed to work out for me. In high school I started playing harmonica and college I started playing guitar but never took lessons. About 7 years ago I found a vito clarinet in a junk store for $35.00. I took a few lessons but again my frustration with reading music got the best of me and after a while I found myself playing by ear more than anything. But the last few years noodling around on the clarinet seemed to kindle a newfound desire to learn sax. I bought an Alpine Tenor and am once again taking lessons.

I've got lots of questions and don't even know a sax player so I'm real happy to have found this forum.

03-09-2007, 01:38 AM
Hi All!
My name is Jon, and I'm been reading this forum for a long time and recently decided to become a member and try posting. I am an undergrad woodwind doubling major at UW Milwaukee, with tenor sax my primary, clarinet my secondary, and my flute playing is.........let's call it a work in progress. I used to play guitar and sing in a lots of different rock groups, but now my musical life(and whatever life exists outside of music) is focused on jazz and becoming a better woodwind instrumenalist. I play tenor in the Wind Ensemble, clarinet in the Symphony band, all my doubles in the big band, tenor in sax quartet, and tenor and clarinet in a combo. I really enjoy many threads in the forum, there is so much good information and friendly and helpful posters that it makes up for the few times when some egos get out of check ;)! I look forward to learning more about the saxophone and cyber-meeting many of you in the future!

PS - Take the cyber-meeting part any way you want..........

Flying Scotsman
03-09-2007, 07:32 AM
Dropped in to read some threads and got interested. I am a true amateur who has never had a lesson but practice about 2 -3 hours a day. I am the only sax player within 500k of where I live so rely on backing from CDs. It is great to be in the company of so many experts and look forward to picking up tips from those in the know. All the best. Must go practice now.

03-09-2007, 11:12 PM
.....It is great to be in the company of so many experts and look forward to picking up tips from those in the know. All the best. Must go practice now.
Are sure you're on the right site?
Just kidding, welcome. :)

Harri Rautiainen
03-09-2007, 11:18 PM
Are sure you're on the right site?
Just kidding, welcome. :)I am sure he reached thr right site.
I am more concerned when he wrote:
...the only sax player within 500k of where I live.....Flying scotsman,
do you mean 500 km radius or diameter?

03-09-2007, 11:24 PM
I am sure he reached thr right site.
I am more concerned when he wrote: Flying scotsman,
do you mean 500 km radius or diameter?

500k could also imply value. Maybe he's $500,000 better than the next sax player?

Harri Rautiainen
03-09-2007, 11:52 PM
500k could also imply value. Maybe he's $500,000 better than the next sax player?I should look into pit player positions in Oman :)

Mike Letus
03-10-2007, 09:03 PM
I've just signed up after months of lurking. I'm a relatively new tenor sax player/learner. I've had about a years worth of lessons, 6 months in 1992 when I bought it and the last 6 months after finally deciding on my 50th birthday that I was going to give it another go.


03-11-2007, 02:00 PM
Hi Zoot21.

I cracked up when I saw your name. You sounded puzzled that your band director calls you "Zoot". If you've ever seen "The Muppet Show" Zoot was the name of the sax player in the band. He had this great solo in the opening and closing song. He was definitely a cool cat!.

03-12-2007, 05:11 PM
Hello all!
My name is Jeff(hence the catchy id) and I've been playing for 27 years now. I took some years off because of trying to make a living and supporting my family. Last year I picked up my girl(S80) and and found that she did not forget me. After having almost all the pads replaced, she plays as well as when I got her new back in '83. She has over 90% of the laquer still on and yes the high C# still requires some work to be played in tune. I play in church and recently have joined a blues/classic rock band for fun. I find the Otto Link tone edge I have is plenty for this type of music.
I also have a tenor that I'm trying to find out information on. It has "Esquire" printed on the bell and was made in Holland. It also has the G# trill key. The most info I have received was that this horn was made possibly in the mid 40's or earlier and possibly made with Keilwerth parts. If anybody knows anything about these horns I would appreciate any info on it, before I invest any money in getting her back to playing condition. I look forward to being a member on the SOTW.
Thanks, and keep on jammin',

03-13-2007, 12:38 AM
...... I also have a tenor that I'm trying to find out information on. It has "Esquire" printed on the bell and was made in Holland. It also has the G# trill key. The most info I have received was that this horn was made possibly in the mid 40's or earlier and possibly made with Keilwerth parts. .....
Can you describe where the G# trill key is? I've never heard of anykind of trill key on the saxophone, and

Welcome. :)

03-13-2007, 02:17 PM
Greetings all! Have been luking here for a while and thought it was time to join in the fun.

Started playing about 30 years ago, took a number of years off after marching in college. Picked up a while back and have been collecting equipment as local needs arise. Have been playing bari in our community band and local orchestra as well as our dance style-big band. I get many calls to sit in with other big bands and ensemble around the northern part of the state. Also play bari in a nice quartet. I end up rehearsing 3 times a week with different groups and gig about once a month. I am looking at expaning my fleet to add bass and nino at some point here to make me even more flexible if I can make the time.

I very much appreciate all the good information I have seen posted here and the way the seasoned veterans help out the ffolks with good questions.
Thanks for the help in the past (even if you didn't know I was there).


03-13-2007, 02:19 PM
Greetings all! Have been luking here for a while and thought it was time to join in the fun.

Started playing about 30 years ago, took a number of years off after marching in college. Picked up a while back and have been collecting equipment as local needs arise. Have been playing bari in our community band and local orchestra as well as our dance style-big band. I get many calls to sit in with other big bands and ensemble around the northern part of the state. Also play bari in a nice quartet. I end up rehearsing 3 times a week with different groups and gig about once a month. I am looking at expaning my fleet to add bass and nino at some point here to make me even more flexible if I can make the time.

I very much appreciate all the good information I have seen posted here and the way the seasoned veterans help out the ffolks with good questions.
Thanks for the help in the past (even if you didn't know I was there).


03-13-2007, 08:01 PM
The G# trill key is located inbetween the first and second fingers on the right hand. When pressed it opens up the G# pad.
Thanks, Jeff

03-13-2007, 08:16 PM
Can you describe where the G# trill key is? I've never heard of anykind of trill key on the saxophone, and

Welcome. :)
The G# trill key is located inbetween the first and second fingers on the right hand. When pressed it opens up the G# pad.
Thanks, Jeff:)

03-14-2007, 01:14 AM
The G# trill key is located inbetween the first and second fingers on the right hand. When pressed it opens up the G# pad.
Thanks, Jeff
Huh. Is it in line with the stack? [I've got a high F#, and another key that I've never used, sorta behind, toward the body-side. But no G# trill that I know of. I've been playing for 50+ years and still don't know what that key is. :) Shameful.]

Sorry for the hijack, urgent business.;)

03-14-2007, 01:18 AM
Hi Zoot21.

I cracked up when I saw your name. You sounded puzzled that your band director calls you "Zoot". If you've ever seen "The Muppet Show" Zoot was the name of the sax player in the band. He had this great solo in the opening and closing song. He was definitely a cool cat!.

Not to mention Zoot Sims.:)

03-14-2007, 01:21 AM
Huh. Is it in line with the stack? [I've got a high F#, and another key that I've never used, sorta behind, toward the body-side. But no G# trill that I know of. I've been playing for 50+ years and still don't know what that key is. :) Shameful.]

Sorry for the hijack, urgent business.;)

G# trill key is only on older vintage horns. You probably don't have one. You must develop your left pinky to do it the hard way.:D

The other key is the F# trill key, usually played with the right hand ring finger. I use it for fast scales in F#, c#, and chromatic scales.
I know most people don't use it, but my first 'master' teacher, John Sampen, really liked it.

03-14-2007, 05:06 PM
I myself have never heard of this key either. But, in the research I've done this is what I was told. This key is in between the F and the E and lifts the G# pad. It is not the alternate F# key. Thanks.

Jazz House
03-14-2007, 07:13 PM
Hi from Lima :treble: :blob: Hey, I`m new to the forum. I play a Jean Baptiste curved sop (mine) which is really much better than the comments on this forum about it suggest and an old Blessing tenor (10 years) which squeeks but it is all that is currently available. I use a Quantum 5 (with spoiler) and V16 reeds in my Middle School band. I read that in your experience Jean B is really pathetic, why?. I also play clarinet, bugle, piano and keyboard.

03-14-2007, 08:35 PM
Hey All,

Iíve written some posts but now I'm introducing myself.

I am a saxophone player from Brazil and an eternal student of Jazz and its history, love to play sax specially the lower ones.

My English is not the best but Iíll improve it thru SOTW forum.



03-15-2007, 12:28 AM
.....The other key is the F# trill key, usually played with the right hand ring finger. I use it for fast scales in F#, c#, and chromatic scales.
I know most people don't use it, but my first 'master' teacher, John Sampen, really liked it.
Oh yeah! I use it, trying to work it in more. I didn't connect it with a trill key, per se. Derned if I ain't getting goofy in my old age.

...This key is in between the F and the E and lifts the G# pad. It is not the alternate F# key....

Thanks Jeff.

03-16-2007, 11:10 AM

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on sopranos? My alto and tenor are both Selmer SA80 Series IIIs but I didn't really like the soprano...

I'm trying a Cannonball Curved at the moment which I really like though.

Anyone got any opinions...?

Thanks! :)

03-17-2007, 07:14 AM
I've been reading the posts in this forum for a long time, and I too decided to register! I found the forum to be full of information and it's a dream come true to talk with saxophonists all around the world. Currently, I play mainly a series III alto with a vandoren A17 mouthpiece and 3.5 vandoren blue box. I also own a Gold plated Mark VI and it's a great horn but i like the ease on the series III better, and also i play a yanigasawa SC9930 soprano at times.
Currently, I'm studying with Paul Navidad (Leo Potts' student) for classical and Eric Marienthal for Jazz.
Looking forward to all the members!

03-17-2007, 07:16 AM
I've been reading the posts in this forum for a long time, and I too decided to register! I found the forum to be full of information and it's a dream come true to talk with saxophonists all around the world. Currently, I play mainly a series III alto with a vandoren A17 mouthpiece and 3.5 vandoren blue box. I also own a Gold plated Mark VI and it's a great horn but i like the ease on the series III better, and also i play a yanigasawa SC9930 soprano at times.

Currently, I'm studying with Paul Navidad (Leo Potts' student) for classical and Eric Marienthal for Jazz.
Looking forward to all the members!


03-18-2007, 12:21 AM
Hi, everyone. I am mainly a clarinettist (Bb soprano), but I started learning how to play the alto sax for jazz band a few months ago (playing my clarinet for jazz band was probably my least favorite musical experience). I've played the piano since I was six or seven, but I stopped playing it for competition years ago. I'm also teaching myself how to play the guitar. I'm not exactly that great at playing the alto yet (see my thread in the beginner embouchure forum), but our jazz band's teacher doesn't exactly have incredibly high expectations. I managed to get a solo (it was just memorized notes and the range wasn't that increibly great) at our last concert, despite my clarinet embouchure. But I hope that your guys' advice will help guide me along the way.

03-18-2007, 06:34 AM

My name is Alexander, I am 18 years of age, and I have been playing the saxophone for 2 years.

My top 3 favorite saxophonists are:

John Coltane
Joe Henderson
Steve Lacy

The aforementioned made the biggest impact not only in my own saxophone playing, but in my life.

I hope to engage in some wonderful discussion pertaining to the saxophone.

Thank you.

03-18-2007, 06:47 PM
howdy howdy howdy, i'm new to the board. i play a super action 80 alto and a mark vii tenor. I was a military sax player in the army. 77th army band fort sill ok. just saying hello

03-18-2007, 11:56 PM

i have just started playing the sax after playing the drums for the past twenty years.

ive got a Trevor James The Horn Revolution II Alto

i like jazz, rock n roll, rhythm n blues, and im a massive fan of louis jordan

im hoping to learn a lot from this forum 8-)


03-20-2007, 03:18 AM
i'm 17, i've been playing for about 4 and a half years, playing alto and tenor mainly in high school. I found this forum after looking up information on the ref 54 hummingbird, which i got as a replacement after my first ref 54 standard was stolen. I started poking around and got really interested in all talk about saxes, mpcs and whatnot. As of now, i haven't really had the budget to try different setups (since the ref 54 were gifts, first from my parents, then from the insurance company) but it looks like the more time i spend here, the more time and money i'll be blowing on my horn :D

03-20-2007, 04:14 AM

I'm 42 year old, mainly a guitar player and a 1930's jazz record collecting nut. I'm now learning to play clarinet but I'm looking at learning sax soon too. My buddy is a sax player, and he told me I might find a few jazz fans here, so here I am. I've been lurking here for a bit, and I found a lot of useful info here about my clarinet as well as saxes in general.

Thank you,

Doug Benton
03-21-2007, 07:56 AM
Long time lurker first time poster! Great resource here, keep it up!


03-22-2007, 03:32 PM
Hi everyone. I've been squeaking away on my tin clarinet for quite a few years. I'm hoping to pick up tips on how to improve my tone (especially the higher register) and the best way to mic this thing so that I can get a nice fat sound on disc.

03-22-2007, 04:53 PM
Good morning. I am a professionally skilled sax player- at the moment working gigs on the side, and working on my new solo project.
Been playing for over 20 years, and am very happy to have found this site!
peace and love,

03-22-2007, 07:52 PM
Hey guys, found this site while doing some research on a new mouthpiece. Lots of good info and different outlooks on things here. I like it so much I joined.

I studied sax at Berklee with Fred Lipsius and Jeff Harrington, and now play with a fusion group here in Pennsylvania, and sit in with some of the guys from philly and DC from time to time. I'm glad I found this site, can't wait to talk sax with people from all over.

03-22-2007, 09:44 PM

I come from Germany and I registered some minutes agp. I'm playing saxophone since nearly ten years. After two years I startet playing Baritone, because I wanted to get a member of a band. Baritone is my main instrument, but sometimes I play my alto saxophone, too. My newest saxophone is an very old Soprano from borgani (serail 217). And because of its very old sound I'm playing a saxophone solo called "Estate" in Big Band.


03-22-2007, 09:52 PM
nice to meet ya joelsp, i'm new too, looks like a cool place.

03-23-2007, 02:26 AM
I'm 63 years old, a Clarinet player who is finally taking up tenor sax again after many many years. An engineer and technology manager by profession, I've been lucky to play music my whole life. I got my engineering degree paid for through a band scholarship and I have played ever since in the Melbourne Municpal Band and the Brevard Symphony in Florida. My life long dream has been to learn jazz and I'm finally addressing this goal. I've been asked to play second tenor sax in the Melbourne Swingtime band. This is an excellent band and I'm honored to be asked to play. So I'm on a fast learning curve learning jazz style, rhythms, and increasing my technical ability on sax. I'm having a ball and look forward to gaining knowledge from the people on this forum.



03-23-2007, 03:32 PM
Hello. I'm Juan or John (depending on which side of the family is yelling at me.) I was in music school back in 1969 and playing trombone when a man offered to sell me an old saxophone that had belonged to a relative who had passed away. It was a soprano, which, at the time, was almost never seen. I bought it for $80 and played it for a few years in a rock band.

Life intervened and the sax went into the closet in 1971. I continued to play trombone professionally, but then gigs dried up and I had to get a real job.

A few years ago, I got the chance to score various video productions, so I bought a notation program and some synths. A couple of months ago, I realized that I needed to be able to articulate my midi better, and as a wind instrument player, I could do that better with a wind controller. But, I needed to practice, and that lead me to pull the old sax out of the closet for the first time in years.

Thanks to threads on this forum, I've figured out that the sax is a 1927 Martin Handcraft. Amazingly, most of the notes still play and it's sort of in tune. It may never have had a pad job or adjustment - it certainly hasn't in the 38-years I've owned it. I'm having great fun playing it. A real instrument is much more wonderful than a computer. The money I was saving for a wind controller will be going to a restoration of this great instrument.

03-23-2007, 07:52 PM
Just joined this forum - looks a good place for information and tips.

I'm 44 and have been playing the alto sax for about 6 months - however I used to play a tenor sax, for around 5 years (about 15 years ago). I have a Yamaha Custom 82Z sax, which is very nice.

I'm from Chester in the UK, and I'm also interested in astronomy - I will post some clips of my playing in the other part of the forum

All the best


Scott C
03-23-2007, 09:40 PM
Hello all:

I am a newbie to this forum, although I have used this forum for years as a very valuable resource. Recently, I inherited an absolutely mint Conn "Chu" alto in silver plate, the serial number indicates that it is from 1929. My father who is a WWII veteran and jazz enthusiast has been putting together a family lineage book, recently visited the wife of one of my great uncles who lived in Long Beach, CA. He met and married a beautiful senorita from Mazatlan, Mexico back in the 1940's while he was gigging there with his jazz band. Well, to make a long story short, she is still there in Long Beach, I think she's about 90 years old, and she gave the instrument to my father who has passed it to me with the condition that I learn to play it. It has been a joy learning and listening to my progress and I could never have asked for a finer professional instrument to learn with.

Today, while practicing some of the difficult passes of the tune "Take 5", in my excitement, I begain flailing about like a Turett's patient on 5 shots of expresso, and I then snapped my original Conn neck strap. I then went into a near catatonic state of depression followed by a manic depressive state of denial which was finally followed up with about 2 hours of uncontrolled sobbing. Now I am in a psychotic state of issue resolution so, if anyone knows of someone that can do neck strap repairs, I would be very interested!

I really love playing this saxophone and am a very happy new member to this forum and hope I can pass along any helpful tips as I learn.

Regards to all,


03-25-2007, 05:11 PM

First time poster here! I only came across this forum very recently, but the little bit that I have looked around it looks like a great resource - and good fun!!

I play sax, clarinet, flute and piano. Piano was my first instrument and then flute. I then taught myself clarinet while I was at school, with a little bit of help from a couple of friends. When I left school, I then eventually manged to get what I always wanted - a sax! I managed to get this by trading in my second flute for an old sax, which I have found out today was made in 1972 - thats older than me!!

After I left school I didn't play anything for a long time, and just recently I have been chatting to a few friends, and it has got me back in to playing again.

Yesterday i went and brought some new music - I think it is about 10 years since I brought any new music!

Happy playing everyone!


03-25-2007, 05:13 PM

First time poster here! I only came across this forum very recently, but the little bit that I have looked around it looks like a great resource - and good fun!!

I play sax, clarinet, flute and piano. Piano was my first instrument and then flute. I then taught myself clarinet while I was at school, with a little bit of help from a couple of friends. When I left school, I then eventually manged to get what I always wanted - a sax! I managed to get this by trading in my second flute for an old sax, which I have found out today was made in 1972 - thats older than me!!

After I left school I didn't play anything for a long time, and just recently I have been chatting to a few friends, and it has got me back in to playing again. :)

Yesterday i went and brought some new music - I think it is about 10 years since I brought any new music!

Happy playing everyone!


03-26-2007, 12:34 PM

I'm and expectant saxophonist - that is, I'm awaiting the arrival of a newly purchased tenor.

I began on alto in 1977; bought my Mark VI for $400 from Century Pawn Shop (long gone) in New York's theater district in the good old days (before ebay and disneyfication of Times Square).

Sold my Mark VI in order to finance purchase of new clarinets (my main instruments) about six or seven years ago. I play Selmer clarinets (Signature Bb; Recital A). I also play Basset Horn (Leblanc). I've organized an active wind ensemble: Hellgate Harmonie.

Decided recently to take up Tenor Sax and gleaned a lot of good information from Sax on the Web.

Although my main performing interest is classical music, I have been a passionate jazz listener and record/cd collector for the past 40 years. I have listened to Lester Young/Count Basie's 1936 Lady Be Good well over 500 times in my life and continue to be amazed by the inventiveness and freshness of that fantastic tenor solo. Also love Parker, Hawk, Rollins, Berry, Trane, Dolphy, Hodges, Webster, Byas, Carter, etc. etc. However, the greatest of them all, I'm sorry to say, is a trumpet player...

- larryb

03-27-2007, 10:27 AM
Last year of college, just got a place at leeds College of music on the jazz course.
Play Alto, got a Mark 6, meyer for Jazz, yani metal for funk.
Play in various funk bands, do wedding/function and in some big bands including WYJO.

Fave sax players: Jazz: cannonball, Pop: Dave Sanborn


03-28-2007, 01:52 PM
Looking forward to hanging out with fellow late bloomers.


Was that a Freudian Slip?

Welcome to another member from DP's neck of the woods!

Have some fun, but be careful or you'll join us in Sing Sing with Gastineau.

dave m
03-28-2007, 08:45 PM
Hi saxophiles everywhere....
Here in the UK and beginning my 50s I have discovered the instrument that I should have found so many years ago!
Currently own a Buescher C mel from 1921 which is a lovely thing, full of history and Cute. Also a mystery stencil tenor which looks very Keilwerth to me and sounds very nice too.

Dave M

03-29-2007, 06:43 PM
I'm Ken.

Started on piano which I quit (bad move) when I took up clarinet in 4th grade. Added the tenor in high school for stage band and pep band.

First year in college played clarinet in marching band but realized 1. If I wanted to play in basketball band I'd have better luck as a T-Sax, and B. Saxes have more fun!

Played clarinet in symphonic band, sax in the other bands, and various reeds in pit orch.

Spent 10+ years in a renaissance consort on recorders, krumhorns & bass racket.

Have played in the Oregon State Alumni Marching Band every year since college, and am a Charter Member of the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, aka the world's largest "Louie, Louie" band.

Added a "Salvation Army Special" Buescher alto to the collection 15+ years ago and have just assembled an LA Sax soprano ('cause I'm cheap and it sounded like a fun thing to do!)

03-29-2007, 11:36 PM
Hey, guys, I'm WideAwakePenguin (just call me WAP). I played sax in elementary school, and halfway through middle school. I dropped it (woops) and now that I'm in HS and into Ska, I want to pick it up again, and fast.

I'm getting together a ska band, and I'm joining this site to re-learn Sax...

Thats about it, looking forward to this!

03-30-2007, 05:35 PM
HI my names jonny
I loove alto sax. I started playin 4 years ago n im not bad. I would love or someone to send me scores for really good challenging solos to

I am on grade 5 now but i have stopped doing thm as the music is a bit boring. Atm i am experimenting with improv.



03-31-2007, 04:35 AM
Bari sax, that is. I am new to the board. I played sax in a garage band decades ago, then switched to keyboards, but mostly hung it all up towards the end of college. I still have a keyboard, but don't play it very often. About 2 months ago, it was like there was a voice talking to my inner me saying..."You need sax!...lots and lots of sax! Bari Sax!" So this took me to eBay and i found a Rene Dumont/Keilwerth that looked in good shape for a good price and it was local to boot - i got "sniped" -- there were 0 bids before the last hour or so, i bid and thought i had it in the can, but literally seconds before the bidding ended, i got "Snped" - the seller said there is some software that let's the unwary like myself get ambushed in the closing seconds of an ebay auction. So i am disappointed and in search of a low-priced bari so i can get re-aquainted. If anyone knows of a bari in reasonable shape for about $500-$700, esp in SOCAL or San Diego, please let me know.

04-01-2007, 05:03 AM
Well, I suppose you could say I'm new. I used to post here regularly on the forum's old web layout back when I was in middle school. But, hey, now I'm back. In any case, I'm Brian, a senior in high school. I primarily play alto, but have been doing a lot more tenor work in the last year. I'm also a concert bassoonist and double as well on flute.

After school, I work at a band/orch retail chain here in Washington. I specialize in woodwind/brasswind sales, as well as print music. This lovely job allows me to purchase instruments at the dealer cost plus shipping. I'll be here quite a bit researching instrument information so I can better help my customers.

As for my setup...

Yamaha YAS-62II
Otto Link HR 7*
Eddie Daniels lig
Alexander Superial "DC" 2 1/2

Yamaha YTS-62IIS
Otto Link HR 7, Otto Link Bell Metal 8*
Eddie Daniels (HR), Rovner Light (Metal)
Alexander Superial "DC" 2 1/2

Look forward to discussing sax with you guys!

04-01-2007, 11:22 AM

I come from LiŤge (Belgium), I'm 22 and I've played the alto sax for 15 years. I also play the flute, the clarinet, the harp and the piano (but I'm not really a good piano player), mainly in a rock band. I have also played in reggae, punk and noise bands, and in a chamber music group :D

My favorite musicians are Frank Zappa, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

I study History at the University in LiŤge, and I'm trying to finish an essay over jazz in LiŤge between 1944 and 1949...

My english isn't very good (my mother language is French), I hope that people will understand me anyway...

Keep on skanking!!

My setup : -alto Selmer SA80 SII, mouthpiece Brancher J25 (special serie, gold-lacquered), reeds La Voz MH
- alto E. Beaugnier (made in the forties), which needs to be repaired
- flute Trevor James
- clarinet Buffet-Crampon E13, mouthpiece Vandoren 5JB, reeds Vando 3
- bass clarinet Pedler, unknown mouthpiece, reeds Vandoren (for tenor sax) 4
- tenor sax YTS 275, mouthpiece FranÁois Louis, reeds Vandoren 3 (I never play the tenor...)
- + awful other horns...

04-03-2007, 01:29 AM
Hello SOTW!

I started playing Alto in 5th grade, some 33 years ago. Switched to Bari in 8th, and that was my last year of school band. (I would have had to march with the Bari - not happening!). In the interim, I've played bass guitar, guitar, keys and drums in various rock bands. Last year I bought a YAS-23 for my son to use in school band. One thing lead to another, and now I'm practicing more than he does (not that that's hard, the little slacker). Playing some sax in my current band, and mulling over a Tenor purchase, and a foray into jazz-world. I'd like to thank everyone here for sharing. I've already learned quite a bit. Almost enough to know how much I don't know. Almost.

04-03-2007, 01:31 AM
By the way, anyone have any good links for rock transcriptions?

04-03-2007, 07:22 PM
I've been reading this site for years and finally decided to jump in...

I am blessed to make a living as a musician in a truly wonderful city (Austin, Tx) and am even more blessed to have an ever-growing network of beautiful cats that can play their asses off. Austin is great- we've got Elias Haslanger, John Mills, Tony Campise, Dave Renter, Dan Torosian, Mike Malone, geez... the list could go on for days.

I digress- I'm here to introduce myself.

My name is Kris and I sing jazz and play saxophones. I've worked as a sideman with a bunch of folks in this area and have recorded on more than a few cds. I haven't finished school (goin' on 14 years now) but have had some great musical experiences along the way. I have a Downbeat Award for jazz vocals, have played with some really famous people and a whole mess of virtual unknowns. Life is good.

Sound is the most important thing to me, and I try my damndest to get a great tone on all my horns. Incidently- all my babies are black-nickel Keilwerths... but trust me... it's taken a LONG LONG time to have my current line-up. I'll never buy another soprano, alto, or tenor. GAS be damned!!

I absolutely adore Jody's pieces. Perhaps my physiology is perfect for his design, or perhaps he really is a mouthpiece genius... either way- I LOVE his pieces on my horns. I really get the sound and the control that I need. I, like most of you, have spent YEARS in the search for the "perfect" piece. I think that my search is over on all counts. I'm patiently awaiting my new DV Soprano mouthpiece. CAN'T WAIT.

Anyway, I have a tendency to be EXTREMELY long winded, so I'll end my "brief intro" here. Feel free to check out my site or drop me a line. I'm going to try to really become a part of the online sax community. I have twenty years on these damn pieces of metal we call saxes, and I have made a living blowing some of my hot air through 'em.

Back to practicing... I've wasted enough time already...

Neil Sharpe
04-04-2007, 03:56 AM
Basscheez, check out the "Sheet Music and Transcriptions " section.

Also there are some transcripts of classic rock solos here

And is very reasonable.

04-04-2007, 04:07 AM
hey all,
i've already made a few posts, but i guess i'll do the formal thing. I'm John, high school Tenor player from new jersey. Been playing for 6 years. I play a Mark VI 192,xxx that sounds gorgeous, a berg larsen HR and yeah... thats me

04-04-2007, 12:42 PM
hi i'm tom ,, i'm sixty five and just started playing again after forty years.. still got a lip but no fingers. lots of fun though

04-04-2007, 06:52 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm new here! :)

I'm a Dutch saxophone/keyboard player who loves Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock and other styles.
I also sing and play some guitar, bass and drums.

My saxes are:
- Tenor (Selmer SA 80 II with a Ponzol M120 mouthpiece)
- Soprano (Yanagisawa S981 with a Ponzol M70 mouthpiece).

You can find my music here:

I've played professionaly in a cover band for about ten years, playing music form Jazz to Hard Rock...

Now I work parttime in IT, play live gigs (Rock/Pop and Jazz) and make oil paintings, see:

My main Jazz influences are: Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Don Grolnick, Bill Evans, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Peter Erskine, Jack de Johnette and many, many others.

My favourite band is Steely Dan.

So there, now you know everything about me... ;)

I'm looking forward to spending some time here. :)


Wim 8-)

04-05-2007, 12:14 AM
Good for you, Tom. Welcome

Kathy Hulme
04-05-2007, 03:20 PM
Hello everybody,

I'm afraid I've just joined the forum in order to sell one of my saxes. I don't really play any more and I need some money. I'm keeping my nicer sax in case I have a rush of blood to the head and start playing again but I really need to sell my selmer model 26. It's been well kept since I owned it though it has had a repair to the neck. The registration number is 5633. I'm hoping to get 600 GBP for it. Is this realistic? Does anyone want to buy it? I'm based in London (UK) and would be happy to show it to any interested parties.

Keep on honking all ye who keep the faith.


Gilmar Sampaio
04-06-2007, 01:12 AM
:treble: :) hello galley!!
my name is Gilmar
I am Brazilian
I live in Bahia, Ruy Barbosa
I adore the smoot played jazz oh in that area
I entered in the forum for we discuss ideas and we change knowledge through destre forum that comes growing more and more to every day!!!
I have 4 years that I play saxophone
High and Tenor
and I play also Keyboard!:treble: :bass:

04-07-2007, 01:16 PM
DAMN IT... I just wrote up a lengthy first post only to have Vbulletin time me out, and erasing the whole friggin' thing. :(

I'll have to rewrite this later. :(

04-07-2007, 05:02 PM
There are many things that can cause this including ISP server problems, Internet slow downs, and our SOTW servers which we update continuously. I understand your frustration and can only recommend that you save long drafts before you hit the 'submit' button.
DAMN IT... I just wrote up a lengthy first post only to have Vbulletin time me out, and erasing the whole friggin' thing. :(

I'll have to rewrite this later. :(

04-07-2007, 06:52 PM
There are many things that can cause this including ISP server problems, Internet slow downs, and our SOTW servers which we update continuously. I understand your frustration and can only recommend that you save long drafts before you hit the 'submit' button.
It's all right.. I'm no stranger to vbulletin. It's been my experience that if you set it remember your username and password, it won't do that.

Either way, it's all good. Thanks for the response. :)

Easter Lizard
04-07-2007, 11:40 PM
Hello Everyone:

Today, my life has changed forever because I purchased my first saxophone and took my first sax lesson. It is wonderful this forum exists to fuel my imagination and to help overcome my initial trepedation about starting sax lessons after all these years.


04-08-2007, 03:42 AM
Hi guys, this is my very 1st post! My name is Liang (lee-ang) Let's see... I live in Minnesota; im a high school junior this year. I've been playing saxophone for a little over 4 years now. I'm mainly a classical guy; jazz is fun but classical is where it's at IMO. Hmm... I really like Jean-Yves Fourmeau (ive got all his CDs!!:D).

04-08-2007, 07:07 AM
I originally surfed in here just sniffing around sometime in 2006 or maybe 2005. Upon joining/regestering here i promptly looked in my one area of need only (ligatures to replace the cheepo .but good one on my Phil Barone7* trad/contemporary mouthpiece) and neglected to sign in and say hello here.
GREAT SITE!!!! It's a little overwhelming but I'm slowly making my way around in here.

04-09-2007, 10:35 PM
Hey, I'm obviously new here! I'm a sophomore in high school and I've been playing the sax (alto) for 4 years now... I joined because my sax just isn't cutting it anymore (Selmer Bundy II) and I wanted some feedback on different models before I buy a new one. I'm currently in my schools marching and concert band, but I'm planning on going out for jazz band and the sax section leader position next year.

I can't wait to start talking to you all!

Colin Lippy
04-10-2007, 05:37 AM
I'm Colin Lippy. I'm a classical guy, 6 year Rousseau student: IU and UMN grad. I've done a variety of things over the past seven years. I was an Adjunct Instructor of Saxophone for a couple of terms at the University of Oregon. Then, I moved to LA to study recording at the Los Angeles Recording Workshop. I had a couple cool internships, but missed my sax too much to go further. Moved back to Oregon, where I'm originally from, to set up a private studio. Then, I started a doctorate at ASU, but my son fell horribly ill in Phoenix. Doctors recommended that we leave, so we moved back to Oregon again, where we knew he would be okay (he's now doing great). I'm currently teaching middle school band and choir. Still miss my horn too much, though. That's the gist of a very long story, and I hope to be returning to a focus on performance very soon.

I look forward to the insights you all might have to offer, and hopefully I may have some value to add as well.



Sax Ed
04-11-2007, 03:16 AM
I'm 43 years old. I started playing about 2 months ago. Even though I'm not very good, I enjoy playing. I enjoying playing so much that I loose track of time.
It's a nice distraction from my work and it really helps relax me.

I'm looking forward to reading a lot of info posted. What a great reference this site is.


04-11-2007, 01:12 PM
An absolute beginner here, just joined the forum prior to the purchase of my first sax. I'm 39 and an IT Manager based in the NW of England.

Greetings all!

04-12-2007, 03:15 PM
Hi Everybody,
Just joined. Used to play alto in a Beatles era rock band but have hardly touched it since. Of late, though, Iíve found myself increasingly drawn to the saxophone again. Iíd forgotten what a wonderful sounding, looking, strangely tactile beast it is. I recently dug out my old Grafton white acrylic alto but it was in such a bad way that I decided it wouldnít be worth restoring; instead, Iíve put my name down on Aquilasaxís list for a new C-melody Ė should be available in the next few months. Canít wait!

So whatís wrong with Eb and Bb I hear you all ask? Well, nothing, I guess; but as Iíve spent the best part of the last 40 years playing folk music and dance on various other ďCĒ woodwind instruments, Iíve built up quite a large repertoire of tunes, mostly in G, D and their relative minors (more or less the folk music/dance standard for England) and I simply canít face relearning them all in what for me would be awkward keys. No, in my case, C-mel has got to be the way forward.

Because of my long lay-off, I consider myself an absolute beginner and intend to start again from scratch when my new sax arrives Ė no short-cuts here, then! While Iím waiting for the C-mel to turn up, I plan to work on my fingering using a recorder which would appear to be very similar. Does anyone have any views on using the recorder as a practice sax?

Cannonball & CmelGuy
04-13-2007, 12:20 AM
Hi, I'm a 9th grade high school student who used this forum avidly to find out more about the sax and its players. I know that I have alot to learn and thought that this would be a great place to discuss many things. I am hoping to update my tenor setup to Cannonball and wish that I can get my newly aquired C melody bug to calm down and get the Buescher worked on.

Cannonball & CmelGuy
04-13-2007, 12:22 AM
Forgot, I've been playing alto since 6th Grade, tenor since 8th, and Cmel for one week.

04-13-2007, 05:09 PM

I started playing alto a few years ago and it's been every day since then - totally hooked. I'd tried flute and clarinet before, but didn't get on well with either. The alto just opened everything up - though it's Blues and Rock all the way for me ... Dave McMurray is a major influence, but I keep going back to Dick Heckstall-Smith's tenor and soprano work in Colosseum when I'm looking for riffs. Well, maybe DH-S was the initial North-point, ever since I first saw him play in '69.

I've joined here after reading so many threads on vintage Martin's. I've just bought a Lewin straight silver-plate soprano, which I gather is a rebadged Martin Handcraft. The age I'm not certain - if the serial number is Martin's (193xxx) then it should be 1955, but perhaps it's much older. Whatever, I got it from JustFlutes in Croyden and it has a very pretty sound to me. ( (

04-15-2007, 08:37 AM
Hi, I'm Julianna and I'm a freshman music ed major at Elmhurst College located in a Chicago suburb. I've been playing alto mainly since elementary school. I started on a Selmer Bundy II but in high school I upgraded to a Selmer Paris Series III. I also use the standard C* mouthpiece and I most recently purchased a Vandoren Optimum ligature (which i highly suggest). Right now I'm thinking about purchasing a my own soprano since I've been using the school's old Mark VI in my current quartet. My C* soprano mouthpiece helps the pitch but I think the age and wear of the horn has finally caught up to it! I love talking about sax and music and I have a decent amount of knowledge about some of the common repertoire so I can't wait to begin posting and meeting new people!:)

04-15-2007, 06:44 PM
......Right now I'm thinking about purchasing a my own soprano since I've been using the school's old Mark VI in my current quartet. My C* soprano mouthpiece helps the pitch but I think the age and wear of the horn has finally caught up to it! ....:)
Hello and welcome jekarvelius.

There's nothing wrong with owning your own horn, but don't write off the school's Mark VI soprano; chances are it only needs servicing. You've probably caught up with the difficulty of playing soprano. :)

3 Olives
04-16-2007, 12:14 AM
I stumbled upon SOTW almost a month ago, and I figured I'd gather some information to assist in buying my son an Alto and be gone. My son, Max, told me he wanted to play the Alto Sax a year ago and I traded some cigars for an old Bundy II on a cigar board I belong to. The Bundy was owned by a cigar smoking sax teacher and had seen a lot of use.
Max has a friend who plays the sax so he taught Max the basics. That was a good thing because his teacher pointed out the keys in his first band class and that was it-sink or swim. Max worked hard and played in the Honors Band Concert (Charlotte, NC & the surrounding counties) last month. We were the last ones to leave as Max was the only kid out of 200 who insisted on cleaning his instrument after the concert. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm bragging-I'm just trying to explain why a kid would be a good fit for a Vintage Sax.
Anyway, it seemed like it was time to move up to a better sax and that is how I ended up here. We have a beautiful True Tone coming this week thanks to a SOTW member. I'm now gathering information on buying a new mpc to go with the TT.
I have learned a lot but realize there is much more to learn. Being new is good because there is a lot of interesting reading. I've actually become a bit addicted to SOTW and I expect to stay active on SOTW, as there is so much to learn. Also, after the Sax and new mpc are paid for I'd like to buy some of the lower priced mouthpieces in the Marketplace. Thanks!

04-16-2007, 06:54 PM
Hey people, I just found this forum today and it seemed like a great site. I've played alto sax since 6th grade until now, my sophmore year in high school.
This year was a great learning experience for me. My jazz teacher started an improvisation workshop and I love going to it and making a fool out of myself. Marching band was also fun for me, we have a small sax section of 7 year down to just 3... but we are one of the better off sections. We recently played in the outback bowl pregame show in Florida..where my sax broke down, but it was a ton of fun

By the way, I love playing the saxophone, especially jazz because I believe jazz is freedom from written music and besides that, it just sounds gooood. I'm looking foward to next year and hopefully talking about the saxophone here will make me a better player

04-16-2007, 09:15 PM
Hi everyone, I randomly found this forum and I am happy I found a place to talk with more people that like sax. I have been playing some instruments and before 3 years I started saxophone, which I think I like the most.
I like most kinds of music, from slow jazz to black metal, depending on my mood :D

04-17-2007, 04:00 AM
hey hey hey!

im a sax performance major at NAU and ive been playin since about 4th grade.

i try to play every sax but ive mostly played alto and bari. i play both jazz and classical or at least try. its hard keeping up with all the classical lit and jazz improv and such.

i play a mark VI and am in love with it. i don't remember the serial number off the top of my head but im pretty sure it is late 60's.

i am always looking for recordings so if any of you have some bootleggs or whatever shoot me a pm( im sure theres a thread for that)

some of my favorite jazz players include, cannonball, chris vadala, chris potter, coltrane of course,

so yeah , thats a summary

04-17-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi. I'm Kimberly. I'm a junior music major (B.A.). Several years ago I started out on alto in 6th grade band. I stayed in band, and added more ensembles and instruments. 10th grade I joined the woodwind choir. 11th grade I added clarinet choir on Bb clarinet. 12th grade I added the pit orchestra and added tenor sax; in clarinet choir I played the contralto clarinet. College. I major on saxophone, adding bari to my mix. Sax professor leaves, new one enters. We don't get along well, so I drop music, while adding contra-bass clarinet in band. I decide to take clarinet lessons to further my clarinet abilities, and decide to major in music again, this time on clarinet. Currently I am on bass clarinet in band, but I'm hoping to explore other instruments in a band setting, perhaps the oboe or bassoon.

That's me musically in a nutshell.

04-19-2007, 04:25 AM
Hello, I've just joined. I have been playing on/off for 25 yrs, starting with a Boosey and Hawkes tenor in 1981, which was pretty bad straight from the music shop (leaky pads). I then played a SelmerMk7 alto for a while, which I loved, and it (not me) played beautifully. In 1997, I purchased an ex East German B&M tenor for very little money which also plays very nicely with a Berg Larsen s.steel m'piece. I had to sell the Mk7 3 yrs ago for financial reasons, but would love another alto. I have recently seen "Largo" brand altos for sale on ebay for very little money. They are supposed to be a copy of a Selmer Mk 802 (whatever that is). I'm keen to find out if they are any good (for amateur playing). I really like Thelonius Monk/Charlie Rouse's music in addition to Miles Davis and Mr C. Parker, any jazz really.

Too many words - I'd better finish

William Bua
04-19-2007, 05:40 AM
Hello all,
I'm William Bua. I live in Sacramento ca. I have been a member for a little while, but never bothered to write an intro, so here it is. I play Traditional Jazz, Big Band, Blues and whatever I can manage to hear. I don't read, I just play. I play on a Buffet super-dynaction tenor with transitional S-1 key work and either a Zentera modified Dukoff D-7 or a Jary custom metal killer. My soprano rig is a Yanagisawa SC-900 curved sop with a Lakey 7*. I buy and sell horns as well as give private lessions to deserving students who don't want to learn how to read, but how to play. I hunt and fish to keep my instinct intact. I have a great lady and will be married in June. My favorite players are Branford, Skerik, and of course Stan Getz, and anyone who can make a tenor scream, moan and cry. Anyone can practice scales and play fast. I think it takes more to play slow ballads because you need to fill time with feeling not notes. ( are you listening James Carter) I love the saxophone more than anything or anyone other than my sweetie. Playing the saxophone is like surfing. We are always looking for that perfect wave (solo). That magical night where everything you play sounds like what you hear in your head. I love the forum and look foreword to many years of great threads and learning more about the horn the music and myself. Cheers. William Bua

04-19-2007, 08:41 PM
:treble: Hey i'm in high school and I've been playing the sax since 4th grade. i primarily play alto however i have been played tenor this year as a request from my teacher. i have 2 altos. my yas-23 which i've had since 5th grade and a yamaha 82z which i absolutely love. in school i play a yamaha 82z tenor. i just recently ordered a soprano sax too. so far i enjoy this forum and i hope i can be of help to someone.

Thanks for all the support!

swing sax

04-20-2007, 04:21 AM
Hello! I'm a junior in high school and I play the alto saxophone. Although I am in jazz band, I really love the classical saxophone and just had my orchestral debut last weekend. I play on a Yamaha Custom Z with a Selmer C* mouthpiece. Right now I am working on Ibert's Concertino Da Camera for State Solo Competition which is next weekend. It's pretty cool that there's a forum for saxophonists! :D

04-20-2007, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm a clarinet player of some 30 odd years who now has time to try new things. I've played a little bit of sax over the years (and I mean a little). Just enough to know how little I know. I'm hoping to purchase a new professional sax in the next year, so I'll be reading up and asking some questions to improve myself. Thanks for the opportunities!!


04-20-2007, 07:03 PM
I've just joined yesterday and "browsing" this forum for the last couple of weeks. I've been a sax player for over 15 years now and I've played in a variety of groups over the years from classical to jazz to funk to soul and some other cool stuff.
I started as a Bari sax player in high school and moved on to Tenor during university. Currently I'm an alto player searching for a new horn. I have a YTS-23 with an Otto Link Tone Master NY6 metal mouthpiece and a YAS-23 with an Otto Link 6* Hard Rubber mouthpiece.
From the posts I've been reading, this forum seems to be THE place to go for any sax-related questions. I look forward to hearing/chatting with you. Thanks!


04-21-2007, 01:10 AM
Hi, I'm in my third year of flute, I double on piccolo, and I am learning alto sax. I hope to learn a lot from SOTW.

04-26-2007, 04:19 PM
Hi, my name is Michael, I,m from Germany - 51 years old. Starting playing Sax at age of 16 (before a few year clarinet) After a rest of nearly 20 years I started playing again in 2003 with a old Buesher C Mel. Meanwhile I play a 1954 Kohlert Tenor Sax (a Winnenden Regent, siver) with a Link Tonemaster 7* MPC, refaced by HWP and a Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction Alto with a Pillinger NY A7L MPC.

Found the SOTW Forum in the German "" in which I'm a member since 2003.

Now I'm thinking about settling over to Singapore for some years in case of business affairs. Would like to get some informations about the Sax scene in Singapore: Sax Shops, Good Repair Techs, how to find musicians.

Maybe there are some Sax players from Singapore in this Forum, which can provide some help!


04-27-2007, 04:21 PM
Hi -
My name is Richard and I've been a member for a while, but have only just noticed this intro section !
I've been playing woodwind & brass for around 40 years - Had formal trumpet lessons but taught myself woodwind - especially the sax. My first sax was a CMel. - since then have had nearly 50 different saxes plus have dallied with bassoon, ophicleide, oboe, trumpet, trombone, flugel, tuba, Rauschpfyffe, flutes of various kinds, serpent & cornett, cornamuse and rackett, and a collection of shawms. Have made a number of wind instruments, both reeds and brass. Started off playing in rock and blues bands, then developed into jazz. Currently playing Tenor, Alto, Soprano and EWI4000s, plus a handful of ethnic and medieval repro instruments. I also compose and record synth music and have my own indi label - Have made several broadcasts on radio of my synth music, also several features on a London-based Internet Radio station, a school drama commission...... but I'm still looking for that break into theatre, dance or a film soundtrack. I live in Dorset, UK.

04-29-2007, 12:55 PM
Hello my name is Graham Snell from the UK , I have been a member since 2006 but thought I should introduce myself.

I play Tenor and soprano as a serious amateur in both a local big band and jazz quartet.

I started playing in 1980 (when I was 20) as I wanted to impress a girl who loved the sax, 27 years later the sax is still here, actually the girl is too, we got married in 1984 but after may hours of noisy practise Iím not sure she still loves the instrument..

I take inspiration from the following players:
Ronnie Laws, Rickey Woodard, Grover Washington Jr, David Fathead Newman,
Stan Getz ,Wilton Felder, Hank Mobley, Kirk Whalum, Eric Alexander, Billy Pierce, Stanley Turrentine, Chris Potter, Joe Henderson, Bob Berg, Gerald Albright, Rick Margitza, Michael Brecker, Jimmy Greene, John Coltrane, Jerry Bergonzi, David Sanchez, George Coleman, Ralph Moore, Grant Stewart, Ralph Bowen,Tommy Smith, Wayne Shorter, Bob Sheppard, Mark Turner, Branford Marsalis, Sonny Stitt, Andy Snitzer, Tim Warfield, Bob Mintzer, Joshua Redman, Joe Lovano, Dave OíHiggins, Don Braden, Rich Perry, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Seamus Blake, George Garzone

My horns are a 1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor with metal Florida Otto link 7* Rico Jazz Select Filed 3S

1981 Selmer Mark VI Soprano with Lebayle 7 hr
Rico Jazz Select Filed 2M


05-01-2007, 02:39 AM
Hello! I am 14 years old. I am a freshman in high school and we're marching in the Rose Parade next year! I have been playing sax since sixth grade. I was in my middle school jazz band and am now 1st alto on my high school's 2nd jazz band. I am also in the concert band. I have two saxes, I started out on a YAS-23 and have since upgraded to a Selmer La Voix AS220 (with a C* mouthpiece). I hope to use SOTW a lot, as it's already answered many of my questions. Thanks!

05-01-2007, 03:24 AM
Just found this site and hopefully will motivate me to start playing the horn again.I'm 55 been playing for the about 20 years a little at a time in a church worship team.The last 3 years been mainly playing the guitar in order to lead the worship team since I sing also.Kind of jack of all trades master of none.Would love to some day feel I'm really good on the horn. God Bless

05-03-2007, 03:03 PM
Hi, my name is Terence. I would like to learn to play alto Sax. I just bought a no name used one off Ebay. I needs some tune up. I'm in the Atlanta, GA and look for Repair shop and instructor. Please help refer if you know one. Thank you and regards. TL

05-04-2007, 01:37 AM
Hey, the name's Brian, a Sophomore in high school, and I saw this site not too long ago. I decided to join because this is an awesome site to hold good conversations with expierienced sax players. Anyway, I'm the leader of the brass and woodwinds section in an orchestra. I use an old Martin sax that plays like a dream, and a cannonball alto that also does the same. I can't wait to see what I can learn from this site! By the way, can anybody private message me on how to play effective rock with the tenor/alto? I know how to growl, and I sound pretty good, but I still want to find tricks on how to improve my game. Thanks!

-The AOM Saxist-

05-05-2007, 07:32 PM
Hi everyone. My name is Josh, and I've been playing since 6th grade, (8 years ago). I'm in school now majoring in Music Ed./Jazz studies( I can't decide). My major instrument is Alto, but if I could I would do everything on Bari. My main influences are Nick Brignola, John Coltrane, and Cannonball adderley. I play both classical and Jazz. For classical I use the standard S80 C*, and for jazz, I have been using a RIA 8 stainless steel mouthpice, but I'm looking for something different, and for Bari, I play on a LA sax mouthpiece that sounds suprisingly great, its probably a copy, but I don't know what of. Oh yeah, my Alto, the only horn I own for now is a Cannonball Stone Series Mad meg

05-05-2007, 08:11 PM
I've been reading posts here for a while, may be a year, so a decided to join the group. This forum has already helped me a lot as most of my quentions are already answered here. I play the sax by year, and now I'm trying Tim Price's lessons. I grew up in Brazil and just came back 4 years ago, I,m still learning English and playing a lot of Brazilian tunes.

05-05-2007, 09:48 PM
Hello to all.Glad to be a member of this group.I look forward to the process.

05-06-2007, 12:21 AM
Hello, everyone!
My name is Spence and I'm in Washington state. I play a 1953 Selmer Super Balanced Action most of the time, but also play some alto and soprano. I am also currently playing bari in a big band, first time for that. I have a myspace page for my quartet, the Spencetet.

05-06-2007, 12:55 AM
Hi, live in WA, play alto, tenor, soprano, bari, and clarinet in a community swing band, and a R&B band, community theater as well, been doing that for over 20 yrs

05-07-2007, 03:22 AM
When our jazz band teacher was downsized out of a job by the governement, I (a phys.ed. teacher and volleyball coach who knew nothing about music) was asked if I would supervise, as a community volunteer led the band. I said "sure as long as I get to sit in". That was ten years ago. I have a Super Action 80 (I hear Series III necks are wonderful on them) with a Berg and Larsen 120 3M.
From a fellow member of the suomi-ugri tribe, thanks Harri for running this wonderful show.

Larry K
05-07-2007, 10:11 PM
I played clarinet, alto and baritone sax as a kid. Stopped playing nearly 30 years ago until about 2 months ago. A friend handed me his son's unused Bundy II and said "play". So, I have been doing so. Quite a bit has been coming back to me from my childhood. Boy, does my tone need work. At first I thought it was the sax .... everyone with any real knowledge has set me straight on that! I'm practicing long tones, scales, and chords. But, the most fun is playing some rock and jazz with my wife singing along. She's my biggest fan.... o.k. my only fan.

One great recollection I have from private lessons I took in 1964-1967 from Dan Sharp in Albany, NY: He would slap me on the knee whenever I made a mistake...usually because I hadn't practiced enough that week. My leg still burns when I miss those sharps or flats! By the way, those lessons were $5/hour private! Boy, could he blow the horn.

I'm learning from people's comments on this site. So I thank you all, in advance, for the candid advice.

Be well,
Larry Katz
Professor of Animal Science
Rutgers University

Harri Rautiainen
05-08-2007, 01:32 AM
Welcome on Board estocoffee and other recent new members!

From a fellow member of the suomi-ugri tribe, thanks Harri for running this wonderful show.I take it you are an American from Finnish ancestry?

05-09-2007, 03:07 AM
Hey all,
Iím not really a new member. I first joined SOTW in April 2005 under the name ďSaxmusiclover.Ē Got too busy afterwards but now am coming back to SOTW. However I forgot my password and lost the email account I previously used to register so I registered again using my new email.
Harri has graciously merged my new account with the old one (Thanks a lot Harri) so now Iím back as Saxmusiclover.
Thanks all for the welcome.

Ben Cooper

Harri Rautiainen
05-09-2007, 10:24 AM
Hey all,
Iím not really a new member. I first joined SOTW in April 2005 under the name ďSaxmusiclover.Ē Got too busy afterwards but now am coming back to SOTW. However I forgot my password and lost the email account I previously used to register so I registered again using my new email.
Harri has graciously merged my new account with the old one (Thanks a lot Harri) so now Iím back as Saxmusiclover.
Thanks all for the welcome.

Ben CooperThere is a moral to this story:

If you are to change your email address, please update your user profile accordingly.
If you forgot your password, you can send a password reminder to your (current) email address.
If 1 & 2 not usable, please DO NOT OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT. Contact me, and we will activate your old account one way or another.
Thanks for your co-operation in this,

05-09-2007, 05:09 PM
Hi all,

I live in Cambridge MA, and am a beginner on the saxophone. I spent 40 years playing the trumpet (which I have retired) and recently bought a Selmer Super Action Series II tenor. First lesson is on Saturday.


05-10-2007, 06:37 AM

I'm originally from UK but live and work in Auroville, India near Pondicherry for the last 8 years. I play mostly tenor as well as clarinet and piano and am actively involved in a developing music scene here that includes musicians from many different backgraounds and styles. Please visit my blog at, and world music group Jalshaghar at

Thanks, I look forward to being part of this forum,


05-10-2007, 10:27 AM
I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Been playing alto exclusively for 6 years. Finishing high school at the end of next year and looking to buy a tenor to pick it up.
Too involved with my sax program at school to split time between other instruments.

Got into Jazz music last year, before that i was just playing the required repertoire for the aussie music examination system, which i'v now finished. Only started really loving the sax after i finished those exams, and looking back i can't believe i actually went though music like that.

05-10-2007, 06:45 PM
Hi all,

I'm from NYC but presently living in Dubai. As I have some more free
time (a lot shorter commute) I decided, as a "mid life crisis", to start
learning to play the sax - something I always wanted to do. I bought a
Yamaha YAS 23 from "Pro Winds" (in Indiana I think) and had my first
couple of lessons. I love it and hope to get better...

I am glad I found this forum and I think I will enjoy the company and
learn many things.

One draw back: I am essentially "musically illiterate" which will make
things a bit more complicated. Luckily my neighbors can't hear me
(which is a consideration in NYC). By the time I go back
home I hope to be able to play "music" and not just make "noise".


p.s. I've taken the time to read a lot of the forum but, as a beginner to forum and to sax, you guys have scared with all the admonition about asking "stupid" questions or "questions that have been asked before", etc. It would be interesting to read the "regular's" first few posts - I should be done reading that by about 2012 based on the number of posts here!

05-11-2007, 04:01 PM
Hi I am a new saxophonist just picked it up 2 weeks ago and love it Can anyone tell me what keys to play so that I can study scales


05-13-2007, 09:20 PM
I am a student at Cal State Fullerton. I have played Saxophone for 8 years starting on tenor sax. I play all common saxophones but majority of it is now alto.

05-16-2007, 08:23 PM
My interest in sax has peaked lately with the availability of various saxes on ebay. I learned on a Selmer Bundy alto made around 1970 and haven't played much else except a Bari i high school concert band. I just picked up a C melody Buescher and a York Artist Bari and I can't get enough. I have found this forum very valuable to read and have finally joined. I am also recently widowed with a 3-1/2 year old girl, so playing time is slim. I hope to play my C melody with our praise band at church.

05-17-2007, 10:41 AM
I've been a member of SOTW for a few months now, so I'm a little late on this, but...

I live in Westchester Co. (north of NYC), and started playing again last fall after about a 10-year hiatus while I had been focused on grad school and my "day job." (Prior to that, I played first chair alto in my HS jazz band for several years, even got some awards at some band competitions, and continued taking lessons through college). I still have the "day job," but am squeezing in time to practice with almost the same degree of fanaticism that my mother-in-law's Jack Russell terrier (see avatar) devotes to tennis balls. I play soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, and have a hard time picking a favorite. Usually it's the one I'm playing at the moment. I'm loving playing again so much that I'd be interested in playing just about any kind of music in a group setting - jazz, classical, swing, whatever - so if there is anyone out there in my area who needs another horn to fill out a quartet or a section or whatever, please drop me a PM. I'm really open to anything, even if it's playing 4th chair bari. ;)

This forum's great - I've learned alot even in just a few short months. Thanks.

05-17-2007, 10:10 PM
Skipped right over this sucker and dove right in when I signed up, but here I am. Patrick Williams, from Tallahassee, FL. Played for a while now, 10? years..or so...but recently (the last 2 years) been entangled with work and other endeavors, so I'm getting back into it. Primarily a tenor player, have quite a few horns, hope to own a little of everything someday...=)

305XXX Buescher "Big B" Tenor - Rascher - Vandoren 3.5
1920-1925(ish) Wurlitzer America (Read: Conn) Curvie Soprano - Rascher
1934-5 Martin Handcraft Alto - Rascher
Other various 'projects' I need an additional cash flow for, Curt Alterac loves me.....=P

- Pat

05-18-2007, 12:30 PM
Hi i am a sax teacher in cardiff, Wales, UK and have just come accross this forum. seels theres some useful infomration on here! Any one else from Cardiff/wales on here?


05-19-2007, 03:46 AM
Hello all,
I'm a sax player living in the DFW area, I have been playing for 16yrs. I got my music degree from TCU. No way was I going to try North Texas. I gig pretty regularly. I play mostly tenor now but played bari all through college and it still hangs over my head like an albatross:). I personally believe that I will never be as good as I want to be but I do enjoy learning and I am looking forward to discussing many things and learning from yall

05-19-2007, 10:08 AM
Hi there form sunny Kent in the UK.

Firstly a confession, I don't play myself :cry: although wish I did.
I came across this site and it was also recomended to me by a member, as I was looking for research on a sax. I have recenty been given a Grafton alto sax by my father who after 50 years of it sitting in his loft has decided he probably won't use it again ! Have to say I tend to agree :)
Anyway, he would rather it be sold now and good use be made of the money, than leave it until he is gone and the tax man takes a chunk of it.

I am uploading a load of pics to photobucket and will place an add in the correct section of this forum today with details. This one is in exceptional condition, something one of the other members commented on when he recently saw the pics.

So hi all, pleased to meet you, and hope to hear with any info on these saxaphones or enquiries as to buying it.


05-19-2007, 10:19 AM
If this pops up a second time my apologies. I did a post earlier that didn't show up, so here is go number 2 :)

Firstly a confession. I don't play myself :| although wish I did.

I came across this site whoilst looking to research a Grafton Alto that I have.
The sax was recently given to me by my father, who after 50 yeas of it sitting in his loft un-used reckons he probably won't get round to playing it again ! He would rather it be sold and the money put to good use now than leave it until he is gone and the tax man takes a chunk of it.

I will post a thread in the ,arekt place later today once pics are uploaded to photobucket. The Grafton is in exceptional original and undamaged condition. I've been told by asnother member on here who has seen pics that it is a "minter" :) .

So, i would love to get some feedback on this sax and of course any enquiries if you fancy owning it. I will post kore info on the market place thread as to history etc.


05-19-2007, 05:46 PM
Just outside Swansea ... ain't far!

05-19-2007, 06:07 PM
Need any advice on best cases as I will have to check my horns (at least the bari). I have checked the bari in my WJ case before and it survived, but I am still extremely worried about it.

05-20-2007, 05:38 PM
hi guys! i am a 54 year old diva who concentrates mainly on piano. since my daughter showed interest in sax and clarinet and plays both quite well after only a year, i have started back on the both. if kids have to wail about something, i prefer they do it with a horn in their mouth.

i didn't come here looking for a husband, just saw a post of someone interested in big band sounding clarinets. i had found my mom's 444n and thought i'd respond.

i know this place is not for women or beginners, or at least the discussions seem quite advanced. not that there are not advanced women, scuse me for stepping on the toes of any of the feminists out there, but guys should be able to have times to just be iwth guys, and professionals with professionals.

fun to say hello, though.


05-21-2007, 04:41 PM
Just joined today, forum looks great. I've started playing for the first time since elementry school, maybe 35 years anyway. Six months along now and I'm having a blast.

Ryan K
05-22-2007, 03:07 AM
I'm primarily a clarinet player, and I play Tenor and Soprano when my school needs. me. I'm only in high school, playing Clarinet since 4th grade and Sax since 8th.

I'm a member of my school's Jazz Band playing lead tenor, doubling where need be, and the soprano player for our top sax quartet. I'm a big fan of New Century's contrapuntus series.

05-22-2007, 04:45 AM
Hey folks! I'm a late bloomer, having picked up the sax a year ago after I quit smoking at age 39. Whilst needing a lot more practice, I have progressed past the "cat killing a bagpipe" stage.

I have a Kreisler alto and I just bought a Buescher C melody that I will get overhauled.

05-22-2007, 06:40 PM
My name is Lennie retired OG. Just trying to revisit my musical childhood on the alto sax. I may need your help or a miracle.

05-25-2007, 05:24 PM
I am currently residing in Elk Grove, CA, but grew up in the Monterey area, after being born in New Orleans, LA. At 54 now and retired I have a passion for a long time to relive my childhood of music. So since I have retired I took up piano (ay the local JC) and tried guitar, but it my passion to revisit the sax and play, play, play.

It's not just pleasant to see so many new peeps involved on the saxophone, but extremely encouraging.

I joined this forum recently after using it for advice and direction. I find sax on the web a great resource. I will continue to use it as a resource and meet you all on a regular basis.

Lastly, can anyone refer me to saxophone resources in the Sacramento region.

05-25-2007, 10:29 PM
I am currently residing in Elk Grove, CA, but grew up in the Monterey area, after being born in New Orleans, LA. At 54 now and retired I have a passion for a long time to relive my childhood of music. So since I have retired I took up piano (ay the local JC) and tried guitar, but it my passion to revisit the sax and play, play, play.

It's not just pleasant to see so many new peeps involved on the saxophone, but extremely encouraging.

I joined this forum recently after using it for advice and direction. I find sax on the web a great resource. I will continue to use it as a resource and meet you all on a regular basis.

Lastly, can anyone refer me to saxophone resources in the Sacramento region.

If it's not too far out of Elk Grove Range, I always liked Bill's Music in Stockton. They have two shops, one of which is about a mile south of Dave Brubeck's alma mater at UOP. I bought my Cannonball alto there a few years back. If you're looking for other than music stores, perhaps Michael Bua (use the search function for sacramento) or even Keith Ridenhour could hook you up. Keith lists Sonoma as his home base, but I think I remember him posting about gigs in the Sac area. Welcome aboard. Wish I could help more, but I moved out to AZ a couple of years ago and don't haunt the central valley anymore. Cheers

05-26-2007, 03:14 AM
Hey I'm always on here just reading stuff when I'm bored in class and so I figured I'd join the site.

Hi I'm Ben Byrne - I'm currently studying Jazz Saxophone Performance at the Conservatorium of Music QLD in Brisbane - Australia. I've been playing saxophone since I was in the 6th grade and now i'm in the 3rd year of my degree.. I guess that means I've been playing for about 9 years now. I currently play a Selmer Serii III Alto (which is what I mainly play) with an early Babbitt 7* Link - but when I feel the need for extra brightness I have a Eugene Rousseau JDX 7. I made the switch because my sound was just getting too harsh so I figured I'd find a mpc that'd make my tone rounder.

I also dabble into the realm of Tenor Saxophone. I own a Conn 10 M (one of the later ones with the sheet metal guards). I found it really cheap in a cash converters - it was 700 bucks and I decided it was mine. I play an otto link STM 8* on it. It's in really bad condition - so when I get my tax back in about a month I will get it overhauled. I love the raw rough muscular sound of that particular horn. I played one with wire guards that was all done up and it just didn't have the same kick as this one. My friend who actually plays tenor agrees with me.

anyways, I play alot of Jazz when I can but currently the only band that gives me gigs is a bad blues band called wholly smoke - I figure a gig is a gig. So I just play tenor on those gigs and make sure they don't hand me a mic because I can play louder than they can most of the time even though they are amplified.

What else should I say. I like the sounds of kenny Garrett on the alto (who doesn't) I enjoy his freedom on the horn and the fact that he plays like he means what he plays and he isn't trying to out play anyone - but he is really just speaking. I like Karel Ruzicka Jr. on Tenor - he sort of sounds like a hybrid of Coltrane - Branford - and Joe Lovano. Chris Potter is another major modern(I guess) influence I like to listen to Pianists as much as I like to listen to saxophonists - mainly because they have full control of harmony at their will and I like playing around with harmony

anyways that's me in a nutshell
thanks for having me here :)
--Ben Byrne

05-26-2007, 02:29 PM
Hey. Originally I'm a clarinet player but I switched over years ago. Now I play mostly tenor in various jazz ensembles, big bands and the university marching band. I've always been interested in engineering so I've always found the way in which saxophones work to be very interesting.

My tenor, my baby, is a silver plate '46 Conn 10M. It was just overhauled with Conn Res-O-Pads and re-plated by Anderson so its a beauty. It sounds pretty good with my Meyer 5M but I am looking into other options.

Blue Rondo
05-26-2007, 11:03 PM
I'm Rich, a newbie to the site. My son wants to learn to play the sax and I've been checking local music stores and pawn shops for decent used ones. I found one today that I've never heard of. It is marked as follows:
Premata Fabrica
IstR Musical
P. Pupesci & Fc.
No. 1371
With my limited knowledge of Italian, it looks like it reads something like this:
Awarded 1st Prize Musical Instrument
P. Pupesci & Co.
No. 1371
Anyone have any knowledge of this sax maker? It is an alto and looks to be in excellent shape and includes the case. They want $200 for it.

05-27-2007, 12:26 AM

I've played flute for 7 years, going on 8. This past summer was my transition into high school. I was auditioning for band, and during my audition I was asked if i would like to be in the concert band, (our top band,) and was also asked to fill in the empty Bari chair in the jazz band. I took the offer, and for next year i was asked to take the part of lead alto.

This summer I am attending Shell Lake Arts Center Jazz and Combo Camp and am looking into buying a JodyJazz 'Classic' mouthpiece. I was wondering if that is a good buy?

:treble: -misery also loves jazz- :bass:

05-27-2007, 05:02 PM
I'm new here, played alto (TJ Revolution) for past 7 years, Tenor Horn for about 14 years. At Sheffield uni, UK doing Molecular Biology and have 3 weeks left until I finish up there. Home is Saffron Walden, Essex.

05-28-2007, 03:51 AM
My name is Patrick and I started playing back in 70's in school. I Played in the Concert band, Jazz Band, Rock Band and took private lessons from Gus Mancuso. After school I lost interest and packed my horns away in the closet. I recently pulled them back out again and started playing again. I like saxineer used to play along with vinyl, mostly Tom Scott And The LA Express, David Sanborn, Maynard Ferguson stuff along those lines. My how things have changed.

30's Selmer Balanced Action Tenor
60's Selmer Mark VI Alto
Gemeinhart SS Head M3 Flute
E.L Deford Piccolo
Gibson SG
Seagull M6 Acoustic
Fender Champ 12

05-30-2007, 03:17 AM
:D Hi,my name is Shelby, I would like to tell everyboby hello. I've previosly played clarinet and admired the sax so much, thatI decided to join you guys and play the tenor sax. This summer Iam taking lessons.Ihope I enjoy it.

8-) SHELBY:cat: :smilebox: :alien: :angel4: :blob: :toothy7: :walk: :headbang:

05-30-2007, 03:22 AM
Yipee! Another Conversion!

Welcome to the dark side!

Harri Rautiainen
05-30-2007, 11:39 AM
Yipee! Another Conversion!

Welcome to the dark side!Thanks for pointing that out.

I moved six newcomer introductions here.

05-31-2007, 06:28 AM
My name is Marcus Gho. Singaporean (chinese) guy.

I used to studied jazz piano as a minor in the states (my major is chemical engineering). I am trying to relearn saxophone after stopping for a a few years (used to be a classical saxophonist). I used to be an alto player, but right now, I just want to play everything as it is really fun trying out all the different saxophones. But if you ask me which one to take to an island for 1 year, it would have to be the tenor....

Right now, I am based in Chengdu China and if anyone wants to know where to buy saxophones in chengdu, just drop me a msg!

05-31-2007, 10:00 AM
Hi. Started playing piano at age 5.... that'd be 1966 or so, in New Jersey.
As a school instrument, started trumpet, then switched to clarinet, then tenor.
I had a Mexi-Conn back then.
Then I got a Selmer Mark VI, and gave my Mexi-Conn to some other student player I think. Played in H.S. Jazz Band and various other gigs, often doubling on keyboards.

I founded a group while in high school known as "The Saxtet"....and then later "Group Sax" after we added several more members. We played Christmas Carols in tight Jazz harmonies (that we arranged ourselves), just for fun. We'd have 6 to 15 of us go caroling around the neighborhood, or sometimes go into Rockefeller Center and play in front of an open case.

In the words of my first sax teacher, Stan Jackson, "All saxophone players are weird." (Stan's a saxophonist, of course)

Anyway, I'm now in Southern California, I still have my Mark VI (but until this year I hadn't touched it in years), and now I have a 4th grader who is renting a Selmer AS500 Alto, and it's time to buy instead of rent, which is why I've been doing my Internet research and found this great site.


05-31-2007, 06:49 PM
My name is David Waugh. I finally got around to playing again, after many years off, and starting to work out the rust.

I have a decent collection of mostly older saxes (a few baris), but most of them need to be rebuilt :) I have already learned a lot from the forums, and might actually take on some of the rebuilding myself, thanks to the wealth of information here.

06-01-2007, 08:45 AM
Hi fellow blowers.

I am new to this forum.
Been playing for over 20 years.

Just saving up for a new Tenor, my old one has finally died.
Looking forward to being part of this community.

Have a good day and keep smiling.

Martin J
06-01-2007, 10:51 PM
Hi all,

My name's Martin and I've finally got 'round to doing something I've always secretly wanted to do....learn to play a sax! At 46 I figured I'd better do it now or forever regret not doing so. Been at it less than a month and I've already surpassed my wildest expectations, yep, I can confidently play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! :D

Looking forward to the dizzying heights of learning something really hard like Yankee Doodle and with a bit of luck not screwing it up to badly. This has been the most fun I've had in years this past month and all kidding aside I'm really well and truly hooked, shoulda done this 30 years ago.

06-02-2007, 02:20 PM
I registered on SOTW a while back but have not posted until now. I am 57 years old, married for 31 with a 21 year old daughter.

I have played sax since age 12, but have always been rather lazy and never worked at it very hard. Alto was first, followed by Bari in college and Flute at age 20. Picked up a reconditioned Chu Berry soprano in '73 and played wedding gigs for several years until my wife got tired of sitting at home alone on weekends, so I quit playing altogether for 15 years.

Bought my first Tenor in the mid 90's ( 1927 Martin Handcraft gold plated ) and started sitting in at blues clubs. At this point I want to get more serious and I need to woodshed a lot. I have wanted to learn the altissimo range for awhile and the time to do it is now.

I am very appreciative of the quality of information available on SOTW and also the helpful, friendly attitudes of the forumites.

06-03-2007, 12:37 PM
Hello Everyone.

New member here. I've 30 some odd years playing sax. Began with a horn I inherited back in 1969 - a C Melody from my father's father. He was a member of a PA Military Band back in 1922. My grandmother played piano up to the day she became an invalid. I hope I'm able to perform to that age.
About myself: Currently perform in 4 Concert & 1 Symphonic Bands. I play lead alto, tenor sax and baritone sax - and sometimes, I find out when I arrive for the concert, which sax part I'll be playing. Tis is a great honor since I've just returned to playing last November following an 8 year hiatus which began when I sold my Selmer SA 80 to pay my divorce attorney and I was left without a horn. Now, in my mind, which is much clearer than when I was going though the divorce, NO Attorney is woth a SELMER SA 80 Tenor! I've been performing on saxes I bought from Sugal and am especially pleased with his Series IV Nickel plated Tenor Sax. I have a number of his horns which I'd like to pass on to some young musicians...for their price, the quality of these saxes is great! I'm considered physically disabled following surgery on my lower spine - I've been left in chronic pain and am heavily medicated daily.

I'm enjoying my comeback in the local musical my past, I played professionally for a Harrisburg Concert Band and foolishly, was too stuckup to play with the bands I'm now a member in. After performing with all these bands, I've learned how foolish I was in the past. I'm having a wonderful time performing again and I play better, today, than I did 8 years ago when I left the band the now ex-wifemonster plays with.

I hope to broaden my knowledge, develop the skills to repair my own saxophones, and join in the family of sax players here on the web. It is good this site is available on the web. thanks to all who have made it what it is.


06-04-2007, 12:06 PM

i'm a new member. I'm about to buy a profesional Yanagisawa. i've been doing some research before i buy it and i've been reading some of the forums. the serial number for this sax is 171xxx. from what i've gathered that means it was made in 1971. Can anyone tell me if they know anything about it, if it's a professional and how much it should cost?

06-06-2007, 06:57 PM
Hi everyone, I have been reading the forum for sometime now but never actually posting anything. Now I shall be an active member.

A little bit about me self:

I had absolutely no music education whatsoever prior to February of this year. On December 2006 I gave my wife a Cello as a birthday gift as she told me on several occasions she wanted to learn to play it (she had some piano education while a little girl).

So, on Feb 2007 she went on to enroll on a formal music course at a local college and while driving there she asked: Why don't you go in as well and learn to play something? I know you like the sax.

And so I did. I enrolled on the course without a Sax on hand and after some research on the Internet I got myself a low-price, mid-quality (not said by me but by my teacher and some others) Chinese sax (Alto) (Schill, anyone?).

After 4 months I will be presenting as a final exam today: My Way by Revaux & Francois. I believe I have made progress and since this is more of a hobby to me I don't want to rush into buying a Selmer anytime soon (probably in a year or two).

My wife is becoming a very good Cello player and I enjoy the fact that we can share this experience together.

I love the sax; I love it's sound and the personality it has on its own.

By the way, I am 28, I live in Mexico (Mexicali actually, but I am from Monterrey) and I hope I can learn and teach something while in this forum.


06-06-2007, 08:21 PM
Hi !

I started on piano 3rd grade, violin 4th grade, then saxes and a flute 5th grade to college, then guitars 9th grade until now. After not playing sax for 10 years, I picked it up again 4-5 months ago. Many memories came back, a couple licks too!

I wish jazz music got more respect, more people should be listening to soulful music. The few I have turned on to jazz thank me and see that much of what is on the radio know...not nearly as 'good'.

I find myself playing jazz alone at home, or for my lady or my mom. I stink, but I would work harder if I saw more being played around.

I play with rock bands, b/c gigs are abundant (and of course it is fun!). There is also a bunch of soulful rock music, I have learned a lot of Rolling Stones tunes in the past few months...

I have been reading the boards for months and have learned a ton.

Thanks to all of you who posit great information and experiences here.

06-07-2007, 03:56 AM
Hi, I have been playing on and off (more off than on) for the last 25 years. I am looking at getitng back into it. My first instument is a Yamaha flute but I also play an alto sax (Conn). I am in the market for a new alto as my Conn is not worth repairing. I am considering buying a Temby Australia Custom Alto Sax. Has anyone had any experience with this instrument.

blue boy
06-08-2007, 04:33 AM
Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for this great resource. I'm finishing my DMA in saxophone in December 07'. (I'm doing a bunch of R&R and R&B transcriptions with analysis for my dissertation.) I play as much as I can (and listen when I'm not playing). Perform with anyone who needs a sax player (if it is a worthwhile muscial experience) and try my best to be a musician first and a saxophonist, well....I guess I'm one of those all the time.

06-10-2007, 11:26 PM
I've been playing a 1970 Mark VI Alto w/ an old Selmer C for almost fifteen years. I know nothing about Baritone Mouthpieces. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Someone told me to pick up a Rico Royal, is this thing legit?

How bout Otto Link Rubber? What number should I try first?


06-12-2007, 12:30 AM
Hello all!
I'm relatively new to the site, though I've done a bit of lurking before. I'm currently a music student (Jazz studies) at an art institute. It's great to be here. Primarily, I'm an alto player, though I play a bit of flute and soprano too.Fun stuff. Hope for this to be a learnin' experience!


06-12-2007, 04:21 PM
Dear saxfirends,
After one month watching SOTW from the outside, Iíve finally decided to register. I knew from you when looking for information on vintage saxes in the net, since I was in the process of buying one of them. Now I got it: it is a nice Martin Tenor Magna. I received it just ten days ago from Saxquest. It is a beauty that sounds so easy and warm!
This is my third tenor sax, after my Selmer-Bundy and my Yamaha YTS32.
I am writing this from Barcelona (Spain), and here I go with my introduction.
I am a sax student, and since Iím already 45 I think that I will be a student for life. I work as an accountant and music is my alter-ego.
I decided to resume my music classes almost 13 years ago, starting with clarinet and taking lessons on classical method. A couple of years later I bought my first tenor and I tried to learn on my own. But since it wasnít as easy as they had told me, I left the sax aside for a while and concentrated in improving clarinet.
After a break in practicing music because of family reasons (2 new daughters), I started to take sax lessons 2 years ago, and left clarinet aside.
Now Iíve reached an intermediate level and start feeling at ease while improvising on some blues and other standards with simple harmonics.
But I still have a lot to learn and I think it is really nice to participate in these forums (I am a registered member in the Spanish speaking Adolphesax forum) to share our little knowledge about this beautiful instrument.
So, thatís all so far.
Itís a pleasure to meet you all.

06-13-2007, 12:39 AM
Hi everyone. I am a long time reader of SOTW, and have found it both an informative and entertaining site. I am a 30 something sax player (alto & tenor) who usually plays soul/funk/blues types of music, but occasionally I'll have the gall to attempt jazz. I look forward to participating in this forum and adding my voice to the madness.

06-13-2007, 12:43 AM
Hello everyone.
I've just recently been delivered into the sax world, around one and a half years ago, but I honestly love it. Theres this feeling I get when I play, as if the saxophone is my perfect instrument. I love how you can just sing on it, and it comes out beautiful.
Anyway, I look forward to spending time on these forums.

06-14-2007, 04:41 PM
Hi guys. I'm Sean, I'm turning 40 and I'm *finally* getting my own
tenor after about 30 years of GAS.

Earned my Associated Board spursat school in classical clarinet.
Only after that was I allowed near a sax.
Had to leave beloved school tenor behind when I left.

Gigged around a bit at Uni (the highlight was a monster jam session with me on soprano and my mate on harpsicord). There followed a long period of what I believe is called `real life' (job, PhD, wife, kids) and not much playing.

Time to get my chops back on the instrument I've always felt at home on.


06-15-2007, 09:39 AM
Still a newb although I have owned my Yamaha YAS32 since 1986:shock:
I enjoy playing but didn't have much time to practice in the past few years hence the sax took a back seat when I got married and with the arrival of our 2 girls.

However I am getting back into it now and by now I mean only in the last week or 2 after neglecting the sax for over 13 years.:)

06-15-2007, 12:02 PM
hi everyone.

I've just had my Zephyr stolen so I've joined up here to get advice and stuff on buying a new horn. I'd just got back into playing and gigging seriously after a couple of years off.

06-15-2007, 08:44 PM

I am a High School Freshmen and have been playing alto sax since 4th grade. I play alto sax in marching band and bari sax in concert band. I joined this forum to get some advise on buying a new alto (currently have a Bundy II). Any advice would be appreciated.:)

Thanks in advance

06-15-2007, 10:01 PM
Greetings - My Name is Charles Gray and I am a woodwind musician in the Hudson Valley of NY.

My training started as a classical saxophonist at SUNY Fredonia. This led to Peforming and Learning experiences with Rascher, Caravan, Cohen, Gowzdz and many others.

SOTW member qwerty is a close friend - both in terms of: I drink alot of Adult Beverages with him and he lives less than 5 miles from my house.

I Play:

Weissman Picc
Pearl Flute
Emerson Alto Flute
Noblet Eb Clarinet
Buffet Bb Festival Clarinet
Selmer Series 2 Soprano Sax
1952 Silver Selmer SBA Alto
1929 Silver Conn Chu Alto
2005 Silver Cannonball Tenor
1969 Silver Buffet Super Dynaction Bari
Bass Sax - well - Dont own one - Have played quite a few including West Point's Series 2 on a recent recording project (all Grainger CD).

My Theory is I Teach to play the Bills - however I play to have fun and if I can make a buck and promote doing things the "right" way - I can sleep better at night. As a woodwind player I aspire to - for example - never sound like a saxophonist on flute - however sound like a flute player on flute.

One of my highest compliments was from a contractor I hadnt worked with much ask - clarinet is your 1st instrument - right?

Glad to be Aboard!!
- Charles

06-15-2007, 10:43 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been a member here for a while, but I've mainly been sitting on the side lines reading and learning. What a fantastic website!!!

I started playing clarinet in grade 6, and alto sax in grade 7 through the end of high school. My parents bought me a new YAS23 in grade 9 - I still have that horn. Anyways, I put the horn away when I went off to college with hopes of getting back into it soon.

Fifteen years went by in a flash until a buddy of mine, knowing I used to own a horn in school, bugged me to come out and jam with his band. I knew nothing about playing with guitars, playing by ear, or transposing. I struggled with it for a while until I got my chops back, with the help of another sax player also with the band (a former geography teacher at my high school).

It wasn't long before I got a serious case of GAS. I started by buying an electric bass and amp, electric guitar and amp, PA system, drum kit (my wife's a drummer), electric keyboard and amp, and then an accoustic bass.
Then I bought a tenor sax, then a bari sax, then another alto, then a clarinet, a flute, numerous mouthpieces and associated gear. I reconditioned my Mom's old alto clarinet (Buffet Crampon circa 1900 w/Albert system fingering) just because I wanted it to be playable.

It's been about 7 years since I got back into playing music and I kick myself in the butt for not sticking with it from high school. I don't play as often as I should, but as often as I can. I know I will never hang it up until I'm forced to. I play with a few different groups of people, only one of which is actually a band, although I do get several "cameo" opportunities, playing one night stands with numerous bands at one of the local bars. All said and done - it's about having fun - which is partially how I came up with my handle SaxHax.

This website has been a tremendous resource for me in developing my sax education, increasing my general awareness about saxophones and related equipment, and just good old entertainment.

Thanks Sax On The Web!!


The Saxonator
06-16-2007, 03:50 AM
Hi, I'm in middle school and I've been playing the alto sax for almost a year now and I am really excited to be joining SOTW :D . I play a Bundy II alto but I really want to try a tenor and a soprano sax. My Bundy is cool and all, but I wish I had a sax with the high F# key (even though I found out how to play it anyway, but it is very uncomfortable.) Now you know a bit about me.:)

- The Saxonator

father amos
06-16-2007, 04:25 AM
Hello saxists. First of all, thank you Harri for straightening out my registration glitches.
I play an old beat-up soprano (Zeus) which I've had for about 15 years. I had been playing only to amuse myself in the past (guitar is my main instrument) but one day recently I went to a bar and saw two young cats blowing the hell out of their tenors and I said to myself "these guys were probably in diapers when i bought my horn" so that gave me the impetus to start getting serious and stop wasting any more time. I figured joining this community would help keep me motivated.
I noticed that no one has reviewed a Zeus horn. The only thing I can say is that my horn has held up for 15 years (it's deteriorating fast now) and the intonation is good. It does not have an f# key. I've never played another soprano so i can't compare "action". It feels easy to me. I fingered an LA SAX once and noticed the keys for the left pinky fingers were kinda wide apart, not so on the Zeus. It came with a junky big gawky plastic mouthpiece, but when I used a Dukoff I bought in a pawn shop for $30 it became a new instrument. Well I'm in the market for a new soprano sax. So, that's my story for now... later...f/a 6/15/07

06-16-2007, 12:46 PM

I'm an old retread having played clarinet through high school (grad of 1965) and not playing again until a high school band reunion concert about 3 years ago...a hiatus of 38 years! I have since joined a very good 80+ member community and play the first clarinet part (4th chair). I have always wanted to play sax so about a month ago I bought a Selmer Series II tenor and it has been a blast. My main problem with learning to play the sax is I am starting about 40 years too late! But I am having a great time none the less.


06-16-2007, 04:54 PM
I'm Michael from Sweden, and I have been playing alto for about six years. I'm 18 years old. My alto is SML Gold Medal from 1963. I'm currently using a lousy Yamaha mouthpiece, which I will replace during the forthcoming summer vacation.

06-16-2007, 09:24 PM
I am a middle school band director, and have played the sax since 6th grade. My profile shows the horns I play, but I just purchased my tenor yesterday. A Martin Handcraft Imperial. Needless to say, I love it.
I am a private teacher, and perform mostly at church anymore. I play my Martin Alto (actually a Yani with a Martin stamp) in a Wind Symphony to keep my legit chops reasonable.
I am looking for a good and reasonably priced case that will work with a vintage tenor with the B and Bb keys on the opposite side of the bell.
Any info from anyone out there.

06-17-2007, 03:17 AM
Hey, I've peen playing since about 6th grade. I'm heading off to college in the fall. Up until a few months ago I played a Buescher student model sax that had such a beautiful tone. Recently I won a Giardinelli GS812A Alto which I've been working on. I don't like it's tone as much but it's easier to play technically. If anyone knows about that kind of horn please give me some info. It seems decent but I haven't found anything on them. I recently got a Brilhart Tonalin MPC for it which sweetened the sound up alot compared to the Meyer that I had been using. I've only really gotten into the saxophone in the last few years. Before that I enjoyed it but rarely practiced and all that. The standard school music student bit.

06-17-2007, 05:49 AM
I have been just unpacked my tenor after an 11 month break. It is good to begin playing again.

06-17-2007, 11:34 PM
I am interested in learning to play saxophone.
I used to have quite a good ability at recorder but have sinced moved to guitar.
I would like suggestions please of models/prices or advice on choosing a saxophone, preferably a tenor sax please.

06-18-2007, 10:15 AM
Hi everyone, my name is Mischa van der Wekken and I'm a saxophone/clarinet player from The Netherlands, Europe.
Since I finished my studies about 2,5 years ago I've been playing professionally (and teaching as well)
The SOTW-forum is a great source of information, I'd like to thank everyone who contributes to this!

Here's what I play:

Selmer Serie III sop. / Soloist D, V16 #3
Selmer Mk.VI 84xxx alto / Soloist D, V16 #3
Selmer Mk.VI 102xxx, 137xxx tenor / Otto Link HR 8*, Rico Jazz Select #3H
Selmer SA80II bari / Rousseau JDX 8, Rico Jazz Select #3H
Buffet RC Prestige, Leblanc Opus clarinet / Vandoren 5RV Lyre, 56 RL #3
Leblanc bassclarinet / Vandoren B45, Legere #2,5

Tenor is my main horn, but I'm comfortable on all the other saxes as well. It's just a matter of having the time to practice to have it sound the way I want.
Although it's a pretty difficult instrument compared to sax I actually really like playing clarinet.
The gigs I play are mostly bigbands, small jazz groups and pit orchestras: at the moment I have 50% job in the European version of the Broadway-show Tarzan.

greetings, Mischa

06-18-2007, 12:20 PM
hi. I'm jbrubin living in France as you can read with my terrible accent. I play mostly alto saxophone (mark VI + Meyer 6), and now also tenor (yana t900 + I don't know for the moment). I play saxophone since I'm 12 so, let me count... 15 years of playing saxophone (with some breaks). I work also half time for a jazz and improvised music collectiv in Lille (France). If you want to know more about this colectiv
I would like to than the saxontheweb forum for the informations it gives to me ! I'm glad to be a part of it know!

tchussis, JB

06-18-2007, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone, just joined the site. Started playing sax in 1988 in Jr. High School and played all the way through 2 years of college. I dropped out of school and did odd jobs while fronting a jazz/funk band for a year or so. I then joined the U.S. Air Force and put away the sax for about 6 years. After leaving the service, I worked in my family's business until I decided to use the Governments money to go back to school and get back into what I really have a passion for, music. So here I am, a 31 year old college freshman! (because I failed or dropped all except my music courses last time around, lol)
I am really looking forward to studying and knocking the rust off my chops. I am a huge fan of big band and bebob and am inspired by Parker, Coltrane, Rollins and Lester Young. Played on a pro LA Sax tenor for years and just bought a SA80 alto to study on. Anyway, I'm looking forward to interacting with you all! Cheers!

06-19-2007, 12:09 AM
greetings, all.

i have been a lurker / digger-upper-of-sax-wisdom here for a few years; i saw that sotw was added to gmail's many options for customizing your gmail/igoogle homepage! so, natch, i added it to my homepage and thought--what the hey--let's get signed up with a user account to boot.

i'm a 40 y.o. resident of california; originally from central maine, moved west in 2000. picked up the saxophone in 7th grade and have played off and on ever since; i don't get nearly enough quality time with it these days, but music remains incredibly important to me. i consider myself mostly a tenor player, but i enjoy the alto as well. have seen/had so many horns pass through my hands over the years--sadly, the current crop is nothing special: and olds tenor that i believe to be a martin stencil (the red patina is a giveaway), and one of last of the very last king voll-true II altos before they were rebranded as the zephyr (it's a very pretty old horn--orig lacquer is mostly intact...but it's got some ghastly intonation issues on the high a, unfortunately...) there are some stunning modern horns available, but i'm an unapologetic sucker for vintage. ugly horns need love too.

i switched from a (modern) otto link 5* tone master to the j&d hite on the tenor about 14 years ago. a truly wonderful, if underrated / under-recognized mouthpiece! have been using the meyer 5 on alto for several years, but recently acquired a very nice (vintage indeterminate, but looks old) selmer short shank / scroll shank mouthpiece that has a definite charm to it.

somehow grew up with a taste for jazz in the middle of nowhere--but not without role models! there were some wonderful players and teachers in maine when i was a kid; some are still at it, some have passed. to all, i remain indebted.

06-19-2007, 04:40 AM
Hello everyone,
I'm new here, but I have been reading some things on here before and they helped me a lot. I have been playing saxophone since 2003 (5th grade), that is 4 years now. I started out on an older saxophone that used to be my dad's. Now I have a Yamaha Yaz-23 of my own, and I'm getting a really nice sound out of it. This year I got an LA Soprano Sax, and I have been improvising with that in my school Jazz Band during the last part of the year. I play in jazz band at school, and have to audition for this upcoming year, so I have been practicing a lot this summer to get in. I'm also starting marching band this upcoming year as well. I am very excited!! I havent really studied many jazz legends, but this summer I am going to study! I look forward to getting better over the summer, and I think most of you guys on here will help me out a bunch!


Oh! and I also play piano, which has helped me out heaps! Piano is a great resource for learning chords and scales and a bunch of other things! I've been playing piano for 6 years now, and it's really helpful for learning a bunch of jazz things =)

Harri Rautiainen
06-19-2007, 10:02 AM
greetings, all.

i have been a lurker / digger-upper-of-sax-wisdom here for a few years; i saw that sotw was added to gmail's many options for customizing your gmail/igoogle homepage! so, natch, i added it to my homepage and thought--what the hey--let's get signed up with a user account to boot.
..............................Hey steakboy,
that is as good a reason as anything else.

Welcome on board,

06-19-2007, 05:48 PM
OK - I guess It's time I made this official since I haven't really introduced myself.

I started playing Alto sax (Bundy) in 4th grade back in 1974.
Somewhere around 9th grade I heard this ( older kid playing some really cool stuff on sax and I thought "I want to do that too".

My band director was an excellent Trumpet player and excellent musician and he helped me along (but no lessons) with learning piano and bassoon.
He also introduced me to the minus 1 records and books as well as helping me with the Rascher pieces needed for honors band auditions.

Right around the time school was over, I became friends with this ( guy. We played various gigs together including some musicals.

I was a David Sanborn/Grover Washington Jr. wannbe and got my soprano and Dukoff D8 for alto around this time.
My buddy (Fred) got a new tenor and let me use his old one.
He also saved up and got a Bari.

The two of us attempted to join the military as musicians but were disqualified due to poor vision.
Knowing that the chances of making good money as a performance musician is reserved for the top few, I decided to go back to school for electronics.

New job, new wife (old girlfriend) and new location.

For a long time I was only playing some local concert bands and marching bands and a few musicals.
Work had me moving quite a bit but eventually I landed back in Pittsburgh.

On a fluke, I joined an oldies band as a keyboard player and did that gig for 10 years. Then a country/variety band for another 3 years.

The saxes were barely getting used except for an occasional rock or blues tune.

Playing Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon is not good for my family life and I decide to retire from music for a while.

Two years ago, my daughter's band director finds out I play sax and invites me to help out with the high school musical. I played soprano.

The following year he gives me an alto sax/clarinet part.
Unfortunately - I don't play clarinet.
Daughter does so I use her Selmer to learn clarinet and by showdate can play most of the clarinet stuff.
The ones I can't, get done on soprano.

Suddenly - I feel like a real musician again. I haven't played in an orchestra for a loooong time and it's fun.
Now I have picked up a new alto, a used clarinet and used flute.
Joined a community band with my daughter and trying to work on clarinet and flute a few days each week to be ready for next year's musical.

I just got called the other day to fill in on keyboards for one of my old bands but only for the summer.

I consider myself a mid-level sax player who also plays piano/keys, bass, guitar, clarinet and flute.

I like to play out of my Rascher book but still can't play Carnival of Venice.

I find these forums to be full of amazing information and it's really great to be able to communicate with fellow players.
Everyday I learn something new here and hope to eventually contribute something interesting and amazing too.

How many of you made it to the end of this rambling without falling asleep?

Harri Rautiainen
06-20-2007, 12:11 AM
How many of you made it to the end of this rambling without falling asleep?I am the only one :)

06-21-2007, 12:03 AM
Hey BobbyC, welcome aboard!

I am also new here! I am seventeen years old and I just picked up the saxophone about 6 months ago. I've played piano since I was four, and now I am into keyboards. I have an alto, tenor, and soprano. My favorite out of all the three would be alto but I really love them all! I'm into Smooth Jazz, Big Band, Funk, Blues, and everything else in between. At the moment, I'm really working on my scales and hoping to get a more satisfying sound on all my saxophones.

Nice to meet everyone here, you folks are real nice!

Robert Dubrul
06-21-2007, 02:59 AM
Hello Saxy people, My name is Rob and I love to play saxaphones. You know they let me speak in a way words just can not describe. Thanks to Gerome Garrison for the marching and Jaz band days--great kid memories. I also want to thank MR. PETER DOAKLY WHO IN MY MIND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ETCHED IN THE HISTORY BOOKS FOR HIS PHENOMINAL PLAYING SKILLS. By the way does anyone know of him? Dave koz and Kenny would have to take a back seat to him. I heard a sax player recently that was the best I ever heard I think his name was Wilson or williams Kenny wilson or something like that but man he is a product of years of hard work in the business. He (Peter Doakly) has recently passed and I am the only student he ever took under his wing. He taught me fun stuff like humming with notes and growling for a more rippin sound. I consider myself an avanced beginner maybe intermediate at best. I play gospel music all the time. In fact besides playing with blues tapes that is all I ever do. I would like to learn more since learning is a great engine for life. I am now looking into sopranos. Wow it seems like they are in a whole new world great chalange there. Can anyone suggest a solid one that has great playability and longevity at a decent price? I heard almost all are imported garbage these days. I was raised in a church. Many years we have church almost every night. for about 4 years I played for about an hour every night and some of the gospel players can jam!!!! I play tennor but I would like to play an alto so much easier and faster. Just do not have one. I have a B3 hammon organ and my father in law can make it dance and sing and anything else he wants. I love to play with good musicians since they pull so much out of ya. Anyways this is my introduction to me a scientist by education, a father of great people some here and one in heaven. At heart I need to speak in a language only the sax can produce and that is why I am glad to find this web site dedicated to helping me do that!!!

Robert Dubrul
06-21-2007, 07:15 PM
Hey everyone, I am a tenor player thanks to my jazz & marching band teacher Mr. Gerome Garrison. I started on alto but he encouraged me to move to the Tenor. I know a couple of tricks like roaring and huming with notes and bends learned from a late friend and great sax player Peter Doakly. I think I am an advanced beginer with some intermediate abilities. I am very happy to find this site SOTW since it is so helpful. I think my quest here is to learn to communicate more clearly my inner self through the sax. I am hoping to glean as much as possible for this endevor. Thanks and Hello!!!!!

06-21-2007, 08:34 PM

My name is Ryan.

I've been playing alto since 5th grade, and am now going into my junior year of college.

I mainly play jazz.

I play on a Silver Plated Mark VII 246xxx.

I look forward to learning a lot here.

06-21-2007, 08:40 PM
hi guys,

well, i've been reading sotw for over a year now, this is my first post so i'll see if i do it right.

i've played flute most of my life, dabbled in sax a bit in highschool, again a little many years later, and ended up in a hillbilly rock n roll band. the front man was doing solo stuff and wanted me on flute, then started pulling the band back together and kept me, even tho i sucked on sax. very loud band with horn section, 2 tenors and a trumpet. but a great band, we often have a number of the best musicians in austin playing with us, and austin has some great musicians. so i've been working on seriously stepping up, from a shy little flute girl to blasting away on a big horn in a loud band. over the last few years, with lots of lessons, lots of gigs, i've gone from being just mortified at the difference in my playing and everyone else's (tho my confidence on flute shot up, it was my only chance to redeem myself, the few songs i played that on!) to being pretty decent. i continue to play with such great musicians i'm always the weak link in the band, and i'm pretty nervous about a europe tour in a few weeks where we hope to pull off a live album, but i'm working my butt off and coming along. and really enjoying reading all these threads in the process. thanks!


06-22-2007, 03:41 AM
Hi everyone! I've been playing sax for about eight years now. I mainly play jazz but I really want to get that classic rock 'n roll sound (i.e Steve Douglas, Plas Johnson, Boots Randolph, Ritchie Cannata etc.) and have been trying the hardest to find techniques that I can use to get that and I might have found that place here! I am a tenor man, but I also play bari (alto as well but not as much). If anyone is interested in hearing my playing I have a profile up on MySpace if anyone would like to hear.

06-22-2007, 04:05 AM
Hey, all! I've been reading this site for a while and decided to finally join today after receiving my new Antigua from Kessler Music (thanks to all who recommended!).

I've been semi pro for about five years now doing mostly classical work. I've started branching out into more big band stuff this year. Thanks to this, I've developed that drive to explore and play as much as possible that I had when I first started learning way back when. :)

It's so good to find a place where so many good players and good people simply share a love for the instrument and the art.

06-24-2007, 09:24 AM
Hi everyone! Like Manda I've been reading this sight for a while but I just decided to join. I just graduated from highschool and I am taking a year just to prep for taking music in college. I play tenor mostly but I also dabble with soprano, alto, and barry as well. I mostly play jazz as that's what I'll be getting into.

06-25-2007, 04:05 AM
Hey all,

The subject says it all... I've been looking at this message board through all of its permutations and overhauls etc... This has been a wealth of information for all sorts of music-related information. Even when I was still in highschool I checked out this site... so that basically means I've been lurking for about 9 years.

I'm Dave... Originally from Pittsburgh, PA... Attended college at the Rochester Institute of Technology (they really have a music program), and have been working here since graduation!

I like to say that I'm a single reed player (and sometimes just a glorified button pusher). Having performed multiple times on various instruments of the saxophone, clarinet, and flute families in pit orchestras, concert band, jazz ensembles, and combos. I actively practice Tenor Sax and Bb Sop Clarinet, and Alto Sax (in that order) and am more of a Sax Player than anything else...

Current Set Ups (that I actually use):
-Yamaha YTS-61 (Tenor Sax)/Otto-Link 7 (Fibracell Med Soft), Selmer D (Vandoren 2.5 Bass Clar)
-Bundy (Alto Sax)/Berg Larsen Bullet Chamber 85-2-M (Fibracell Med), Selmer C* (Vandoren 2.5)
-Leblanc Dynamique (clarinet)/John Pierce (Vandoren 2.5), Vandoren B45 (Vandoren 2.5)

Some Junk That I Have (but hasn't been put to good use):
-Yamaha YCL-20 (Clarinet, needs a repad)/Yamaha 4C
-American Knight (Metal Clarinet, needs minor work)
-Selmer HS Crystal Clarinet MP

In college I played bari sax and bass clarinet quite a lot... I miss playing them. I will eventually be looking to add those to my line up.

Thanks for all the info thus far and I look forward to being a more active poster!


06-25-2007, 04:19 PM
Greetings everyone!

As requested, just a little bit about me before I start posting. I went through the usual music lessons at school in the UK plus playing in local bands and orchestras. After I left, I played clarinet and saxophone in an army band for 15 years as well as doing private gigs and teaching.

After the fun of playing was marched out of me and I left the forces, I didnít pick up a musical instrument for eight years until the beginning of this year when I got the bug again. I started playing again in earnest a couple of months ago.

Now I play for my own pleasure trying to get to grips with improvising properly. A good antidote and change from my job in IT.

06-27-2007, 09:01 PM
When in Rome...

I started Alto Saxophone in 4th grade and drug myself through the years in the best band my little school could offer. By High School I was doing more teaching than learning, which probably says more about the school than my playing ability. I didn't play much through my first few years of college, but going in to my 3rd year, I've rediscovered my love for the instrument. Thanks to the wisdom on these boards I picked up a VERY good book on improv and a new LA Sax Chicago Series Alto. ^^ Jazz is something I've been listening to for years and learning to play it has been a joy ride the whole way.

I'll probably do more lurking than posting till I get more experience under my hood, but I'm pleased to have a resource like these forums to look to when I have questions. :]

06-28-2007, 12:19 PM
Hello All,

Quick intro. New to the forum but not to the sax. I have being playing off and on for 5 years. I'm mostly self-taught but have done the teacher bit for the initial set-up and the right way to practice.

Recently joined my local community band for the challenge of playing with others and to force the music reading level.

I enjoy playing all styles, its more..if its sound good to the ear so must be ok.

06-28-2007, 07:00 PM
hi. i'm relatively new to the forum. as you could surmise from my username, i'm in New York City. i'm from upstate, studied saxophone (and some clarinet) with Conrad Kuchay and Brett Wery in the Schenectady, NY area then with Laurence Wyman at SUNY Fredonia ( i moved to NYC right after college at Fredonia.

although i still play a bit, i'm building my career as a recording engineer. i work mostly in classical but have futures hopes to expand out to jazz and other acoustic musics. if pressed to say what my favorite music is, jazz would win out. nothing's better than a Sonny Rollins chart, Trane's earlier material or "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" by Mingus:!: well, maybe a Mahler symphony, but i digress...

in addition to the freelance, i'm a production manager and music editor at Bridge Records ( in New Rochelle, NY. i'm headed up to Tanglewood ( for the summer to work in the audio production crew. that'll be fun!

anywho, this is me in a nutshell. and believe me, nutshell is appropriate, 'cause i am a nut! feel free to scope out my horribly outdated saxophone page at ( (i know, i make it sound so attractive ;)) or my main page at ( from there you can cruise over to my audio page to see my latest recording projects.

Bird lives!

(shameless plug: see my marketplace ad for a saxophone flight case (nyc pickup only))

06-29-2007, 09:02 PM
We're a horn shop on NYC's famous 48th Street! Staffed with 3 full time repairs techs and professional musicians, we'll help you find the horn/mouthpiece/lig/reeds/neckstrap... hell, anything that you need!

06-30-2007, 12:04 PM
Hello hello everyone!!
My Name is Jessica, jess is cool though!
I'm 17 years old and ive been playing the sax for about 4 and a half years now, i play Alto, tenor and baritone, bari being my favourite haha!
I come from good old australia and i love my music!!
I play in a symphonic wind ensemble and a jazz band at school who this year are going on an interstate tour to Sydney Australia, where we play for primary schools, retirement villeges and sometimes even some busking!
Hope to chat to you soon! ;)